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Austin, TX Reunion, 10-12 July 1998
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Gary McClellan '75 - Tom Rutherford '72 - Karen Rogg '80 - Susan Anderson '72

Susan DiBartolo '73 - Dary Matera '73 - More Tom Rutherford - More Susan Anderson

Photo #1
Austin bound. Debbie Goldey Wardick "Duckie" '76 and John Prunier '65 meet in Phoenix.
Impromptu Mini-reunion
Hey Everyone, 

I just got home from an Impromptu Mini-reunion with the Webmaster '65.

John called me at 7am from CA this morning and told me he had about 1 hour+ layover in Phoenix for his trip to the Austin reunion. He asked if I could meet him.

Wow what a time we had. We sat and talked for 1 hour and 25 minutes. It wasn't nearly long enough. I want more time with this incredibly nice gentleman. <duckie's whining>

John, I had a great time. Thank you for brunch.

Now I'm wondering if the waitress ever figured out that conversation we threw her way?!? We explained to our waitress that I had a phone call from John, this man I'd never met before, and I had agreed to meet a stranger in an airport at 7am just three hours ago. He proceeded to tell her he calls up people he's never met before by picking a name at random out of the phone book and that they always meet him. I about lost it, but I managed to hold it together so that we could leave the waitress hanging and wondering about our little conversation we threw at her. I told the waitress it was his wonderful phone voice that made me want to meet him in person. What a riot! I do meet with almost complete strangers, my WHOA really I wouldn't show up and meet total strangers, just you guys.

John, I'll meet you anytime, anywhere! That goes for the rest of you too!

John I forgot to tell you, you have to sleep with the item I gave you and think of me!!! Just be careful of rolling over on it, it'll make noises if you do and alert your room mates that it's in bed with you. <lol - weg> 

I'm all quacked up over John. duckie
Debbie Goldey Wardick '76 (Duckie) WHOA Administration Team


What a great time I had finally meeting you!

When I arrived in Phoenix I didn't see you, so I assumed you couldn't make it. I was kinda disappointed until out of the corner of my eye I see this blue t-shirt bounding by me. I wasn't sure it was you until I saw the little duck pinned to your shorts. Ha ha. How could I mistake that for anyone else?

In less than an hour and a half we talked of Wagner, WHOA, and families. We really had the waitress wondering too.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet with me, especially with such short notice! I've decided that I'll always call on any local Falcons whenever I travel or have more than a few minutes layover. The same goes for anyone passing near Riverside/San Bernardino. My place is always open to any Falcon.

I brought that special item you gave me to Austin and everyone wanted to squeeze and play with it. I kept it close to me though and slept with it faithfully every night. <grin> (which is a lot more than I can say for the confusion in 302, 306, and 312, ha ha)

I can't wait to see you again. You are one incredible lady!

John '65
PS - now if we can get Gary and Karen to Phoenix, we can finally have our WHOA admin get together.

Photo #2
Friday morning breakfast at the Park Restaurant. Left, Ardis Ferguson '75, Jenny Cranfill '80, Gary McClellan '75, Jim Cook '75, Gaye Perkins '74, and Linda Vargas '73.

the Big Ree

Okay, less than 24 hours before I blow this 115 degree pop stand and head for the Big Ree in chilly 110 degree Austin. I'm hunkered down and hiding out, as usual, as the Maui Wowee is armed and dangerous on the psycho lava lava warpath, trying to prevent my departure by dispatching me to the great Big Ree in the Sky. 

"YOU'RE JUST GOING TO TRY AND LUMPIA EVERY EX-GIRLFRIEND YOU'VE EVER HAD!" she's accused (and believe me, the all caps don't do her justice). 

"No I'm not," I countered. "Just the ones who are still thin and youthful looking.

" If I ain't there by Friday evening, someone call the Phoenix police and have the hound dogs start sniffing for my mutilated body. It's gonna be touch and go from this point on. 

PS -- To All The Girls I've Loved Before -- It better be worth it! -- laying low Dary `73 

PS II -- If anybody spots a beautiful but raging Hawaiian with lava blowing out of her ears, and eyes like Satan himself anywhere in the vicinity of the Austin Holiday Inn, tell her that this is the International School of Bankok Overseas Brats reunion and that the Wagner Re is in San Antonio. That's what I told her, but the #@#$#@ hothead can be pretty clever when she's in a homicidal mood. -- Dary `73

It's getting closer to take Austin! Three hours and counting! Got the Jack Black Packed (for the emergency kit of course!) and ready to go. See Ya in Austin! ~~~ Kit Kat '71

I'm outta here in 10 minutes. Headin' for the TEXAS gathering.

As one of the "ancient ones" I'll try to keep up with the kids, but more than likely I'll just watch them run back and forth having fun.

The '70s folks have graciously invited me to participate in what may be the biggest food fight in history. Ha ha.

Gary already left, and I'll be rooming with him and a few others. We have some web surprises for everyone and will update activities on the mailing lists and chat room too.

Ya'll take care now!

John '65 Webguy to the Stars

I'm out the door se ya around Noon 

Chuck&Birgit's 4Runner Webpage

Photo #3

Left to right, Ardis, Jenny, Gary, John, Jim, Gaye, Susan, Linda.

Don't ever miss one again!

I just have to say one thing to all of you who were not able to make the Austin reunion: Don't ever miss one again! Sell your cars! Loan out your spouses! Put your children into labor camps! Do whatever it takes to get to your next reunion! Do NOT miss it! 

I've not felt so much "at home" in the last 27-28 years since leaving Wagner. Believe me when I say that it was a bittersweet moment this morning when I drove out of the Holiday Inn parking lot. I finally got to dance with the girl of my dreams (No, I'm not telling who!) not once, but several times during the evening--something I could only fantasize about while in the PI and only hope for over the years. My God, she's still as beautiful and loving and mannerly as ever! And it was easy to see where she got those qualities--her mom was there with her. What a truly lovely, lovely lady! Her son-in-law is a very lucky guy on two counts...

And thanks to Barb Hines and Susan Anderson for taking me "under wing" when I first arrived late Friday night. I came around the corner just in time to hear Susan say, "Well, my gosh! I WAS only fifteen!" She was reading entries from her infamous diary to Barb. Of course, I immediately said "You ladies must be with the Wagner Group, right?" And the weekend began!

To all of you who did attend, may I simply offer a truly heartfelt "Thank you!" for the greatest weekend of my life and certainly the shortest. This reunion helped fill a void in my heart that I've had for almost three decades. When you see the words "Welcome Home" on the web site, take them as the gospel, for I've never felt so loved and comfortable and complete as I did this weekend. Gosh, I've missed you guys! I've been reminded just how much so...

I hated to leave, but as we've always done we did not say "Goodbye" but rather "See you later!" To fight the disappointment of having to leave, I'm filling my heart with the anticipation of the next big event in 2001 in Nashville and I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to be there. In the meantime I'm going to attend every one of these get-togethers that I can get to! (Jenny--you still owe me!!)

Thank you. All of you! For the best, happiest, shortest weekend of the last 27 years of my life! And special thanks to Karen and her family for their hard work. It was a job well done! 

Jim Quinn Class of '72 Nov. '68 to Nov. '70

PS: Hey, Jeff Worth! Thanks for the invitation to the barbecue! I'd like to take a rain check...

Im home..Im a safe...Im exhausted <smile>

Austin was my first big Wagner reunion. I am still on the high. I am so happy I went and cannot wait for the next one! Charleston is definetly on my agenda now. Doesn't matter what year groups arrange it....Wagner reunions are awesome!!! Karen..thank you sooooooo much for all your work! It was wonderful meeting you all!


Being kicked out of Shlotszky's deli when the staff found out Ardis Ferguson, 75 was not from TEXAS

Staying up all night Thursday laughing, listening to music with the mIRC ChatGang and explaining jokes to Gaye

In silly string and water gun battles there is NO such thing as a non aggression pact!! Quiqs..Jim..ya'll are wicked wicked men! <grin>

Going up to a strange woman in a Country and Western club, right after a homemade bikini contest, and asking her if she's Gaye

Never go on a "walk" with Gaye, Ardis and Quiqs

Whipped cream you want to know a secret~

Seeing Rich Dugan, 81 and Roggy, 80 ...first people Ive seen from my yeargroups since graduation. It was so great seeing you two again! still owe me a limousine call :) I cannot wait for October reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching Dary's face when he realized who I was ... I *am* always nice <sweet smile> Okay...whoever has the pictures of us doing the Macarena hand them over NOW and no one gets hurt!

Jim Quinn actually came!!! <FAINT> yeah yeah yeah..I owe you <grin>

Barbara Long and I graduated from the same Univeristy!

Learning the tush push in hotel lobbys

Eating pork on a stick and lumpia at Jeff and Lette Worths house.

Meeting and laughing and eating and not sleeping with the Chat've touched my heart deeply and I miss you all so much already!'ve made the dream come true <dingding> John continue to work so hard in making the Wagner pages awesome Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I'll go get a towel now.

My heart is so full from the reunion that Im having trouble taking it all in still. The header of the Wagner page expresses it all to me now... Mubuhay..Welcome Home! 
Jenny Cranfill, 80

Photo #4
Karen Rogg "Roggy" '80 and Dary Matera '73 check in on Friday.
Roggy and Dary

This is a hoooooooot!

Hey Falcon! This is a hoooooooot! Got to <SEE> me!! In the '68 yearbook!! I cried looking at all my classmates and would say "Oh! I remember Her!" Oh, LQQK, there is so and so!!" Then I would cry a while and couldn't see a thing on the pages. 

People were looking at me like I was having a "spiritual experience". ROFLMAO!!!

Got see Diane York and Daine Eldelman, our awsome WEB GURU, John P.

Everyone , and I do mean eeeeeeeeeveryone wanted to know where the Pota--toe Salad was!!!!! Hary har har!! Gotta wait till tomorrow for that BOYS AND GIRLS!!! Straight from the BARBEQUE CAPITAL OF TEXAS........Lockhart!!

I think the turn out was awsome!!! I had not idea that many were coming....... spouses and other's too!! We had the room packed!!

THE LUMPIA WAS Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper!!! Yummy Yummy!! :)

I saw in my yearbook I was chosen "the Most Creative of my class!" I did not even remember that! I have Roberta to thank for allllllllllll my talent, right?????? (if you ask her she will say RIGHT!)

Well, tomorrow is the BBQ, I forgot where, some guy's home near Phlugerville (say Flu-ger-ville). Then the dinner at the hotel.... I heard MORE Falcons are coming in tomorrow. The 2 "Dianes" are headed for San Antonio tomorrow to talk to the ST ANTHONY HOTEL about the reuinion 1999!!

More tomooooooooooooorow! SNORE-------zzzzzzz-----head nods------ us ancient ones (Roberta and I) are calling it a night!

Linda '68

hmph!!!!! We thought you all needed to rest. Such a good time was had by all. Never want to be out of this loop!!! EVER!!! We were just watching to see what kind of behavior patterns would be expected in CHAS!!! :)

Susan DiBartolo '73

ok--i sent one update--i just wasn'tgetting home as early as linda--she left at midnight!!!!! i didn't realize i could function on 4 hours of sleep a night--and i don't want to try again anytime soon--

it was a great reunion y'all--i'm going through withdrawal--fortunately there are enough of us still around for dinner tonight--details will foloow in a few days--once i've recovered from so much adrenalin flowing through my body.
karen '71

Photo #5

Left, Dary Matera '73, Betty Trent '73, Susan DiBartolo '73, Linda Vargas '73, Bill Resley '73, Pam Groce '73.


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