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California '99 - Lompoc, CA
22-24 January 1999 - Page 7
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Part II of Ace's rendition of the SoCal reunion

Woke up at 5:45 after hitting the snooze alarm once.  Worked frantically on the paper until about 7:00 when who should call up but the one and only VJ Slupecki.  He wanted to know how was the party, and we went into how Rick dated his sister Barb.  Couldn't wait to tell Rick the details that evening.  Didn't finish the paper.  Went to class.  Hurried home so I could party with the rest of the group.  Group went to Solvang.  Can you believe it?  With our beautiful flower fields, our historic mission with its fascinating hiking trails, our wonderful beach, and state of the art launching pads, what did our erudite group of Wagner alumni want to see?  A bunch of goofy emus and ostriches at the Ostrich Farm in Solvang.  Tony gave Harold great directions--"We're at the windmill."  Do you know how many windmills there are in Solvang, California's Danish town?  Well, more than one.  Waiting for Julie who was supposed to practice the hula with Kat 24 hours ago.  (Hey KJ, you think I'm a ham.  I was supposed to dance the hula with Kat and Julie too but begged out of it.)  Finally got the blasted flat tire fixed.

Had an inkling Security Ops lost the letter so had to go check on the status of the letter with the list of reunion names.  Was right letter was not at Main Gate.  Started to fume but decided to try sugar instead.  Got great results, the SSgt at the desk wanted to go to the PI and called the MSgt at home to find out what happened to the letter.  Had to go to my office, retrieved the letter and turned it in to Security Ops.  Desk SSgt stated, "We'll take care of it, ma'am.  Don't worry."  By then, makeup was moistened by the drizzle and was sweating from all the running around.  Mom was efficiently taking care of the money and name tags.  KJ, Gerri and Rick donated door prizes which consisted of plastic jeepney, halo halo mix, adobo mix, and the Wagner mug.  All of a sudden, a onslaught of Wagner alumni approached the table saying they received a police escort to the club.  Every one looked sooooo nice in their Sunday duds.  John and Anita Beaudry brought pictures of Rick DeLeon then and just before he died.  He was a beautiful man!  Had he lived the other single female Wagnerites (yes, you Kat, Julie, Jo) would've had to stand in line behind ME!  The commemorative table was not laid out as I had requested.  Talked to the club staff and they quickly remedied the situation.  Harold made a wonderful, impromptu emcee.  Poor guy had to wait till I came up with what to say in between program highlights.  Harold you missed your calling.  We had a moment of silence for the passing of Rick DeLeon, Chuck Vesely, and Danny Grant.  Mom had a great idea of going around the room so people could introduce themselves, what year they graduated and their fondest memories from Wagner.  Was worried about Belden's head during the Taekwondo demo.  Didn't want to work that night.  ;)  My partner for the folk dancing was late but arrived in time.  Julie forgot the sarongs for the hula but after 15 minutes of practicing in the bathroom, the three wahines, Geri Lambert Kirkland, Kat Santamaria, and Julie Balidio Terrell vamped and ummied much to the delight of Dary and the rest of the audience.  Member of the audience participated in the Hukilau.  These included the curvy Jo Kristol, the sexy Tony G, and the every serpentine Dary Matera.  After the demos, we danced till 1100. Highlights included the macarena which was enthusiastically bumped and grinded out by KJ,YMCA, and of course the cha cha which Sweet Baby James learned as quickly as a duck learns to swim.  Steve Montgomery wouldn't dance despite coercion by me and I can be pretty intensely coercive! Regret not dancing with the dashing and debonair Paul Tullo and the attractive and TALL Rick Masterson.  Oh well, there's San Antonio!

Wind down took place at the hotel with Tony G replaying the "grinding" hula section of the videotape so many times, he was starting to have sympathy "grinds"  :)  Eddie Dolan lent a patient ear while he listened to me babble about the various memories I had with people in the yearbook.  More wonderful times with old and new friends!

    The group ate breakfast at Carrows.  Had a blasted hangover.  What was sooooo bad is that I don't even drink alcohol.  Go figure--2 reunions--2 hangovers--0 alcohol!  Didn't go back to the hotel.  Missed saying good-bye to some really, really fabulous people.  However, I now know where they live and have their numbers so will look them up when I want to have some fun!!!

Thank yous go to the following:
Jo - thanks soooooo much for helping with the flyers, e-mailing over 200 Wagnerites and hotel coordination.
Wendy - thanks loads for doing the labels for the flyers.  Wish you could've been there.
Harold - for being a wonderful emcee!
KJ, Rick, and Gerri - thanks for contributing the door prizes.
My mom for being there when I need her!
Belden for helping out when he can, the flyers, and the TKD demo - thanks!  (Tell Dave and the kids, thanks for me!)
John Prunier for taking those wonderful videos - THanks soooo much!!!
Kat - for her behind the scenes help and the hula demo.
Julie and Geri for helping with the hula!
Julie for keeping Dary occupied.  :)

Ace '72 - "Arlene G. Lepper"<alepper@ibm.net>

The Hospitality Suite
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Saturday Happy Hour

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Dary Matera '73 and James Buchanan '91.

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Another pic in the hospitality room.

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Pam McClellan '76 and Dary.

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Pam and Dary

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