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Catherine Forren '76 Photos - Ron Bonner '65 Sketches - Jean Whitman '59 Display Items
Anita Douglass Carswell '64 Donated Items
Subject: Re: Reunion 2000
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 21:59:28 +0800
From: "Catherine Forren" <superk@datelnet.net>
To: "John Prunier" <prunier@whoa.org>

I talked to Cephie at the Museum and she showed me the area which will be given to Wagner. It is in the photo and Cephie is standing in the photo also. the space starts from where she is standing all the way down to the package type aircon or corner. she would like to know the size of the plaque. She also mentioned that she might give the WHOA a glass enclosed stand also for displaying. I told her about the idea of a computer and she said that was nice but what they really need is lights. the museum was sort of dark not enough lights for all the displays. She asks if possible if you could donate  the following and if you could carry them over here when you come in July :

Halogen Spotlight Lamps 50 watts - 75 pcs
Transformer Philips 50 W                - 30 pcs.

If you could donate these things they would be duly posted as donated by Wagner. she will be waiting for an answer from you I will be returning with what ever news I have from you. the other photo is of my daughter and her friends in front of the museum.  Hope I did the right thing.

cathy Forren

Clark Museum Interior
Photo #1

Inside the museum

Ceffie Yepez, Museum Director


Clark Museum Exterior
Photo #2

Outside the entrance to the Clark Museum.  Located across the street from the Parade Grounds and the "Cannon."

Cathy's kids

Ron Bonner's Sketches
As I mentioned about 3-4 weeks ago, I was trying to do a sketch of our museum space and see if we could get a feel of what it might look like and maybe about some sort of layout. Well I did a very very rough sketch of what I thought might be a general layout and I sent it to my nephew who took it from there.. Here are the three layouts, ideas only ((all subject to change of course)) :)

Photo #3

Version # 1 - Depicts a layout with overhead track lighting which the
museum already has in place, a wall length display case on rear wall and display cases on left and right sides. (typical layout for other museums) I realize that the museum doesn't have these kind of cases but this would be just an example of "what if" we were able to get some like this.. The
memorial plaque will be the focal point and is centered on the wall with memorabilia stuff on either side of it. The years for the schools that I used were 1946-1991, I wasn't sure of the earlier year etc. 

Photo #4

Version # 2 - Depicts a layout with just the existing 36" x 36" display case that is already in the museum that Cathy measured for us. This of course wouldn't hold much memorabilia for all the years and it doesn't
seem feasible that we would be able to use "just" this one. We will have lot's of memorabilia "stuff" I'm sure.

Photo #5

Version # 3 - Depicts the existing 36" x 36" display case along with two easels. This easel concept was suggested by Danny a while back as something that He thought might look good in our space. ((I think there was discussion back and forth on using the easels and I can't recall what it was)) Anyway, this is what it may look like if we did use them. A possible version # 4 which I didn't create, could be if we had version #1 and set the 36" x 36" display case in the center of the floor in our space. Now that would be a classy looking space. :)

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