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The Alumni Albums Have Returned

  Thousands of pictures were gone for several years after the crash of Gary's server. However, I recently figured out how we might bring them back to life for all to enjoy again. Please visit the alumni albums and see what you think.

Wurtsmith/Wagner H.S. Reunion Cruise (Nov 2015)

All Years, Friends & Family Invited!!!!

Meet the aptly-named Adventure of the Seas®, a ship packed with all the action of our signature innovations plus new features. Find plenty of time for relaxation, fine dining, and beautiful ocean views while aboard. Climb a rock wall that overlooks the sea, or challenge yourself on the basketball court, ice-skating rink or mini-golf course. Achieve perfect zen, poolside or at the relaxing VitalitySM Spa. Liven up your nights on the Royal Promenade, with paradesdancing, and duty-free shopping deals. And bring along some friends—with spacious public areas, enhanced staterooms, and a spectacular three-story dining room.

Sailing on 7 Nov 2015, from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and returning on 14 Nov 2015, after five ports of call in the Caribbean.

For more information or to make a reservation contact:
Deborah Adams Lilly '74
Call 540-347-7114

2016 75-80 Class Reunion Planned

The Four Musketeers (Gigi Hensley McCombe, Valerie Moore Andrews, Teri Self Hamilton and Nina Pierce Baker) are organizing the 2016 75-80 Wagner Reunion. Check out this blog post for more info 2016 75-80 Reunion Information

Wanted Waggies

Debbie Awalt '74
Patrice Brown '72
Dan Majors '71
Russ Newman '72
Caroline Lindquist '80
Brenda Jackson '80
Nancy Landayan '87
Jimmy Thatcher '63
Sheryl Payne '75
Krystal Payne '77
Odie "Skip" Brown '76
Jennifer Licop '
Pat Capshaw '69
Charles Kelly '91
Laverne Lawson '85
Eilleen Garrido '74
Winne Hutchinson '60
John Ibanez '75
John Wright Jr. '65
Pam Gehl '69
Angie Davis '74
Michael Vogel '67
Reggie Middleton '74
Sherry Tucker '77
James Hargove '84
Susie Ferguson '72
Steve Williams '69
Edgar Frye '89
Ron Black '72
Benjamin Curry '66
Ernesto "Deacon" Longoria '73
Jaleen "Rene" Thompson '84
Fred Madison Brown '67
Bitsee Moore '70
Patricia Pastore 'Facu
Kitt Knoles '
Nick Tofuri '86
Kris Balch '67
Marites Meridy '88
Shirley Butler '69
Melissa Berry '82
Elzabeth Hope "Jane" Hufschmid '75
Margaret "Peggy" Knox Bland '62
Dyana Middleton '89
Kim Schmaryine Barker '74
Jeff Gagne '75
Christina Ellichman '93
William James Anderson '80
Alma Jernigan '
Sheila Horton '73
Terri Edge '72
Thelma Taylor '
Mark Eldridge '67
Amy Wells '85
Elizabeth Robinson '86
Joe Fernau '67
Becky Campbell '91
Judy Kipfer '61
Deshaun Staten '86
Jim Lee '64
Shenny Bertrand '89
Gloria Lewis '76
Johanna Cotter '93
Angela Stoll '85
Sandra Clawson '88

Happy Birthday Today

First Name Last Name Then Last Name Now Class
Ted Barrett 71
Scott Jackson 80
Marlene Levenson Kennedy 81
Melissa Mirenda Melendez 87
Cathi Mitchell 89
Garry Sleight Faculty
Amy Smith Frock 93
Sherry Warf Bolden 93
Attending Wurtsmith or Wagner High School at Clark Air Base, Philippines was a unique and enriching educational experience for American families. We were privileged to have been in a beautiful country, and to have known and shared with the always friendly Filipino people.

Although the eruption of nearby Mt. Pinatubo in 1991 closed our schools forever and ended nearly a century at Clark, our friendships and memories continue with this web site.

We welcome all former Clark AB students, teachers, administrators, employees, families, and friends!

Click for Clark Air Base, Philippines Forecast