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San Jose, CA Mini-Reunion
7 June 1998

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Photo contributed by Arlene Granada Lepper '72

No, we didn't make it to Monterey, but Karen Jimerson, "Tita" Kathy SM, my sis, Ace, and I did hold a "lumpia lunch/mini reunion" yesterday.
First, Karen shows up at my mom's, and I introduce her to my mom and sis. Then, Kathy arrives with the miniature puto she promised, made out of pancake batter? And, it was great. We proceeded to the Santa Barbara Grill in Cupertino, which was formerly the Sport City Cafe (at one time partly owned by several SF 49ers, such as Roger Craig and Joe Montana). The food was excellent, but it was nothing compared to the tons and tons of laughter and reminiscing we shared. Tita Kathy brought an athletic bag filled with black & white photos of herself, and many, many Falcons - the Balidios, the Asercions, Bissels, Brenda Hayden (did you hear that, Dary!!!), and too many others to mention. She had a copy of a 1970 Philippine Flyer, she had her sister's senior prom program.
Between the food and the photos, we all had each other rolling with different memories of Falcons past, and some more recent memories of Falcons from the present - on WHOA, especially the Dary guy (why does this name keep popping up). At one point we - Tita Kathy and I - had Karen nearly in tears with our imitation of an angry filipino cussing someone out in Tagalog.
I had gone dancing in San Francisco the previous night and got home at 4am - I was hung over all day long, but these ladies had me rolling, and I was able to forget my misery for a little while. Anyway, we ended up committing to holding a larger reunion sometime in the months to come. HEY Sacto-area, and Southern-Cal Falcons - let's do this. If yesterday was any indication of the fun we can have, we all just can't pass up the chance.
ps the day started out on the right note, when Ace finally got to talk to 'Tito' Tony Goolsby for about an hour in the morning. Tony, sorry you couldn't make it, but come on down for the next one and we'll rip the town apart, pare. Dary - you old hound dog (according to Karen) you're invited too!

Belden 75 <granada@us.ibm.com>

Mini-reunion at the Santa Barbara Grill in San Jose. From left to right, the participants are Belden Granada '75, Kathy Santamaria '71, Arlene Granada Lepper '72, and Karen Jimmerson Hasan '76.
Arlene '72

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