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Space Coast 2000 Mini Reunion
Titusville, FL
17 June 2000
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Space Coast Mini
Location:  Dixie Crossroads, Titusville, FL
Dates:  17 June 2000 at 5:00 pm
Sponsors:  Salli DiBartolo <DiBartol_S@firn.edu> or 
             Susan DiBartolo <Susan13A@aol.com>
Participation:  All Years, Family, and Friends

South Florida Mini
Subject:  [WHS] Space Coast 2000
Date:  Sun, 18 Jun 2000
From:  The Sunshine Gurl <DiBartol_S@popmail.firn.edu>

The last of the slumber party just left--I said goodbye to Phil and Linda Beckelheimer-Schmidt.

What fun we had!  We all met at Dixie Crossroads for a wonderful dinner!  Debby (and Steve) Nolan Hechenberger 70, Diane Edleman Lowrey, Phil and Linda Beckelheimer-Schmidt '82 Susan DiBartolo '73, Rus and me had a good reacquainting time.  Our waiter seated us and then started bringing the food.  First were the best corn fritters known to mankind (and womankind, for that matter!)  Then we had soup and salad.  At that point, we could have all asked for doggie bags...but NOOOOooooo, we decided to mop up what we could.  Around the table, I saw Porterhouse steaks, large shrimp, more rock shrimp than you could ever imagine, ribs...there was enough food to feed 4 barios!  Dessert?? HA!  No way!

We converged on the Cocoa Beach Pier--of course Diane had the banner and of course we found a way to get
it hung up!  I'll be scanning pictures soon!  The band was loud... WHAT??... and they were playing 70's and
80's rock and roll.  I enjoyed it :)  I think everyone else did too, but it was loud.  I enjoyed when the band took a break ;)  *grins*

We went to the end of the pier to watch the moonrise (in shifts so that we wouldn't lose our primo spot) but it took its time--I think that I might have had the moonrise time off a little bit.  Rus and I went back to our table and just as we were getting ready to sit, he suggested that I look back to see if it had come up.  It had.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  So, although it didn't cooperate as far as the time I told it to come up, it did end up showing itself.  Oh well.  I'll check my times more closely for the next ree.

Most of us came back to my condo after the pier and enjoyed some more chatter.  The chatroom was closing
down by the time Diane checked in.  We all were up by 7ish this morning.  Diane left shortly after for her trip back to TX...hope it was safe, Di.  I made sausage, fruit, bagels and cream cheese, coffee, and orange juice for breakfast... MMMmmmMmm :)  It's now 9:33 and I might go back to bed for a nap!

Thanks, guys.  Sure was fun!  Missed you DannyT and JoE!  NEXT time, alright?

Hopefully others will share their stories.  I enjoyed the smallness of the group--can't be compared to a major reunion like Orlando 2000, but it was intimate and close-knit.


...Salli :)

Photos contributed by Salli DiBartolo '77
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