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California '99 - Lompoc, CA
22-24 January 1999 - Page 5
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Reunion IV

Because my friend Heather is active duty military stationed at Vandenberg and she lives on base, I booked out long before others left the hotel. We went to her house so I could meet her family, relax, etc... before the big event.

Then, it was time. We got to the Pacific Coast Club to find just Ace's Mama and Rick DeLeon's sister and brother-in-law. I figured everyone else was on Filipino time. Turns out the Security Police lost Ace's letter and list of who was supposed to be allowed on base. 

We might have a Wagner first: First reunion to require a police escort! I understand everyone (except Ace) thought that was pretty cool! 

I was touched by Anita and John Beaudry's presence in honor of her brother Rick DeLeon. I knew they were coming, but seeing their faces and hearing Anita talk about her brother really brought it all home. Rick was truly blessed to have such a caring sister.

A very nice touch: A small table was set with places for the classmates we've lost lately. Three empty plates for three lost Falcons. It was a nice gesture and I would highly recommend we continue this tradition. The moment of silence Harold Forster requested would have been even more poignant except that was the moment when Julie Balidio and Kat made their (very late) entrance. I imagine they could have come in quietly but the silence still would have been broken by Dary dropping his fork and spitting food from his mouth! "Oh my God, Julie's here!"  Subtle is NOT Dary's style.

Now, I'll admit Julie is a stunning woman, but to interrupt a moment of honor. Sheesh! Then when he got shushed, an unabashed but annoyed Dary sez: "Geez, KJ, I was working something there!"

AS IF! Keep working, Dary. I don't think she caught your drift! LOL!

Dinner was great. Dary really likes flan, apparently, because he ate his and someone else's (although we don't know whose. He didn't bother to ask!)

We had wonderful entertainment in the form of Belden's Hi-Karate kids.  John's video tapes of the evening, replayed later at the hotel were the source of uproarious laughter as we all heard every ittle smart@ss comment Dary made. Ohhh too funny!.

BTW: Please don't worry about the safety of Belden's beautiful babies or their friends: They can literally kick butt. The girls even broke boards with their kicks before Belden "I look good in jammies but I'll kick your @ss if you call them that" Granada got to busting bricks with his head!!  Ouch!

Ace did some mighty fine dancing (Gurl, you ARE a ham. But you plan a mean dinner!)

Then Dary's flames were fanned by Julie, Kat and Geri Lambert (not to be confused with Lynch Oddone) did the HULA. I had seen Dary walk out but not back in and I was appalled he would miss such a spectacle. No fear, I finally found him in a chair pulled all the way up to the edge of the dance floor! LOL!

Once the floor show was done, it was time to Boogie Oogie Oogie til we just couldn't boogie no more! Gaye, doll, you shoulda been there. You would not have stopped moving.

Dale Barangan has competition in the wiggle butt category:  Sweet Baby James is one moving man. And a working man. Unfortunately, the angle he worked all night turned out to be married. Dang! And she was cute too, SBJ!!

Dashing Rick 67 was one of the early dancers, asking my tall, striking friend the Major to dance. She danced with just about everyone there. She told me later that she had not smiled that much in a long time. Thanks to everyone for making an Air Force Falcon feel like a Wagner Falcon for just a while.

When they got around to playing "Last Dance," the die-hards weren't ready to quit. After a bit of discussion and a little driving around, it was decided we'd go to the hotel and watch the TLC, old Clark and wedding videos in the hospitality suite. We also watched some of tht evening's stuff.  Thanks for that John.

Thanks to the fellas who went to the store too. With the lumpia long gone (except for the ones Dary had bogarted the night before!) and dinner a distant memory, rumbly tumblies were calling. The guys brought back a truly male assortment of food: White Castle hamburgers, Jeno's pizza "lumpia," cold fried chicken, and a HUGE bag of chips. And they were all appreciated.  Never saw people fight over microwaved hamburgers before!

As you know, the last night of a reunion is tough. We're exhausted, hungover, drunk or both and no one wants to go to bed. This was no exception. I baled at 3:15 a.m. Someone else will have to fill in after that. 

to be continued......
NEXT: How Julie got Dary out of bed and Dary didn't get Julie in!

kj - "Lee Jantzen"<jantzen@ctaz.com>

Saturday sightseeing around Lompoc and Solvang, CA.
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