The Wagner High Online Alumni (WHOA)
How to tune in ...

Instructions on how to start listening to the music...

Step 1: Get a MP3 player that supports streaming (See below for a list)
Step 2: Open the URL ( ) in your player or just click here. (Choose "Open" when asked wheter you want to save or open the file)
Step 3: Request your favourite songs from the playlist.
Step4: Sit back and enjoy the music!

Players that supports MP3 streaming

Yahoo! Player
Download Small and fast. Of all the players listed below, I like this one best.


Plays MP3, WMA, WAV, CD Audio, and streaming audio. Featuring Deeply-Dynamic skins, Internet radio tuner, music search, ID3 tag editing, save to WAV, stream recording, visual & audio plugins, SmartAlarm, and much more!
Download Most popular MP3 player out there and also the creators of ShoutCasting - the MP3 streaming technology that we are using.
Download Already available on most of your Windows based systems
Download This player looks excellent and is catching up pretty fast on Winamp as far as features is concerned.
If there is a player that will steal the ruling seat fom under NullSoft, this is the one to do it!
Download This open source player has a pretty decent look as well as some good functionality. But best of all - its absolutely free and available for Linux!
Download Haven't tested this one yet - but its for all you mac guys.