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San Jose 2000 Mini
2-4 June 2000
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San Jose 2000
Location:  San Jose, CA
Dates:  2-4 June 2000
Sponsors:  Belden Granada '75 <Beldot@aol.com>
Participation:  All Years, Family, and Friends

Jo Kristol '77 - John Prunier '65 - Dary Matera '73 - Webcam
Photos Contributed by Jo Kristol '77

Photo #1

At Belden's Place - Friday Night

Arlene "Ace" Granada '72 and Crikett Fumar '75

San Jo 2000..."It" Begins...AND we have a NEW ghost

Just talked with Kuya John Prunier...looks good that he's flying in this evening to get an early start setting up our live feed to all you folks out there from the SJ mini. 

Also, Kevin Anderson '79, and his wife Monica may be driving down from Humbolt County tonight.

It Begins...YEAH!!!!!

Unfortunately, unlike the 'supposed' ghost of Phoenix, I think we may have a true died-in-the-wool ghost very close by. Two days ago, they found a man in the building next to mine who had passed away at his dinner table...THREE WEEKS AGO. To put it as pleasantly as possible...the security guard said they probably needed a shovel to get him all bagged up and out of the condo. He was a retired gentleman, who frequently took walks through the compound with the complex manager and with security, occasionally. Be warned...if...late at night we see a lone gent strolling by...perhaps stopping and looking up at us
longingly...i will be under the covers with the ferrets and babies in a flash...the rest of you are on your own. Hell...throw Dary at him:-).

See you all in a matter of hours.
Belden 75

Photo #2

Belden's House - Saturday Night

Fred Bissell '73 coming in from Belden's patio

Mini Reunions
Date:  Mon, 05 Jun 2000
From:  Slupecki <mykljda@snoli.com>

Well, the day is Monday and I am back home after taking a half day off.Reason...way too tired and suffering from a minor case of post mini depression.
    Man, I will tell anyone who says things like, " I really don't KNOW anyone who is going to be there." or any other excuse to justify not going to a mini. Who cares!!! Just go and experience it just once. Anyone who has been to one can tell you that after the first time, you will go through withdrawals and count the days until the next one. For me, July 4th, a mini on a boat fishing the ocean with about 40 other Falcons.
  After that, San Diego Major Reunion for a week. This one shall be totally different than a mini. It's a whole lot more fun! You Do Not Want To Miss This One! Memories to last several lifetimes.
   During the San Jose Mini, plans for other impromptu minis were planned. A mini in the famous Humbolt County here in California is in the mix. I am seriously thinking of hosting one myself here in Sacramento maybe next year. You all can meet and have lunch or whatever together, but NOTHING beats a slumber party mini.
    It doesn't matter what year you graduated or if you don't know anyone attending. We all knew people, places and things that we all shared. I know this because after graduating in '77, and when I look at an '87 yearbook, I am amazed that 3 out of the 4 cafeteria workers were still there and I knew more than 50% of the faculty. Try it, you just might like it. Myself, I love them.


Photo #3

At Belden's Place - Saturday Night

Jeannette Ruiz '88 and daughter Brittany

You're right.  Wendy and I were pretty morose on the drive back.  We agreed that WHOA is like going home--our roots.  It was great seeing you all again.  July 4th here we come!
Arlene '72

Photo #4

Jeannete Ruiz '88 and John Prunier '65

Background, Ace, Julie, and Kylene

Special Thanks

I would like to offer up a special thanks to my pareko Beldon for being a wonderful host, friend, and human being this last weekend. The 2nd Annual San Jose Slumber Party lived up to it's billing. It was memorable. Jayda loved the Mongolian that she had. (The second bowl anyway, the first one she made was too hot) I hope you enjoyed the San Miguel.


Photo #5

Jo Kristol '77 relaxes on Belden's patio

Found the Way to San Jose lava lava babeorama
Date:  Mon, 5 Jun 2000
From:  Dary Matera <dary@goodnet.com>

        Another great weekend at the 2nd Annual San Jose slumber party. Too exhausted to get the fingers cranking in much exaggerated detail, but suffice it to say this was the most high octane lava lava babe reunion in Whoa history -- mini, slumber or major. They were just parading into Belden's condo like a Zigfried's Follies line from Manila. Felt like a kid in a candy store. You'll have to scope the pics when they start appearing.
        When we hit the club Saturday night, there was an awkward moment when the girls were circling around trying to find a place to land. At one point, nearly a dozen of them lined up in the row near a ledge by the DJ booth. I did a double take because they looked like contestants preparing for a one of VJ's wet T-Shirt Contests back at the Third Eye! LOL. I thought they'd start kicking up their legs and shimmying their shoulders any moment.
        Among the lava lovelies in the line were: Jo, Ace, Julie, Patrice Palomares (who arrived in a gleaming white corvette) the long lost Cricket Fumar, Cricket's newly arrived from the PI, newly discovered, half-sister (interesting story), honorary lava lavas Wendy Sevenants, Kylene, and Kevin the Lumberjack's tall, model thin wife, and a stunningly vivacious just found lost Lily Hill lava lava name Jeanette something sporting a spaghetti string pink halter top and painted on black leather pants.(!!!!) Belden will have to fill in the maiden name and year. Jeanette kinda just appeared Friday, knowing not a soul and barely knowing Belden, and was still there when I left Sunday night. Just immediately fit right in as all alum do at these functions, and lit up the condo with her radiant smile, a shimmering mane of black hair, Lucy Lui freckles, and big brown 
Island girls eyes that literally sparkled like the stars over the Bamboo Bowl. I think Belden's in love. Wish them luck! I'm sure you'll all be seeing more of Jeanette in the future.
        Cricket Fumar (75 or 76) was a joy to finally meet -- although we roamed the Wagner halls around the same time. Another Island Girl beauty who hasn't seemed to have aged a day since she graduated in 1975, with an expressive face that just bubbled with Duckie like spirit.
        Great food and company, as usual. The male contingent consisted of Steve, John P, a longer haired Micky Slupecki (with his lovely lava lava wife Jayda), Kylene's hubcap, the guy who does the Wagner bulletins (whose name escapes my burned out noggin'), Freddie Bissel still looking for love, and whomever I'm forgetting.  Regardless, the babes far outnumbered the guys, so this was not one to have skipped.
        Although I missed her dearly, Master Chaperone Granada was not among those present, meaning this was a completely coed slumber party. No boys in one room, girls in another with Master Chap Granada standing guard with her machete like last year, even keeping the married couples apart (LOL!) Jayda no longer had to roam the joint like a ghost trying to comprehend why she had to sleep in a room full of snoring girls and not with her hubcap of 15 years Micky Slu.  That's right kiddies, girls and boys slumbering together in one big decadent pack. Wooo Hoooo! And since there was an ever multiplying 
rat pack of rug rats in one of the back bedrooms (including a mini-me version of Jeanette), while Kevin and his wife for some reason got to lord over and bogart the master bedroom, the rest of us were packed tighterthanthis in the main staging area. Woooo Hooooo II!
        The kid contingent, to me, was an added bonus as their constant motion, razor's edge emotions, and piercing screams of delight when wrestled into a fury (my fault there, LOL) just added to the festivities. Belden's black belt champion daughter Christobel is about to explode into ravishing womanhood any second, little Hitmon BJ had a neato head of long, spiky hair, mini-me Jeanette was a pouty, meladramatic toy darling who stood about two feet tall and trailed a mane of black hair about three-feet long, Jeanette's other kid was a small fry hip hopping gang-banger in training, and Karen Jimer showed up with a striking little Jennifer Beals Flashdance type in tow.
        Ace was her dancing fool self (you'd have died Tommy watching her funk to Prince's "Erotic City.") and Julie Balido arrived straight from the beauty shop with a drop dead new tucked-under hairstyle making her more gorgeous than ever.
        Really nice time. Mega thanks to Belden as always for putting up with all of us crazies, and especially to Kevin ability's and Steve's tools enabling them to fix some seriously broken plumbing on the spot, without which the weekend would have really been, uh, interesting.
        Major great time. Slumber parties rule! Onward to Portland!-- Dary `73

Photo #6

Kevin Anderson '79 relaxes too

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