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Material Contributed by Ross S. Clardy '75
Photo #13

At the work camp in Cagayan.  John Meinhold again and Dake Vahovich on the right.  That's Mike Olsen's butt working on the bamboo...That bamboo was really tough stuff so we had to keep our bolo knives really sharp. John and Dake appear to be supervising more than working.

Photo #14

View of the river below and our mess tent.

Photo #15

The local villagers honored us by roasting their prize pig on the last day.

I think that's Dary on the spit but I could have sworn he'd taken
the Stairway by then. 
(Gary McClellan '75)

Photo #16

A big spider.

The un-zoomed view of the spider taken as John and Bruce held me dangling over a ridge to get this shot. That's what I call trust!

Photo #17

This is a fuzzy zoom of the biggest spider I've ever seen. It's web spanned
over 20 feet and it was easily as big as George Foreman's hand.  Called a banana spider and quite deadly.

Photo #18

Photo of the Cagayan work site.

Work in progress on the foundation. Men's sleeping quarters were in the tent.  The gals stayed in an old church building a long walk away on the same plateau, whichmade for some interesting late night excursions.  ;-)

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