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Dallas 2000 Mini Reunion
31 March - 2 April 2000
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Dallas 2000 Mini
Location: Dallas, TX
Dates: 31 March - 2 April 2000
Sponsors: Jenny Cranfill Miller '80
Participation: All Years, Family and Friends

Following photos contributed by Joann Puchalski Burner '80

Photo #1

At the Cadillac Bar and Restaurant

What REALLY happened at the mini!

Okay...here goes.  The plan for Friday night was to gather at Jenny's house.  I showed up a tad bit late because I had printed out the first draft of directions Jenny posted, and they got me lost!  When my son and I arrived, there was a crowd already.  Debbie '77 and Dennis Randle, Bob '77 and Mari Vickers, Gina, and Jenny and her friend Terry were busy cutting and chopping up food.  I tried to look busy so I wouldn't get roped into doing anything, but I was busted!  The next hour was spent relating tales and catching up on life. Lots of laughs, and no witchiness;)

Jenny did not find lumpia wrappers, so we ate won-ton shaped lumpia, fried rice, and pancit...along with some icy cold brews.  After dinner, Jenny logged onto the computer to say hi to all in the chat room, (Jo was there!) and us gals cleaned up the mess in the kitchen.  I think I had more fun cleaning up..we laughed so much!  I even have a couple pics of Gina rolling
on the floor in laughter!  Then it was time to go, as there were some pretty weary travelers.

Saturday morning, I called over to Gina's to see what was on the agenda, and Gina, Jo, and Jo's daughter were going to meet Dallas and I at 6 Flags.  I was a tad bit late again, but was overjoyed to finally meet Jo:)  So off we went....Jo and her daughter Ryann, Gina and her friend Vince, and myself and Dallas.   Jay Gorton '72 and his buddie Michael arrived soon after, and we split up into two groups....by mistake actually!  I think the most fun I had that day was on the Texas Giant rollercoaster.  It is a huge wooden rollercoaster that is absolutely fast!  Vince and I were laughing and smiling, but when we turned around to check on Jo and Ryann...Ryann was in tears.  The poor little one was so scared...and nauseas!  But we "rode" our way to a meeting place...which was perfect timing because the rain that had been lurking overhead finally let loose.  After a half hour or so, we all ventured out to one of the stores so raincoats could be bought...and then Jo, Ryann, Vince, and Gina decided they would leave to get ready for dinner that night.  I was going to leave too, but decided to eat first.  Jay and
his buddie joined my son and I for burgers, and after eating we found the rain had stopped and the rides were back open.  Elation set in!  I ran around the corner and got in line for Gotham Park...a sit-down-knees-dangling rollercoaster.  Noone went on it with me, but I didn't care...it was SOOO cool!  A few more rides later and the rain set in again.  Dallas and I had lost track of where Jay and Michael were, so we just made our way to the gates and headed back to the hotel.

So now we are approaching the Cadillac Bar...Saturday night.  I was very excited bout seeing the alumni I had previously met, and meeting new friends.  I was not let down! I was the last to arrive (and I am usually so punctual!!) and walked into a room full of smiling, happy faces.  Lessee...there was Gina and Vince, Debbie '77 and Dennis Randle, Jo '80 and Ryann, Jim '65 and Gwynn Getto, Eva '87 and Jerry Reyes, Chuck '74 and Birgit Schladenhaufen (?), Bob '77 and Mari Vickers, Diane '69, and Jenny '80 and Terry.  The waiters, Daniel and Michael, were just getting drink orders so everyone was doing the chit chat thing.  We ate, we drank (the bar tab was higher than the food tab!!) and laughed alot.  Like Eva had mentioned in her post....markers were supplied so that you could sign the walls, chairs, blinds...anything you could reach.  We were all signing our names and www.whoa.org on everything!  Debbie was trying to take pictures with her pack of cigarettes while having a balloon bouquet tied to her head!  I was busy taking pics so I'm not too sure if there were anymore silly incidents at the other end of the table, but if so....one of the others will have to post on that.

It's getting to be round 9 now, and the bar downstairs is getting a little crazy.  There are gals dancing on the bar doing, um....such things as I had to cover my sons eyes!  The upper level was such that you could look down onto the main floor, so we all gathered around to watch the merriment below.  Then the cajoling started..."c'mon Gina...go dance on the bar!!"   Next
thing we know...Diane is down below taking pics of us.   Then Gina is down there....and she ain't taking pics..she's getting up on the bar!!  Then Jerry starts throwing wadded up dollar bills...then coins...down at the gals aiming for "the target"!!  It was a hoot!

After the mayhem had settled down, it was time to take group pictures.  The WHOA banner was placed on the blinds, and we gathered for the pics.  Then it was time for the Witches of Whoawick induction!  I had made up certificates just to be silly, and I presented one to each new Witch.  One can well imagine what was going thru our minds as we reveled in our Witch status!

Then it was time to leave.  Dallas and I said our goodbyes, and left everyone outside as they headed to Dallas Alley.  What happened after we left...I do not know!   Gina...Debbie...Jo?  Someone else has to finish this story!

Julie '81

Photo #2

A group photo at the Cadillac Bar

We walked down through the Dallas Alley looking for a place to continue the partying.  You would never guess who we ran into.  The other gals who were dancing on the bar, showing their, um......well, anyway....We let them know that we recognized their, um.......faces, yeah, that's it!  What was the real hoot was that Jerry Reyes (Eva '87 hubby) and Dennis Randle (Debbie '77 hubby) decided turn about was fair play and they flashed the gals that danced for us! woohoo!  I think they even earned a dollar or two for that!  They decided to go into one of the local bars, which unfortunately, having Ryann, I could not join them.  So Vince and Gina offered to go with us back to Ginas place.  We had a nice time continuing the party at her place visiting and laughing.  Someone else will have to take it from here about what went on in the bar. 

Sunday morning Gina, Vince, Debbie '77, Ryann and myself went to IHOP (didn't see Rufus) and had breakfast.  Then we went back and said our good-byes and headed our separate ways.

It was a very nice visit and I am looking forward to another one!


Photo #3

Chuck Schladenhaffen '73 and Bob Vickers '77

Photo #4

At 6 flags.  Dallas (Julie Badillo Fleming '81, son) and Ryann (Joann 
Puchalski Burner '80, daughter) in their fancy raincoats.

Photo #5

Dancing - Diane '69 and Gina

Photo #6

Debbie '77 leaves her mark on Dallas


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