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Senior Teenclub Newsletter - December 1997
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Hurley, New York 
December 1997 
1998 Reunion Plans Underway -- New Directories Available
Reunion! - Business - Wagner Website - Volunteers Needed - Database - Gossip! - T Shirts - Directories
As I look out on your smiling faces on this happy occasion, I am reminded of the story about the traveling salesman and the Tickle Me Elmo doll. Probably you are, too. 
One thing I notice about your smiling faces is that there sure are a lot of them; our list has gone from about 80 names to just about 300 in practically no time at all, geologically speaking. This can only mean one thing -- it's party time again. 
Actually, it can mean two things, the other being expenses. The directory is thicker (as are most of the people listed therein), postage stamps are about to increase again, and apple fritters are up to a buck ninety-five a half-dozen. 
Those then, are the topics of today's meditation -- the only inevitable things in life, which turn out not to be death and taxes, but parties and bill. 
So don't delay -- read this newsletter now. Life's too short, and so am I.

Reunion! The 1997 Colorado Springs reunion was another blast from the past -- just like the 1996 DC reunion. If you somehow managed to miss one or both, you have fewer excuses this time, because there's plenty of time to plan for the 1998 reunion in Charleston, South Carolina, July 24-26. Dianne Senn '65, Charleston resident, is the organizer and has put together a great package. She has planned for us to take over just about the entire Hilton Resort Hotel on Patriots' Point for the weekend, a Friday night cocktail party, and dinner on Charleston's aircraft carrier museum, the USS Yorktown, which will be exclusively ours for Saturday night. (Hey, we know it's Navy, but it does feature AIRcraft and no one would lend us a C-5A for a party.) On Saturday there will opportunities to tour historic Charleston, play golf (arranged by golfmeisters Jeff Kucklick '63 and Joe Kaminsky '64), swim, hang out, and catch up on each other's lives and police records. Dianne needs to start getting some idea of how many people may show up, so please help by sending her the enclosed Reunion Interest form. Reunion committee so far includes Carol Dresser '62, Duffy Shaw '63, Donna Smith '61, Barbara Long '65, Kandy Simpson '65, and Carol Hardeman '65. (If enough faculty members plan to attend, Dianne will ask for a volunteer to plan a special faculty event.)
Mark your calendar in red letters and start counting the days.

Business. At the Colorado Springs reunion in August, a bunch of alumni more interested in partying apparently believed they voted on organizational matters. The result is that there is now a temporary "governing" body -- take that for what it's worth -- called the TEENCLUB. So far, the TEENCLUB has met only by e-mail and has managed only one significant item of business: It set the date and place for the 1998 reunion and graciously allowed Dianne to take on all the actual work. The next newsletter, optimistically planned for February or thereabouts, will include a slate of candidates for the regular TEENCLUB, proposed By-laws, and information about dues and what they will buy you. That will probably be your last free newsletter, since we will be out of money pretty soon unless we start collecting dues -- and you wouldn't want to miss any of these exciting newsletters, directory updates, or early reunion warnings, would you? WOULD YOU?

Wagner website. http://www.whoa.org If you haven't visited yet, do it immediately!! Our own John Prunier '65 put much of it together and spends about half his life maintaining it. You can view lots of fabulous memorabilia and links to related sites. If you don't have a computer, go to your public library and ask for help -- it's worth a special visit. Allow lots of time. Because it has both yearbooks and pictures from the '96 and '97 reunions, you can laugh about how young we were then and, as a special bonus, how old we are now! Let John know if you have any good blackmail material he can add. There is also a beautiful memorial page where you can submit memories. (Additions to this page require a fairly high level of confirmation, preferably from a family member.)
The website also provides directions on how to subscribe to various Clark and Wagner-related email lists, and how to register yourself in the online directory so people can find you. The website and mail list have so far been provided gratis and for nothing by Gary McClellan '75 (known to his many fans as Saint Gary). If you have already subscribed, registered, browsed, whatever, please help support these activities by sending contributions to:
    315 Allen Street 
    Clinton, WI 53525

Volunteers needed. If you are interested in helping in any way with this alleged organization, please get in touch with Jim Kent at the address at the top of the first page. We are especially looking for someone with desktop publishing facilities and experience to do newsletter layout and production (this typeface is the fanciest frill we've been able to figure out in the Kent clan). You don't have to do the editorial work as well (unless you really want to), but we wouldn't mind getting some volunteer editors.

Database. It more than has tripled from about 80 to just about 300 since we started it in 1996, so the new directory has lots of updates. We do NOT provide our database to the online list -- you need to register yourself there if you want to be listed. As always, please keep sending us names and addresses of people you find. We are starting to find faculty members from our years! If you are willing to help track down some additional leads, call Ruth Kent at 703-522-1358 or e-mail rkent@wilmer.com. Please check your name and address on the envelope you received this in and let Ruth know immediately if there are errors.

Gossip! Here are some tidbits we have picked up about folks you may remember: Myra Book Dickert '62 lives in Miami where she is the nursing chief of surgical trauma. She has four children and five grandchildren and enjoys boating and travel. Karen Iverson O'Donnell '63 (preferred title "get real"), has three children and a grandchild. In the tradition of military brats, she attended three colleges -- where she garnered many honors -- and (so far) a couple of graduate schools. Chuck Jones '61, is an airline pilot based in Phoenix. He has two daughters and is still an avid golfer. (Ask him about John Denver at the next reunion.) Jay Brain '65, has two daughters. He lives in Mississippi and enjoys racquetball, photography, and backpacking. Pam Belcher Schoessler '65, is a special education teacher in Pennsylvania. She counts among her life achievements putting three kids through college, including one year when they were all in school at the same time! Whew! Marvin ("Marvelous Marve") Weaver '62, works at Amherst College in Massachusetts. He has two children, still loves golf, and has published two volumes of poetry.

We will have more in our newsletters in the future. Return the enclosed form to tell us what you've been up to for the past 35 years or so. (You don't need to send it back if you have already sent us one, unless you want to update the information.)

Additions, corrections, etc. should be sent one of these ways:

mail: Ruth Kent 

1055 North George Mason Drive 

Arlington, VA 22205

Fax: 202-663-6363 (this is a corrected number from the directory) be sure to direct it to Ruth Kent

e-mail: rkent@wilmer.com (this is also a correction) 

james.kent@marist .edu

Voicemail: 703-522-1358 or 914-339-8348
As always, keep hounding people who might be able to locate others -- your brothers and sisters, your parents, your friends, the person in line with you at the grocery store or post office, your parole officer....

Also, to everyone else with our 1946-1965 directory, just a reminder. It has several indexes in the back to help you find people -- including a cross-reference by name in school, which should help you with finding women who are listed under married names in the main directory. Also a geographic cross-reference to help you find who else is in your area for mini-reunions, and cross-references by "class of." If you have suggestions for other kinds of useful info you'd like in the next directory, let Jim or Ruth Kent know.

the T-shirt
Wurtsmith/Wagner Directory and T-Shirt
    If you need a Wurtsmith/Wagner High School 1946-1965 alumni directory, here's how to order one. Make out a check for $10 to Ruth Kent and send it to her at:
1055 North George Mason Drive
Arlington, VA 22205
    If you enclose a polite note asking her nicely, she will not only cash your check, she will also send you a directory. 
    We know you are dying to get your hands on your very own fabulous Wurtsmith/Wagner T-shirt, picturing Mount Arayat with jets (from the front of the 1962 yearbook) streaking across the sky overhead, in ash gray with tasteful design in blue. We can safely say that no other school offers anything like it. However, we are sad to report that we are temporarily out of stock. We will order a really big bunch of them next summer in time for the 1998 Charleston reunion. WATCH THIS SPACE for information on how to order then, whether you attend the reunion or not. Don't let these t-shirts get away from you next time!

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