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Santa Barbara, CA Mini Reunion
27 June 1998

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At the mini-reunion, Saturday, 27 June 1998. Julie Balido's house, Santa Barbara, CA.

Attendees included: Janice Char '64 (Simi), John Prunier '65 (Colton), David "el polioloco" Petrizzi '69, wife Trish and family (LA), Julie Balidio '71 (hostess), Kathy "Kit Kat" Santa Maria '71 (Oakland), Arlene "Ace" Granada '72 (Lompoc), and my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Alicia Stanek '88 (Moreno Valley). Many family members also attended.

Highlights of the reunion:

- The party was held poolside at Julie's great place in Santa Barbara. The younger kids enjoyed the pool while we ate and reminisced on the patio.

- I arrived a little late, around 4 pm due to some messy traffic in LA (3 1/2 hour drive, what a surprise). I brought my son John Jr. and his fiance Alicia '88. Alicia attended elementary and middle school at Clark in the early '80s and graduated in England. I also brought my youngest daughter Susanna and her friends Mike and 

- I missed seeing Janice Char because of my late arrival, but got to talk to her on the way up to Santa Barbara. Janice was in the area visiting friends from Hawaii and was able to stop by for a short visit. 

- we all got to see Kathy's "kit kat kadillac" all the way from Oakland. And yes, the kaddy was fully equipped with a great 8 track sound system. We even got to see pictures of her "Benover" Porche.

- we enjoyed great filipino food in large quantities cooked throughout the day and night by Ace and the other girls, including puto, adobo, pancit, lumpia, and much more.

- David and Trish brought lots of yearbooks and other memoribillia. Had a nice time talking philosophy and of course, Wagner. David was born and raised at Clark, so he has some great memories. Thanks Dave and Trish for putting up with my stories. Ha ha. You've got a great family.

- We shared many pictures and yearbooks. Kathy showed us her scrapbook and boxes of pictures from Wagner and the Philippines. These included prom, parade, school and other related pics. VJ's Igorot pic was a highlight. We also got to see '95 San Francisco reunion pics. The girls loaned me most of the pics, so look for them soon on the website.

- The kids got restless in the afternoon, so I sent them out to the beach and pier for a bit of sight seeing and dinner, while we continued to reunionize.

- Things wrapped up around midnight when we left for our long drive back to Colton.

Thanks to all for a great time, especially Julie for being a great hostess, and Ace for all the kitchen work.

Although Diane Edelman Lowrey '69 couldn't make it from Redlands where she was visiting, I did get to say hello and chat a little on Saturday morning. Hope to see you in Austin Diane! 
John Prunier '65

Photo #2
Ace and Kathy in the kitchen.

Photo #3

Left to right, Julie Balidio '71 (hostess), John Prunier '65, Kathy "Kit Kat" Santa Maria '71, David "el polioloco" Patrizzi '69, wife Trish, and front, Arlene "Ace" Granada '72.

Photo #4
Another pic of the group by the pool at Julie's house in Santa Barbara.

Photo #5

Ace and Julie playing with the leftover chicken adobo bones.

Photo #6
Ace and Julie again. Trish in the background.


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