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California Mini-Reunion, 24 January 1998
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Sometime last week: Wendy Sevenandt '79 calls me at the office and tells me we need to finalize our arrangements with the restaurant so I meet her for lunch at Silky Sullivan's. While scarfing chicken wings at the bar, we con the management into reserving a large section of the restaurant (actually the whole restaurant minus the bar and dance floor area) for our Saturday night reunion. This is quite an accomplishment since this is Super Bowl weekend and this is an Irish restaurant (think about it). Anyway, Wendy charms the staff into thinking we're a sedate group of old school chums who might eat and drink alot. <grin> We also decide to order a big platter of chicken wings for the party (we tried for lumpia, but no luck).
Wed/Thurs/Fri: After lots of phone calls and email messages, it's beginning to look like about 30 folks will show. Several cancellations come in due to the Super Bowl, weddings, divorces and politics. Can you imagine that one person actually couldn't make it because he was in Mozambique! What an excuse. <grin> Oh well, maybe next time. During our Thursday night Wagner chat, Roggy '80 tells me that she's thinking about coming, but not sure. Friday afternoon I get the message she is gonna make it. I hear a rumor that Dary '73 may come out too.
Saturday, 1300: I turn the computer off. Quite an accomplishment since it probably hasn't been completely shut down for the last 6 months, except for the great crash 'o Sept.97 and the Oct. floods. Start the hour or so drive into Orange County after picking up the blue reunion banner from the print shop. I wouldn't notice that they misspelled scool until later.
1400: Wendy, Diann Crotwell Ereth '69, and Pat Wiggins Dumke '69 are already setting things up when I arrive. We put up the banners, balloons and stuff, then arrange a table for yearbooks and memoribilia. I think we're ready.
During the reunion we will have gathered at least 15 different yearbooks ('53-'86 plus lots of duplicates), old and new photos, pics of previous reunions, magazines, Criers, Post Scripts, personal scrapbooks, and a recent video of the school. Bev Char '66 brought a large laminated map of Clark so we could all mark where we lived on the base. Dale Fullwood '77 even brought 2 complete Wagner basketball uniforms (the Falcons were undefeated that year and won the Far East Championships!!).

John Prunier '65

Photo #1

Saturday evening. Wendy Sevenandt '79 and Harold Forster '78 reminiscing.

Photo #2

Dary Matera '73, Karen Rogg (Roggy) '80, and Sue Ann Banks Thompson '80


Since today was my birthday and the Westcoast contingent had a party for me but didn't get my ticket in the mail on time for me to get there, I spoke to our dear webmaster, the great John Prunier. He asked that I post a message regarding the mini reunion at Silky Sullivan's in Orange Co. John reports that there was a fine showing of 60's and 70's (at least 15 from each group) from both Ca. and Az.(including Dary who immediately put the moves on one of the lovely Char sisters--of course we would expect nothing less!). John says that they are having a great time and that the meal was great and the music LOUD. Class photos were taken and will be posted. It was not easy for us to hear one another because of the surrounding noise level so John promises a full and in depth account of all of the day's happenings which began around 2 pm left coast time. Hopefully they will all have had such a good time that they will want more in July and will be here in Charleston for the BIG ONE!!!

Dianne Senn Mandel '65 ('62-'64)
I just hate being so far away when there is a party happening!

Photo #3

Elvy Tagala '68 and Diann Crotwell '69.

Photo #4

Rick Grice '64, Sandy Altvater '64, Rich Nichols '65, Sherry Weaver Jackson '64 and Terry Adamski (spouse).


Dear John,
Thanks to you and Wendy for the great party last night. It was grand to see you again. What can I say about Janice and Bev, they were a real treat. And Rick told stories that should have kept him behind bars, instead of in them.
We will have to have another reunion real soon. Maybe all the 60's kids could come up to my house for a slumber party. It will be a BYOPJ's.

Happy trails

Photo #5

Sherry Weaver Jackson '64 and Terry Adamski (spouse).

Photo #6

Tom Turiano '86


Music Man resurfaced from the pit of Mt. Pintaboa and wrote:
And when you all meet Karen Rogg be sure to hug her for us. She's been one of the few Wagnerites besides Harold that always kept in touch with us here all the last years and kept us informed when everyone else was.

Jimmy, thanks for the tip. That was a very, very good suggestion:-)
-- Dary `73


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