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1997 Texas Mini-Reunion - Wichita Falls, TX

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Photos contributed by Duckie '76 and scans from Chuck Schladenhauffen '74
Okay since you put my old photo with my mouth open on one of those pages it's only fair to post the one of Ernie (Ernie Segovia '76) wearing his shower curtain (after his clothes were stolen). (Debbie Goldey '76)

Photo #1

Wagner HS Fledgling Yearbooks at the 1997 Texas Mini-Reunion

I'll be sifting through 180 messages since my return to OHIO from TEXAS. I hated to come home. I had a blast! Landing in Texas, I started to cry. I had not been to the state I was born in, in over 34 years since kindergarten. I didn't realize up to that point how much this trip was going to impact my life. I was so excited about seeing Ernie Segovia and attending my cousin's wedding. I never considered how I might feel about returning to my birth state. I shared this with my parents upon returning home, they were surprised by my feelings also. Having only lived in TX for the 1st 6 months of my life and for the first year of school, I always felt I had no ties to Texas other than it was just another base my dad was stationed at. These feelings really crept up on me and caught me by surprise. I would tend to think there might be a few others of you military brats who might feel the same way. I enjoyed my trip and I have lots of catching up to do here online as well as my personal life here at home. Thanks for "listening". It's nice to share with others who understand me.Duckie '76 (Debbie Goldey Wardick) :>

Photo #2

Left to right, Jenny Cranfill '80, Bob York '68, Mona Eaton '79, Chuck Schladenhauffen '74, Stacy (Woody) Williams '85, Ernie Segovia '76, Bob Lumby '80, Duckie '76, Pam Thelin '78, Sandra Thelin '80, and Ira Sinlao '83


Photo #3

Chuck Schladenhauffen '74 and Stacy (Woody) Williams '85

Photo #4

Bob Lumby '80

Just checked out the scanned pictures from the WF reunion...pretty neat...thanks for sharing that with us...Bob Lumby, my how you've grown up, nothing like I remember when I hung around your family!! and I thought my eyesight was gone......Again thanks to you and chuck??? for giving us these fulfilling moments to see true enjoyment and friendship.... 
Debbie Best Lowe '76

Duckie, Thank you for exposing, and <exasperated grin> reporting my gullibility. Hahahaha. That was a good one tho. Sure was nice to get to meet you...
Bob Lumby '80

Photo #5

Ernie Segovia '76, Ira Sinlao, and of course Woody '85

Photo #6

Ernie '76 and Ira '83

Hey! You sure that is Ernie from '76 and Ira??? If I didn't know better I could swear that is Jerry Garcia from the Grafeful Dead letting it hang out with Chong (from cheech and Chong). Haha! Que pasa man.
Music in '79

Musicman, you sure got that nailed. This isn't the first time Ernie's heard this either. You really should see ernie's HS pictures. His hair was much longer then. Really cool to see someone make that connection to him after all these years. (besides his closest friends)!!!
Duckie '76 (Debbie Goldey Wardick)

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