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Minneapolis Mini Reunion, Edina, MN
14 April 1999

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    Well, the get-together with David Kight is history.  Gaye, I received your message too late to give him a hug... but we did mention your name, and both acknowledged what a sweetie you are!   So consider yourself hugged!

    I was a little late picking up David at his hotel, due to traffic heading into downtown Minneapolis, but he was a gentleman and did not mention that I was late (only maybe 10 minutes).  I was more worried that hubby Steve would be sitting at the restaurant waiting for us for a  loooooong time (we had to drive separately to do parent-type shuttling of children), but never fear!  The day-sleeper that he is, he fell asleep after I left and got to the restaurant at the same time we did!

    As I mentioned earlier, the Convention Grill is a landmark eatery in Edina, sort of a hole-in-the-wall "joint."  One year they sponsored Steve's softball team, with the proviso that they "not" stop in after games to wind down!  But the burgers and malts are good--at least we think so!  (How about it, David?)

    David is very quiet, as am I, but we did manage to keep the conversation flowing somewhat.  Where's a nice extroverted Falcon when you need one?  (Gaye, KJ, Dary, Duckie, et al--you know who you are!)  I took my yearbooks and showed him my 10th & 11th grade pictures (1970 & 1971 yearbooks), as well as some photos of VJ!   He had never seen a picture of VJ from "back then," and was surprised that he didn't look at all scary!

    Anyway, we had a nice, pleasant evening, reminiscing as only people who neither went to school at the same time nor have never before met (aka: Falcons!) can do!


Photo # 1

Interior of the Convention Grill in Edina, Minnesota, where they filmed
parts of "Untamed Heart" starring Christian Slater, Marisa Tomei, and Rosie Perez (released 1993).

Photo #2

David Kight '64 joins Susan '72 and hubby Steve.

Photo #3

Steve Marston (spouse) and Susan Anderson '72 Marston.  Note the Austin 98 reunion t-shirt I am wearing!

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