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Destin '99 Mini Reunion, AJ's, Destin Florida
Friday, 11 June 1999

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At AJ's.   Had a live band which we enjoyed while we waited for our table.   In attendance was:   Donna and Roger Smith, Gaye and Bill Parnell, Ken Morgan, Parky Rakocy, Roni Chunn, Sally Lomack and her husband, Billy Kemp and girlfriend Karen, and Paula Gill.

Date was Friday, June 11th.   We stayed there for hours, just talking and eating.

Gaye went to take a picture of Donna and Roger, and backed right into a male customer who generously offered to assist Gaye in her picture taking as he offered her his knee for her to sit and take a clear shot.   She graciously declined, and opted to stand on a chair instead.   As the Wagner table roared, Gaye proceeded to take pictures and was glad her red face didn't show up in the shot.

Gary Coplan 70 was planning on showing up, except he had an emergency with fleas.

Sally, Paula, and Parky enjoyed reminiscing over the good ol' 80's days, and all had a great time getting to know one another better.   Billy welcomed all to come to his house for a pool party.   He didn't even have to ask twice.   Between Billy's and the pantoon boat gathering planned, the NW Florida Falcons are forever social.  :)

Gaye Perkins Parnell '74

 Photo #1

Sally Loback LaPiere'80

To everyone who came to destin,
Thank you for a great time.  I enjoyed meeting you and you all made me feel welcome.  The relief I felt when I saw Donna with the t-shirt on was unmeasurable.  I feel better now that the pieces are slowly coming back together.  I had fun so much that my face hurts.  I hope I wasn't too much for Sally and her husband to deal with.  I hope that in time I can really let my hair down. lol  I must admit I ate too much but that's okay.  Chalk some up to nerves.  Thank you so much for taking the time to welcome me. I really appreciate it.  I smiled all the way home.  I even stopped at my mother in law house on the way back to tell her all about my trip to DESTIN.  Now I'm looking forward to the next one.
I like you all very much and now that I have faces to go with names I am truly blessed with new friends and family.  If I start fumbling over my words bear with me.  I am trying not to cry here.  It's nice not to feel lonely anymore.  Don't get me wrong I am never alone but even in a crowded room one can feel lonely.  I don't feel that anymore.  Thank you for helping me find my way home. I hope I didn't embarrass anyone.
Paula 80

Photo #2

Left, Paula Gill, Gaye Parnell, Bill Parnell, Ken Morgan.

Paula, Paula, Paula,

WE are Soooooooo glad you finally found your way to us at Destin yesterday...........ain't we ALL a little crazy?   I mean after Gaye got the offer to sit on that guys knee..............I don't think we ever did find out who he was....(or did you Gaye?)   I never ceases to amaze me how a bunch of strangers can just decide to get together and find SO much in common and all of it because each of us were blessed with the PI experience.  I, for one, did not really think it was such a blessing while I was hostage there.  But now, I know how truly fortunate we all were for having such an incredible experience as young people.

I'm  looking forward to seeing you again in one of the several up and coming NW Fl / SW Al  events.   The more we are together, the more we feel like REAL family............ain't it just kewl as it can be?

Ken aneverpresentmemberofthelocalfalcons

Photo #3

Karen, Billy Kemp, Parky Rakocy, and Sally's husband

Paula...very nice words..and those people in the Panhandle are truly sweet people!! I've got to attend two of their events....so, now you'll have to come meet more of us in Florida...I'm in Tampa....welcome !!! we're all family!  You couldn't have been in better hands with Donna and Gaye...and the rest of the gang!! I miss you!!

Debbie Best Lowe 76

Photo #4

Ken'71, Roni Ramsey Chunn'79


Paula Gill wrote:  To everyone who came to destin,
Thank you for a great time.  I enjoyed meeting you and you all made me feel welcome.

Gaye:   Paula, It was all the more fun having you there!  Now that you have been inducted, we expect to see you at each and every gathering.

I'm so glad I got to sit next to you, and to hear the "babies" of the group (you, Parky, and Sally) talk about your good ol' times.   The two left before they got to hear a few words of wisdom tho.....if you're going to skip school, don't ride a horse.  :)

Paula:   Thank you for helping me find my way home.

Gaye:   You found your way girl.  We were just here to give you a big hug at the door!

Paula:   I hope I didn't embarrass anyone.

Gaye:   Are you kidding?  With our bunch of nuts???  Hey, you weren't the one that was about  to sit on a stranger's lap, now were you?  I don't think you can even worry about embarrassment with our crowd.  No way Josey!

All kidding aside, Paula, you are a part of this big and wonderful family.  Now you're going to have more brothers and sisters than you are gonna know what to do with.  And that's a good thing.  :)  I had a great time! 

Photo #5

The group at AJ's.

Photo #6

Paula Gill'80, Gaye and Bill

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