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Donny Green '69
Update on Donny
 4 Feb 2000
 Alice R Suhr <ASuhr@compuserve.com>

Dear Friends,

Here is the latest update from Kathy. I drove down on Wedneday and returned home on Thursday. Each time I see Donny there is more deterioration. Yet, there is still that wonderful smirk that comes through time and again. I got to Cheynne just past lunch time. Donny was resting, his nurse was still there. I went in and sat with him and cried with him. It seems harder and harder for him to communicate his thoughts. I told him that he should not be afraid. That he has brought so much love into the world that he will get to experience it on the other side. He is so strong in so many ways, yet unable to beat what the tumor is doing to him. Kathy holds up very well around Donny but I know that this is hard. If what I feel is any
indication, that her's is 100 fold more so. But when she is with him, she smiles, makes him laugh and keeps him part of her work life by sharing what is going on. She is physically exhausted since her sleep is broken up in the early am. Her parents, Hank and Ruth are a true blessing. I don't know how she would manage without them. They are there at 6:30 every workday
morning and see to Donny's needs. Hank gets Donny up and down in his bed and to the bathroom, Ruth does laundry and fixes meals and runs the errands. She then picks up the boys from school and helps with their homework. Hank keeps Donny company, as does Ruth and they try to keep him looking on the bright side and help him to laugh. Communication is getting
quite difficult, I did a lot of guessing as to what he wants or needs.  Please pray for him, that he will not be afraid and that his last momemts with us will not be painful for him. We are planning to go up on the 12th for the day (Per, Drew and I and possibly Shannon). And then I will be there for a few days the week of the 14th-17th. Rex (Donny's best friend from the Army) will be there this Sat. , Eileen, Johnny and Lynn Ansboro (Wagner HS) will be there the weekend of the 19th. Johnny will only be there for the weekend and Eileen will be there through Tuesday.  I printed out all the emails that I have received from each of you and Donny read them Wed. night. He really does appreciate all the sentiments. 
Thank you again, for your words and prayers. I love you. Alice

Donny update

Dear family and friends,

Donny had a good visit with Alice yesterday. She came up for the night. He paniced a bit yesterday.  Thought he was going to have a seizure. His ativan helped.

Last night we discovered that he has a urinary tract infection, so he was started on an antibiotic. Then at 8 PM he did have a seizure. It lasted about 3 1/2 minutes. He was calmer this time. I kept reassuring him that it would be over soon. He was in bed, so it was easier to handle. He has been in bed now for over 24 hours. I think he will probably only be out of bed for
short periods from now on.

This morning, at 0400, he complained of a severe headache. I gave him Morphine. It did not relieve the pain. I had to double dose him. (We had previously tested him at the higher dose so I felt safe). It did relieve his pain but he did not sleep much and he wanted me at his side. So I am tired today. He is finally asleep now.  It seems that his deterioration is progressing more rapidly now. His word substitution is increasing and he just gives up sometimes in frustration.  Although Alice, Donny, and I got a good laugh the other night. He wanted to watch a particular show on TV at a particular time. He pointed at the clock and said, "Pray for the clock." He started laughing and so did we. We finally realized what he wanted after some deductions.  He can picture what he wants to say, he thinks the words, but can't get them straight. This is expressive 
aphasia, much like a stroke patient. (Sorry to lecture medicine).

The emails he has been receiving have been awesome. He really enjoys them.  Keep them coming.
Love to all,
PS> The boys are spending two nights with their grandparents. They are actually doing pretty good for the moment. Tom, Cam may get a ribbon for his science project. Thanks for helping him! 
God bless all of you. We love you all.

URGENT -- Request for Assistance

September 3, 1999

To Our Dear Wagner Friends From Every Year,

This message arrives full of fear, hope and love.

As many of you know, our dear friend, Donny Green '69, is fighting cancer. He has an aggressive brain tumor which has grown far worse since we saw him at the San Antonio reunion.  His best hope is experimental treatment.Donny and his wife, Kathy, are now at the MD Anderson Medical Clinic in Houston. A second surgery is scheduled for September 10th. This is his only hope, followed by chemotherapy. We know you will join us in sending our love, prayers, meditations, healing energy and wishes that he will regain his health and strength and join us at our next Falcon reunion. 

One of the worst things about a situation like this is the ambivalence of feeling such deep love coupled with an equally deep sense of helplessness.  Both very adult kinds of anguish, which, no doubt have struck all of us by this time in our lives.  We are hoping this letter will make all of us feel a bit less helpless.

As you might guess, this crisis has had serious financial repercussions for Donny and his family -- medical costs, travel, lost wages, and so on.  Furthermore, the treatment Donny will receive may require return visits, so it's a long, hard, and very risky road ahead.


Naturally, your prayers and love are essential.  In addition, a group of us (Andy Bell, Mary Elizabeth Bolint, Dick Geaseland, Lynn Ansbro Chambers, Nancy McCullough and Felix Arnett) are trying to coordinate swift assistance in two forms.  Time is of essence, so we won't beat around the bushes

The first way you may be able to help is by making a contribution to assist Donny and his family.  Any amount will be welcome; fortune has smiled more brightly on some of us than others and at this point - because we need to respond quickly -- we are focusing on Donny.  However, we anticipate that in the future we may also be able to help others.   If you can help now, PLEASE SEND A CHECK MADE OUT TO "WHS Alumni Association" with a notation that this is for the "Angel Fund" "Falcon in Need" or "Donny".  Please mail checks to:

Andra (Andy) Bell
740 N 68th Street
Seattle, WA 98103-5320

Andy will compile a list of donors and send a single check to Donny's wife, Kathy.  (We d like to spare Kathy the bookkeeping, paperwork, and visits to the bank that would be needed if she receives a series of checks on different days.)  Andy already manages funds for the alumni association, which has long had a scholarship fund to help Falcons in need get to reunions, so we are equipped to collect checks.  We need to let you know, however, that at this point our association is not 501(C)3 which would make contributions tax-deductible.

Another way you might be able to help is to donate Frequent Flyer Miles. If you have accumulated enough miles to purchase a round-trip ticket, it is possible to transfer these miles to someone else.  It appears that Donny and Kathy will initially get to their destination with the help of the Corporate Angels  - a non-profit program whereby major corporations, when schedules
permit, send their own pilots and planes to transport cancer patients and their families to cancer treatment centers.  However, it is possible that the program could fall through (if planes are already scheduled) and that other relatives may need help in getting to Cheyenne to help care for Cameron and David,their sons.  We are not asking at this time that you transfer miles but rather that you let us know what is possible and how to reach you.  If you can help with frequent flyer miles, please respond by email or snail mail to:

Lynn Ansbro Chambers
120 NE 17th Ave 
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33301-3801

Include the following information: 

-  your name; 
-  mailing address; 
-  e-mail address; 
-  home & business phones; 
-  cell phones; 
-  airline(s); 
-  miles accumulated that you would be willing to contribute (this must be enough to amount to a round-trip ticket; Because we are not a non-profit, we cannot combine smaller amounts from different people to create one ticket.)
-  and any travel plans you have in the next month or so that would make it hard to reach you (We wouldn't want to count on a ticket and not be able to reach you). 

Should the need arise, one of us (probably Lynn) will call and follow through on arrangements and other details.

Thirdly, if any of you have expertise with insurance companies and getting them to pay for "experimental therapies" your knowledge will be invaluable. Legal or medical advice in this regard can only assist us in this group effort to pull out all the stops for "One of Our Own". Please feel free
send your thoughts and information to any of the folks listed below.

We know that Donny and Kathy will appreciate our efforts as well as the unconditional love and support we send to him. We also know that when he is given the opportunity, he will join us in the future if we need to marshal a similar effort on another Falcon's behalf.

With deep affection and gratitude,

Andy, Mary Elizabeth, Dick, Lynn and Nancy

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