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A Collection of Philippine and Worldwide Recipes

Compiled, edited, and ocassionally tested by Kylene Nickerson '85


Dark Fenadine Sauce - White Fenadine Sauce

White Fenadine Sauce (for fish, rice, etc)
1/2 C   Vinegar
1/2 C   water
1T      salt
1/2T    garlic powder (I used real garlic and lots)
        Juice of 2 lemons
1/8t    black pepper
        chopped green and white onions
        chopped peppers (hot)

You can stop here or add other veggies if desired.  We like chopped carrots, green peppers, you can use celery also if you like (I don't!) Mix it all together and happy eating!  It gets better and hotter the longer it sits in the fridge.  Vinegar keeps it from spoiling!!!

Contributed by Denise McCullough Strong '75

Kylene's Comments:

Dark Fenadine sauce (plain rice, fried rice, marinade for meat-wonderful!)

Same as above except instead of the lemons, add 1/2 cup soy sauce...when you add the soy sauce, cut back on the salt you add, to taste.  If you use as a marinade, don't use veggies and stir in 1/2 - 1 cup catsup for the glazing effect.  Soak for two to three hours in fridge. 

The marinade was so easy and didn't cause the chicken to burn when cooking on the grill.  Mr. Aguon also fixed pork ribs with the marinade.
Everything was wonderful!

Contributed by Denise McCullough Strong '75

Kylene's Comments: 

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