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Before we get to answering any questions, here is a quick caveat - all of our information comes from either the 1984 Fledgling or our (aging) memories, and thus is only as accurate as those sources.

mini_falcon.jpg (853 bytes) Q: Help! That's my name underneath someone else's picture! I haven't changed that much! Who do I contact if my information on the class of '84 page is wrong?
A: Send an e-mail to Jimmy Pasch. and we can fix it!

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I remember what the class flower was! (or the class colors, or I have a copy of the graduation program, or the class picture in front of the big concrete '84) Heck I even have some good photo's of that game between us and what's their name when we beat them for the championship. What can I do with that piece of information?

A: Please, send it to us! We want to know! We'll use it and give you credit for it. Heck we'll even send it back to yea..

mini_falcon.jpg (853 bytes) Q: I have a suggestion I would like to make about the class of '84 page.
A: Send it on in. This page is owned by the whole class of 84, any comments / criticism / suggestion is welcome!

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Are we having a 15-year reunion or any reunion at all?


Another excellent question. There is a section on reunions on the Wagner High Online Alumni (WHOA) website. Wagner reunions are not confined to one specific class year, anyone who attended either Wagner or Wurtsmith Schools are welcome at any gathering.

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Yes, but next year it will be 15 years since we graduated, what about that?

A: I heard my knees creak this morning, found a gray hair, what's your point?

mini_falcon.jpg (853 bytes) Q: What's the point of having a class of '84 web page?

To borrow quite liberally from the WHOA web site, we are scattered all over the globe and our high school was buried under so much volcanic ash in the early '90s. Unlike a lot of people who grew up in the states, we don't drive by our old school once a week on the way to the grocery store, and see our old classmates every day at work. This is a way to acknowledge what we had, and to give us a way to keep in touch.

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How do I get my Home Page added to the LINKS section along with my other Classmates Homepages

A: Send an e-mail to Jimmy Pasch. and we can fix it! Be sure to include your web address