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Maryland '97 Mini Reunion
aka The Jane Anthis Nano-Reunion

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This would be smaller than a mini, or a micro. perhaps this was a nanoreunion. Jerry Long, Barbara Long (no relation), D'Arcy Guerin Gue, Jane Anthis Stephenson (and younger sister Sally Anthis) and Jim Kent, but not Ruth (she had to work at her "part-time" law-firm gig). D'Arcy's husband joined us and seemed not to be too put off by the proceedings. My daughter, young Katherine, was there as well, but spent most of her time hanging out with D'Arcy's dog or entertaining the swimming pool. (D'Arcy's property seems to consist of most of a mountain, and is Very Cool.) Much passing around of photographs, including several of D'Arcy that she had never seen--mostly of people from around 1960-62. Other elements of the festivities involved Sangria and food, both excellent, and several bottles of a perfectly dandy Chardonnay. there were many survivors; in fact, i think everybody got home safely. Check with Jerry. We really have to do this more often. jim kent 63

Photo #1

(left) Barbara Long, Jerry Long, Jane Anthis, Jim Kent, and Katherine Kent

Jane Anthis Micro Reunion
Photo #2

(left) Jim Kent, Sally Anthis, Katherine Kent, Barbara Long, Jane Anthis, D'Arcy Guerin, and Jerry Long

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