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Mid Atlantic 2000 Mini Reunion
Baltimore, MD
Saturday, 20 May 2000
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Mid Atlantic 2000 Mini
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Dates: Saturday, 20 May 2000
Sponsors:  Marsha Long Dryden '65 at MDryden77@aol.com or 
Linda Key Langley '65 at lindakeylangley@hotmail.com
Participation: All Years, Family and Friends

Tom "Hoss" Jenkins '65 - Peggye Forster '75
Photos and Material Contributed by Tom "Hoss" Jenkins '65

Photo #1

At the Kawasaki Restaurant on the S. Ann Street pier in the 
Fells Point area of Baltimore

Left, Jerry Long '63, Bill (faculty) and Sophie Sharkey,  Linda Key Langley '65 (back), and Marsha Long Dryden '65

Early pics from Baltimore mini
Date:  Sat, 20 May 2000
From:  "Tom Jenkins" <tjenkins@enter.net>

Hi John, I'm Hoss Jenkins '65.   Linda Key suggested I pass these on to you.

We all had a WONDERFUL time at the mini today.  It was my first (and won't be the last) reunion.

The attachments are from my digital camera (I'm the handsome one in P0001283).  You'll need to let Ruth sort out who everyone is if you don't know already.  I cc'd her on these so you could have a baseline to talk from if she wanted to fill in the blanks. I only knew Linda and Marsha going in but knew everyone coming out, although I couldn't pass a name recall test if I had to.  I, however, did recognize Ruth, Jerry and Vicki from previous postings on WHOA.

The last pic (P0001286) says it all.  Jack, the manager of the Kawasaki Cafe, took the group pic of everyone. He's on the left in P0001273 (#3).

Hope you can use these.  There are certainly a lot of possibilities for captions.

-tom jenkins '65

Photo #2

At the Kawasaki Restaurant

Left, Jerry Long '63, Pat Milton '63?, and Vicki Niedenthal '64

Foreground left, Bill Sharkey (Fac) and his wife Sophie

Photo #3

The employees at the Kawasaki Restaurant (left, Jack the Manager)

Foreground left, Judy Jenkins (spouse), and Bill Woods' wife.

Photo #4

At the Kawasaki Restaurant

Left, Judy, ?(Bill's wife), and Bill Woods '64

Photo #5

At the Kawasaki Restaurant

Left, Ruth Kent '64, Marsha '65, and Linda '65

Photo #6

At the Kawasaki Restaurant

Left, Pat '63, and Vicki '64

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