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Phoenix, Arizona Micro Reunion
2 January 1998 - Page 2

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Photos and comments contributed by Karen L. Rogg '80
Photo #5

This was taken in the living room at Carolyn's house. It's DA GUYS! William Hallgren '73, Dary Matera '73, Chuck Jones '61 and Michael Vance.

Photo #6

Look at Michael's face! Isn't that a great pic of him! I don't know what Mr. Taft and Carolyn were looking at but something was funny - maybe Dary had different colored socks or something! I took this because they were just having fun.


Photo #7

Okay this was taken at Carolyn's house. Carolyn took this pic. left to right: Michael Vance, Mr Bruce Taft, Karen Rogg '80, Dary Matera '73, and William Hallgren '73.

Photo #8

Karen Rogg '80 and Dary Matera '73.


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