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Lena Davis' Class of 1975 Pages
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Photos and material contributed by Lena Davis Carlucci '75
WHS Silent Halls

There was no place I'd rather be
than with my friends each day,
Those memories that are dear to me
are in my heart to stay.

Blue buses that unloaded us,
and students filled the halls,
waiting for that bell to ring, 
a reminder that classes call.

The laughter and the smiles
was something great to see,
by the lockers, in the park,
especially by 'that' tree.

Peers were more important then, 
and friends were very close,
we knew our days were numbered
that's the thing we dreaded most.

The Freedom flight is what they called
"return to stateside land"
to eat a burger, to be in style,
is what we all had planned.

The time came when I was to leave
the place I learned to love,
Once again, I left my friends
In the plane that soared above.

As time went by, I missed my friends
and wondered where they were, 
the memories of that far off land
came back with major blurs.

One day I sat at my computer
and searched for Clark Air Base.
Then something wonderful appeared
right before my face.

The WHOA site was a dream for one,
created over years.
Created to find his long lost loves,
the ones he held so dear.

This site brings me so much joy.
Ohhh..the friends that I have made,
some are old, some are new.
ahh..another joyous day.

The first reunion that I went to, 
I had my share of tears.
Talking about the good ol' days
helped alleviate my fears.

A special trip is where I'll go
to that land so far away.
With all my  WHOA friends with me
Most wishing that we'd stay.

The pictures that we all have seen,
will prepare us for what we'll see.
But what feeling will I have
when I gaze upon 'that' tree?

We know the halls are silent
to the school we each hold dear.
No more laughter, no more smiles
Nothing left but loved filled tears!!

 Photo #1

Lena's daughter Dawn and her Prom date.

 Photo #2

Dawn and friend

 Photo #3

 Photo #4

Dawn and dad

 Photo #5

Lena Davis '75 and daughter Dawn.

 Photo #6

Dawn and Lena

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