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1957 Fledgling Yearbook
Elementary:  Pages 63 to 85
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In Memory of Charles Vesely '57

Elementary:  Faculty

Elementary:  Sixth Grade, Mr. Bledsoe, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Rugh; Fifth Grade, Miss Arendes, Mrs. McGuire, Mrs. Sherwood; Fourth Grade, Miss Backhaus, Mrs. Drummond

Elementary:  Fourth Grade, Miss Ferrelli, Mrs. Grissom, Miss Toms; Third Grade, Miss Fajardo, Miss George, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Smith; Second Grade, Miss Bolton

Elementary:  Second Grade, Miss Cornell, Miss Flores, Miss Goldie, Miss McMurry, Miss Sousa; First Grade, Mrs. Coggins, Mrs. DiQuinzio, Miss Garcia

Elementary:  First Grade, Miss Hodgson, Miss McKnight, Mrs. Sanderson; Kindergarten, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. McLeod, Mrs. McLeod; Nursery, Mrs. Ilagan

Elementary:  Nursery, Mrs. Ilagan; Absentees and Latecomers, Photos
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