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All photos and material contributed by Sharon Bell Dunniway '61
Photo #31

Capt. Curt Carley was a Clark AFB fighter pilot and Protestant Sunday School teacher during 1960-61. Sharon found him on the internet after 35 years. After winning the Alaska State Golf Championship twice earlier and Saigon in '65, he has been trying to teach Sharon a thing or two about the game!

Photo #32

7/10/97 Family Reunion.

Bev Bell Thompson (who was 6 mo.-21/2 yrs. at Clark), daughter Tori, and sister and aunt Sharon Bell. As you can tell, we are a very serious and somber family!

Commencement 1961
Photo #33

View the 1961 Wurtsmith High School Commencement Program. Click on the outlined picture.

Junior Senior Prom
Photo #34

View the 1961 Junior Senior Prom "Sayonara" Memory Book. Saturday, May 13th, 1961.

The Wurtsmith Memorial High School Alma Mater

Under the Philippine Sky 

With our faces proudly raised

We lift our hearts in song of praise

For Wurtsmith Memorial High.

We will rally to thy name

To thee our hearts we bring

For e'er thy glory we will proclaim

For Wurtsmith High we sing.


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