mini_falcon.jpg (853 bytes)- Rosalie Yuponce '68
The food was so-so: it was cold, windy and overcast - but the group was a riot. lots of yearbooks, picture books - and gossip, gossip, gossip. we had wag-people, wag-kids, and wag-tales from the hood

mini_falcon.jpg (853 bytes) Dale Barangan '82
Aside from the discomfort we all experienced from the weather, I must say that I was indeed a pleasure to finally meet the people I only read posts from or chatted with on IRC/Java. It was nice to be able to put the names/e-mails to faces. Also, it was great seeing people who I haven't seen in 10-20 years. A lot of you I didn't know personally, but there was a sense of familiarity. It was like I knew everyone there but not really, I don't know it was kinda weird, I can't explain it. I was hoping to see a few more people but they didn't show for one reason or another. :-(

mini_falcon.jpg (853 bytes) Belden Granada '75
Gotta echo your sentiments. It was so nice to meet everyone there - 95% of which, like you, Dale, I've never met before but had no problem feeling very comfortable around. You think we were bad off, how about those poor tahitian dancers up on stage during the entire freezing day?!  We definitely gotta do this again...down in San Jo, where the weather is more reunion-friendly.


Dale Barangan 82 and son 2
Patrice Palomares 89
Group Picture #1
Rosalie Yuponce 68
Tony Goolsby 73
Julie Balidio Torrel 71
and friend Rick
Arlene Granada 72 (Ace)
Julie Balidio Torrel 71
Fred Bissell 73
7 Tony Gallam 67 Patrice Palomares 89
Arlene Granada 72 (Ace)
and friend
Ramses David (from Clark AB)
Arlene Granada 72 (Ace)
and son
Kevin Anderson 79
The 3 Tita's of California
Tita Ace 72, Tita Ros 68
Tita Kat 71
Ramses David (from Clark AB)
and his wife &daughter.
Group Picture # 2
Group Picture # 3 Arlene Granada 72 (Ace)
and Ryan (son of Rosalie '68)
Belden Granada 75
Fred Bissell 73
Tony Goolsby '73
Arlene Granada 72 (Ace)
Helen Bissell 74
Helen Bissell Anthony 74 Tony Goolsby 73
Kevin Anderson 79
Remelie Calilan
Wife of Mike Calilan '83
Val Smith 72 Val Smith 72
Patrice Palomares 89
Ryan and Mom, Rosalie 68

Jimmy Pasch 84

Rosalie Yuponce 68

Dale Barangan 82
Kathy Santa Maria 71 Arlene Granada 72 Belden Granada 75
Val Smith 72 Kevin Anderson 79 Helen Bissell Anthony 74
Julie Balidio Torrel 71 Fred Bissell 73 Patrice Palomares 89
Tony Goolsby 73 Tony Gallam 67 Mike Calilan 83
Mr.& Mrs. Palomares Mark VanzWo Gabe
Ramses David Joey & Ina Monte Dawn Oda
Gigi Glenn &Bernadette Carrasca

mini_falcon.jpg (853 bytes)
Help me put the names to the faces.....
If you know who's in one of the pictures plase E-mail Jimmy Pasch
with the picture number and the Information.