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1962 Fledgling Yearbook
Junior High, and 5th and 6th Grades
Pages 89 to 106

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1962 Yearbook contributed by Dee Anna Simpson '63 and Kandy Simpson '65

Junior High, and 5th and 6th Grades: Junior High Faculty, and 5th and 6th Grade Faculty

Eighth Grade: Mrs. Valmore, Mr. Godbold, Miss Warrick, Mr. Baker, Mr. Parton, and Seventh Grade: Miss Hervieux, Miss Herron, and Miss Perta

Seventh Grade: Miss Andreasen and Miss Ellis, Junior High Activities, and Sixth Grade: Mrs. Douglas and Mrs. Walsh

Sixth Grade: Miss Guyton, Miss Sullivan, Mr. Hinch, Mrs. Stamschor, Mrs. Buckley, Mr. Stroble, Miss Jones, and Miss Fraleigh

Fifth Grade: Miss Mickiewiez, Miss Hurley, and Mr. Warren; Fifth and Sixth Grade Library Assistants;, and Class Room Pictures 5th-8th
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