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Material Contributed by Ross S. Clardy '75
Photo #7

In the trunk.

Left, John Meinhold, Stephanie Deibert, Ross Clardy & Nancy Ward being silly proving John's car had the biggest trunk in school.

Photo #8

View across part of Subic Bay. Wish I could remember the name of those
islands. Worked here in the summer of 1975 briefly on what was to be a
recreational area development.

Photo #9

I forget whose house this was but it was badly damaged by the typhoon of
Thanksgiving 1974. With 120 mph winds that big old tree didn't hold up too
well and took part of the house with it.

Photo #10

Typhoon damage at Wagner.

Bad photo of Wagner HS littered with debris from the vicious 120 mph typhoon of Thanksgiving 1974.

Photo #11

The International Airport at Cagayan De Oro.  The departure lounge.

Our church youth group spent Christmas vacation of 1974 working for a
missionary on the island of Mindanao laying the foundation for a new church
building. This was the airport at Cagayan de Oro. Boy that runway sure was short!

Photo #12

Waterfall in Cagayan.

View of the waterfall below our work site where we bathed and played Tarzan.
Yes, we proved that you can actually swing from vines.

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