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Panama City Mini Reunion
1 August 1998 - Page 2

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The following photos contributed by Donna Smith '61
Photo #7-19

Left, Stephen '95, Shirley '76's back and Mary Foster Taylor '78

FL Panhandle Mini-Reunion

Crowded roads, vehicles driving haphazardly, pedestrians running for their lives, weaving in and out of the traffic, bicyclists taking their lives in their own hands, even some of the market smells were there...caused memories of a past of twenty plus years for me. True the vehicles were not highly decorated jeepneys nor the heavier built road bikes of the Philippines, the people were scantilier dressed than those seen in the streets in Angeles. No, I was not in the Philippines again, just was traveling down the ill-advised road of Alt 98 through Panama City, Florida. My "woulda shoulda couldas" said we should have followed the directions given on the Whoa/Wagner line. It would be followed on our return trip. My best friend who happens to be my husband, and I were off to spend the afternoon with people who we did not know but came to enjoy their company. There was much reminiscing, sharing of various years of yearbooks, comparisons of who was there at the different times we were, laughter over some of the changes in the teachers over the years, even on how we looked back then, sharing of memories and information. We also had some late arrivals who walked in and moved to the side of where we were sitting. Various people would go over and ask them if they had gone to Wagner and wouldn't they like to join us. We wanted to have everyone included. This group who I heard others refer to as "babies" later, are from the Pinatubo group. Most were freshmen when Pinatubo had erupted. I sat with them and talked while they ate and the children played. Maybe they were feeling a little shy of being around us older folks, Esta told me how old she is and I know that I am old enough to be her mother. She was looking at a yearbook and we started looking at it together, I don't know if the years melted some for her, but for me they did. Stephen was telling me about how the new 91 campus was arranged and describe how the other campus were used or were in correlation with the new campus that Pinatubo took care of. He said that it was the most exciting time of his life when he was younger, riding on Navy ships to evacuate. Esta told me of the migration north to get away from the volcano and how the science teachers moved even further away because they knew that people were still too close. What an experience these "babies" have had. I believe it was Rose who asked me if we had the "Balut School Newspaper" where you had to eat a balut to get on the newspaper. I think we were the Falcon Crier, and I had one of my thrown away drawings of a falcon retrieved and printed in an issue, much to my surprise. The infamous "Bull" Bob and Ann were there, no he wasn't in a kilt, but he could have gotten by wearing one. <smile> They are a terrific couple and I enjoyed talking to both of them. I couldn't get over how Donna's husband, Roger, seems to be recovering so well after a stroke. They are very nice people, I pass through Crestview everytime I go to in-laws, hope to see them again. I know that in naming names, I will probably miss someone, so I will end for now and continue tomorrow... 

more to come
Juanita Marie Wade Wellman '74

So good, you were able to write what I felt in Panama City. Waiting for more. The really young youngsters were so nice and interesting to talk to. That was the first time I had ever seen a picture of the real new Wagner. 

Photo #8-20

Left, Gaye '74, Dusty Austin '65, Donna '61 and Bull '71

FL Panhandle Mini-Reunion (continued)

... as I said more to come. Gaye was her usual bubbling self, wish I had some of her vitality. I think that if Gaye and Susan got together, there could be a good bit of fun and mischief in the air. Best wishes, again, Susan and John. I was most impressed by the genuineness of all the people present... no one was there to "out-do" anyone else, we all just had a good time visiting. While visiting, and taking pictures, I heard bits of computer conversations that Vince, Phil, Roger, Ann were having, there were a couple of the picnic tables and chairs full of people sharing their memories, their bubbling laughter, and the storm that came made us move in even closer to escape the showers. The cliches of the classes was nonexistent, people visited each other regardless of background or age, as someone has said previously, we became as ageless as the times. We had variety, quality, and lightness. We were very luminesced in the later afternoon as the lightening, rains, and winds came across the bay it was another reminder of the Philippines... monsoons, though it was not as severe or as long lived, it was indeed reminiscent. That day we begun with severe thunderstorms to sunshine and high humidity to gusts of wind and rain... what better way to end the afternoon while remembering the people who we had known in the past, as well as the new friends we met throughout the afternoon. I thank those present for being patient with me and indulging my taking individual photos, hopefully they will turn out so that I can share them with the rest of the Wagner group. If they don't turn out, it will definitely be the photographer's fault, not the subjects as some of them had said they would break the camera, NOT. <g> Expect them snail-mail unless I can get them put on disk for webmaster, John P. Kim, thank you and your mom for picking out the meeting place. It really worked out nicely. 
Juanita Marie Wade Wellman '74

Photo #9-2

Panhandle Reunion update

Good morning. 

I talked to the manager of Hathaway's about our group coming on Aug. 1 at noon and he was so pleasant and helpful. He can't wait to see us, and he was kind of shocked that a group of Philippine high schooler alums would reunion at his restaurant. He offered to set up special areas for us or whatever we needed. I'm glad we're going there. It's nice to have that kind of reception. 

Remember: It will be very warm in Panama City in August and we will be in an outdoor area (even in the shaded, air-cooled palapa on the water it's going to be warm) so dress accordingly. Think casual. Think shorts. Don't think halters and plip-plops unless that's a look you can pull off! (I will be taking lots of pictures for John, so you're forewarned!) 

Remember too, this is an on-your-own event. You will be responsible for paying for your own food, drinks etc... 

If you are planning to come and I don't have your name on my list, please let me know soon. I promised Greg at Hathaway's that I'd give him an updated count before we all showed up. 

If you're going to Charleston, please be careful and have a great time. We want to see you in Florida too.
Kj82 Kim Eubanks Jantzen

Photo #10-3

Panhandle Reunion update

Thanks Kim for all your planning for the Panhandle reunion! Thought it was gonna be a little affair - wow - what a list! Will come back safe from Charleston for this one - looking forward to meeting you in person and everyone else! 

Photo #11-8

Page Seiders '74. Gaye Perkins '74 and Donna Smith '61 in background.

Photo #12-10


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