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Doug Perkins' Class of 1982 Pages
Recent Wagner HS and Clark AB Photos-Page 2

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All photos and material contributed Doug Perkins '82
Easy Rider
Photo #7

Doug Perkins, "Easy Rider" in front of Wagner High School.

I rented that motorcycle for $20 a day.  The motorcycle throttle cable broke when I stopped for this pic, The two guards there found some tools and fixed it for me, I gave them 100 pesos (almost $4) each and thanked them and I was on my way

Expo Pilipino
Photo #8

Expo Pilipino being built at the elephant cage, for the Centennial.

Front Offices
Photo #9

The Front Offices at Wagner High School.

Girl's Entrance, Wagner Gym
Photo #10

The Girl's entrance to the Wagner High School gym.
The girls entrance to the gym - also doors welded shut

Wagner High School Gym
Photo #11

The Wagner High School Gym.

The Kelly Theater
Photo #12

The Kelly Theater now.
Side note: The base hotel is now being used as the base hospital


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