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Well, we don't get to many visitors. when we do though some have a kind word or two to say. So we decided to put out a page letting others know what they think about this site. Please feel free to e-mail me Jimmy Pasch with you comments.


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Hi Jimmy,

My name is Alona (Carbungco) Capehart. Just want to let you know, I am so happy to see a section devoted mainly to class of '84. I was in CAB from '79 to '82. I had just attended the Phoenix reunion this weekend. Of course it was a blast. Unfortunately, I was the only one who represented the class of '84. Sad to hear that the others had cancelled at the last minute. I was so looking forward to seeing anyone from that class. I know of a few friends that I left behind who did end up graduating from Wagner that year. But I was curious to find out as to who were all the graduates that year who were also there in '82. Since I was the only one from the class of '84 and I left CAB in '82, needless to say, there was no '84 yearbook. Today, with the memories from this past weekend still so fresh in my mind and not wanting to let it go, I decided to visit the web site and to my delight found the new wonderful addition. So, "thank you", it made my reunion "complete". I hope to make it to another reunion in the future. It is never too late to get re-acquainted again with long lost friends; and in my case to make new friends with other alumnus. I had such a wonderful time at the Phoenix reunion. Hopefully, in future reunions, there'll be more class of '84 alumnus. Thanks once again for bringing back memories.



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I would have graduated 1984 from Wagner, but we came state side summer of 80. I attended Lily Hill and Wagner Middle....I recognized a lot of names and when looking thru the pictures...a lot there too....

Keep up the good work....

Kim (Thompson) Rolfe 
CAB 77-80