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Modern F-100
Photo #8

A modern F-100 on the flight line.  With the new F-102s, they were our frontline fighters.

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John Prunier '65
Photo #9

John Prunier '65, between classes, circa 1963.
Contemplating PE and Roy's "natcha trail"

    "Dependents are never lacking for "spare time" interests on Clark.  For youngsters and wives, sports and social activities of every sort are available. 
    The Officers' Wives Club, meeting in the Officers' Club monthly, has luncheons, bridge parties and does volunteer work for charity.  The NCO Wives Club includes in their regular social schedule a wide variety of projects to aid the needy both on and off the base.  The wives of the airmen on base, banded together in the "Lower Four Wives' Club," also maintain a busy social and charitable schedule.  Many of the wives also participate in their own Squadron Wives Club, very active organizations which bowl together in leagues and also hold many social get-togethers for both wives and husbands. 
    The pride of the teen-agers is their own Teen Age Club which, with the help of a director and assistant, they rule by themselves.  Weekly dances and social activities make this "the place" for the teen set on Clark .
    A new activity for dependent children has been added to Clark Air Base called the Youth Center. This Youth Center is open for children, ages 5 through 13, seven afternoons a week until 1700 hours (Friday and Saturday until 1900 hours).  The Youth Center features two basketball courts, two badminton courts, one volleyball court, three floor shuffleboard courts, one table shuffleboard, two punching bags, and plans to have pool tables, ping pong tables plus facilities for crafts and arts. 
The "little sportsman" finds action a-plenty in football, basketball and baseball for the youngsters. Excitement runs high during the various seasons with parents and friends cheering the kids on. Clark's Little League Football is one of the few in the Far East. 
    Although outside the United States Clark has very active troops of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The scouts together with their leaders embark on fund drives, camp-outs and other activities with equal vigor.  The Gray Ladies of the Red Cross here on Clark, on a volunteer basis, lend a needed helping hand at the hospital.  Bowling leagues occupy a prominent position during the season as the dependents hurry to the bowling alleys to help their favorite teams."
Clark AFB Newcomer's Guide, 1962

Jill Hessey '66
Photo #10

Jill Hessey '66, also between classes.
Enjoying the outdoor hallways at the new Wagner High School

Base Housing
Photo #11

One of the large on-base homes near the O'club and the parade grounds, circa 1961

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Clark Biplane
Photo # 12

An early Clark Field DeHavilland biplane.

Barbara Tomczyk
Photo #13

Barbara Tomczyk '66 

    What a special treat it was to look at your collection of pictures.  I was quite stunned when I flipped to the picture of Barbara Tomczyk.  I haven't seen that pretty face for more than 33 years. 
    Barb and I dated for a short spell at the beginning of 1963. She had been going with Jim Getto and I managed to snake in the middle of their relationship. 
    I remember her house well. I used to hitch a jeepney from Villa Angeles to her house in Balibago.  Mostly when my parents thought I was going to the Library.  A special time...and a special lady.
Chris Taylor '64
    Barbara Tomczyk was a very special friend.  You may remember that she lived across the street from me in Balibago until we moved in late 1963. Her parents were also good friends of my parents, so we were close. 

John Prunier '65


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