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Monterey '99 Mini Reunion - Page 2
7-10 October 1999, Monterey and San Jose, CA

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Photo #7

Meeting at the Doubletree Inn in Monterey on Friday morning

Left, Neil Feist '82, son Josh, and Steve Montgomery '87

Hogsbreath breaths no more
<< << Gaye,
  If you and/or Bill get a chance during the week, Carmel is very close to Monterey. Go eat at Clint Eastwood's restaurant, the "Hogsbreath Inn."  Lots  of $$$$ hangin' around that town, lots of good people and place watching to do there also.If not, that may be something we can all do together on Saturday.
  Belden 75
Sorry to tell ya, but as we learned in our August visit that the Hogsbreath ain't no more. 

 Ross,  '75
Awww man!  Oh well.  We were gonna go last night, but went to the Monterey Market Place instead last night.  I am so glad we did - what culture!  There were the biggest bouquets of exotic flowers for round about $5.00, berries to die for, an assortment of different foods from all over the world, and many other kinds of treasures vendors were selling right on the street right outside our hotel.  The people here are friendly - and most interesting.

We have to go to a banquet tonight, but I would like to see the sunset from Carmel tomorrow.   So far I have checked out Fisherman's Wharf, the parks and museums, and have walked down the Lighthouse Road countless times.  What a beautiful place.  Today I'm discovering Cannery Row, and tomorrow Val Smith 72 and I are going to the aquarium, where we should meet up with John and Steve.  Friday, we all gather somewhere, and we plan on celebrating Neil 82's birthday together.  I FINALLY get to meet Karen, Kev, Steve, Neil, Tony, Jerry Weed, and Julie - much less to see some of my friends (that I
consider family) again.  Life is simply wonderful!!!!!  :)  Gaye75

Photo #8

Waiting for the San Jose bunch on Friday morning

Left, Neil, Josh, Gaye, and Steve

Today's Monterey Mini
Hello Everyone,

I just got home from Belden's Slumber Party.

WOW! What a Blast! and it is not even over until Sunday. 

We (Belden, Jo Kristol, Kev Anderson and I) drove down to Monterey this morning.  When we arrived at the Double Tree Hotel where Gaye and Bill Parnell were staying, Belden spots Gaye, Bill, John Prunier, Steve Montgomery, Val, Niel and his son.  Then in a hurry he stops the car (a sweet black Thunderbird with just 2 doors) and he and Kev jump out in a hurry to get on with hugging, kissing and greeting of all our awaiting fellow falcons.  All the while leaving Jo and I stranded and stuck in
the back seat of HIS car.  When we finally got out of the 'black hole' and might I add that the interior is gray - as in the silver/black Oakland Raider colors) we managed to get our share of the feathered greetings. 

To make this quick and brief - we did lunch at DoubleTree Brewery/Pub, then we drove over to Carmel and stood around on the beach taking in the awesome beauty and getting our feet wet in the ocean.

At 2:30 p.m. Belden, Kev and I headed back to San Jose to tend to each of our own personal agendas and Jo stayed with the Monterey crowd.

While in Monterey a host of people called us via cellular phone and we all yelled greetings to them as Belden held the phone in the air.  Among one of them was Dary who informed us that he would be arriving tomorrow.  So I graciously INSISTED on picking him up at the airport. 

At 9:00 p.m. Ace arrived in San Jose via airplane, then about 10 p.m. Ali (my husband) and I headed over to Belden's.  Tony Goolsby was there and quite entertaining I might add.  Great stories Tony.

We ate lumpia, chicken adobo, BANANA lumpia, stir-fried noodles, and a host of other foods that Belden & Ace's mom cooked.  I told John that she is to be adopted as our official Wagner Mom and he should list it on the web page as such.  In fact John, I demand it.  The food was mighty, mighty good.  She demanded that Ali and I take some food home when we left and I was always taught to obey my elders.  H-hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

At about 11:15 p.m. John, Steve, and Jo arrived in from Monterey and tagging right in there with them was Tony L. Best, '86 who lives in Monterey.  I had sent out emails to various people in the area and Claire Piper '65 said she would join us tonight.  But since Gaye and the group decided to stay in I think she just stayed with them.

Ace brought back from the PI some Tanduay and Kev brought some beer Humboldt Beer down from Humboldt.  When Ali and I left they were full throttle and I'll bet at this moment they most likely can't pronounce their names.

Oh well, it is 2:05 a.m. and I am tired so I must sign off in order to get some sleep and catch these folks in the morning. 

Cristobel and BJ, Belden's gorgeous babies (as he calls them) were up and about.  Cristobel was taking pictures with any camera she could get her hands on.

There are many more who promised to come by tomorrow including the infamous Tony Fumar.  Gaye, Bill, Val and Neil will be down as well and we will fill you in on the details sometime tomorrow evening.  You know it will get more interesting as more and more people appear.

Talk at cha then,

Karen Jimerson Hasan
            Class of '76
 Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

Photo #9

Belden and the San Jose bunch arrive

California Partying??
Did you or did you not party last night???  I know it is still early on the west coast but not that early.  WELL???   Donna'61
Yes Donna.  We all went to San Francisco, toured Chinatown and had lunch.  Tony Goolsby was our guide.  We then returned to Belden's place where his mother (our official WHOA Mom) had cooked up a shipload of food.  We had lumpia, lumpia, lumpia.   Oh and we had banana lumpia agian, Adobo again and aaaaallllllllllllllll-lllllllllll kinds of other food.

Then Ali and left and went home around 11:00 p.m. or so and I was informed by Belden this evening that the majority of them went out to Maxi's and danced the night away and part of the morning too.

Let's see, among the attendees at B-dot's were:

Ace, Belden, me (Karen), my honey Ali, Gaye and Bill Parnell, Kev Anderson, Jimmy Bounds, Dary Matera, Tony Goolsby, Val Smith, Tony Best, Jo Kristol, John Prunier, Steve Montgomery, Niel ????, Julie Balidio??, and the HOSTESS WITH THE MOST-EST *** Mom ***(Ace & Belden's abosolutely wonderfully awesome, great cooking mom)

I am so sure I forgot someone so please, please forgive me and add your name on to this thread.

Me so tired and so is B-dot and the rest of the party-ers

        Karen Jimerson Hasan
            Class of '76
 Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

Oh, I forgot Micheal Slupecki and ??Jada?? Schauf. 

Sorry forgive me.

        Karen Jimerson Hasan

Photo #10

Belden's carload of folks from San Jose

Recovering California Style
Hi All,

Just wanted to drop a line to let ya'll know that we made it through the weekend =)!!  We had a blast.  You're gonna love the posts when they start pouring in.  I'm not gonna elaborate now because we are just about to start  the long haul home.  Let me just say that YOU MISSED IT!!!!  What a time we  had.  Food, great memories, food,  sight seeing, food, dancing, food, hugs and kisses. And oh ya did I say food?????  I finally got to see Val Smith and  Mike Slupecki again. After all these months on MIRC, I got to meet Neil82, Kevin Anderson79.  Man was I blessed this weekend =)

Will write more in about 7 hours.  By that time, Gaye should be back East, Kev should be up North, Neil should be recovering in Monterey, Mike Slupecki and Jayda should be back in Sacramento, and Dary should be recovering from getting more kisses than Belden,  But you'll be surprised by who. 

Ya'll stay tuned!!!!

Love ya,

Jo 77

Photo #11

The hugs begin

Belden's Slumber Party - The Monterey Mini Review
I can't believe this, I was just typing my Monterey mini review and it disappeared!!!! OK, I'll start again...

I'm home, I've hugged the kids and I'm ready to do the Monterey Mini Review.   We had a super weekend.  I think we had some where in the range of 25 people. 
 Those attending included, but were not limited to, (if I forget anyone at this point, I apologize in advance), and not in order of appearance...

Belden and his friend Ariel, his beautiful babies Christabel and BJ, Ace, Mom, Tony Goolsby, Tony Bess 86, John Pruinier, Steve Montgomery 87, Val Smith, Karen and Ali Hasan, two of Karen's perfect (and I mean perfect!!!  They were real troopers), Kevin Anderson 79, Neil ??? 82, Jimmy Bounds 79?,  Mike and Jayda Slupecki, David ???, Jules Balidio and her Sister,  Gaye and Bill Parnell,  Dary Matera, Dave???? and his wife, and me of course, Jo Kristol 77

Thursday, October 7

I arrived at 9 PM on Thursday night. Was met at the gate by my meja Christabel and the Bel Dude.  We drove to Belden's place where Mom had cooked up a killer batch of adobo and lumpia.  We ate and Mom informed us that Kevin Anderson had called and would be driving down early!! Oh joy the excitement begins!!  We got a welcome call from Karen Hasan and we talked for a while.  Tony Goolsby had already called to say he was visiting his Mom in San Francisco, so he wouldn't be in until Friday.  We waited for John and Steve to arrive, but received a call around 11 that they were staying in Monterey. 
Bel and I stayed up until around 1:30, waiting for Kevin to call, but finally crashed, figuring that he either didn't leave early after all or had gotten tired and pulled over somewhere.

Friday, October 9

Got up, took a shower, and Mom cooked breakfast.  The kids left for school and we left to pick up Karen and head out to Monterey.  We arrived at Karen's house to hugs and kisses.  It was the first time I'd seen Karen in 24??? years.  We got the neighbor to snap a few photos and headed out to Monterey.  The phone rings and it's Mom.  Kevin Anderson is in and waiting at a gas station.  We went to meet him, more hugs and kisses.  I had talked to Kevin in the chatroom on many occasions and felt like I'd known him a life time already.  For any of you who don't know Kev, this is a cowboy of the first
caliber!!!  Got to be at least 6' 5 or so and just as huggable as cowboy can be.  We got a good laugh when we asked Kev what had happened to him the night before.  He say's "I rolled in around 2:30 and called your number.  Thought it was strange when I got a voice mail, but left a message that I was in.  Figured you all were sleeping, so I grabbed a hotel room.  Didn't realize until this morning that I had called Belden's OFFICE instead of his home number.  So when you get to work on Monday Belden, you'll have a message on your machine."  Got a good laugh over that one!  We get Kev's truck back over to Karen's and head out for Monterey at last!! The drive down was beautiful.   The Northern Cali country side is breath taking.

We finally get to Monterey and after joy riding threw Monterey to find the hotel, we finally get there.  Gaye, Bill, Val Smith, Neil 86 and his adorable son Josh are waiting at the front of the hotel.  Belden jumps out, Kevin jumps out and the hugs and kisses start.  Unfortunately, they forgot about us in the back seat of Bel's two door, so Karen and I have to scramble out on
our own.  Thanks a lot guys!!!  We finally get our share of hugs and kisses from Gaye and Val and get introduced to the infamous Bill Parnell and Billy Ray Cirus, I mean Neil 86, and head out to the hotel pub.  Of course more pictures are taken and we jabber our way through several hours of quality time on the pub patio.  It was Neil's birthday, so Gaye, being Gaye,
decided that we would walk across the street to get Neil a B-day present.  We get back, Val figures out a way to get rid of Neil for a while so we can all sign the card.  Neil gets back and just as non-chalantly as you please says something to the effect of, "When am I going to see the card you guys are trying to hide."  Blew the surprise right outta the water LOL.  More laughs and giggles.  We finally decide we need to do something other than waste away a beautiful day so we loaded up and went to Carmel. 

Lordy the beach was beautiful!!! We walked down this rather non imposing little hill to get to the beach.  Immediately the guys strip off their shirts to enjoy the California sun, and immediately we girls grab the cameras for some very nice, half neked, photo shots.  And did I forget to say how VERY nice they were (hee hee).  We enjoyed the rather frigid water, the
beautiful white sand, and the warm California sunshine for a few hours until Belden has to leave so he can pick up the babies.  I decided to stay and drive back with Steve and John, so we traversed the "non imposing little" hill that we had descended earlier to get my stuff outta the car.  Let me just say that I had nooooo idea just how outta shape I am until I had to forge that dang hill.  Half the group had stayed below, but after having to climb that hill once, John, Steve, and I decided we weren't going back down.  So we waited at the top, figuring that the rest of the group would realize that we weren't 
returning and join us. An hour later, I managed to get their attention and we rejoined at the top of the hill.  We sat around for a while, then loaded up to go back to Monterey.

Once we got back there, we decided to go grab some dinner and walked to Rosines.  Tony Bess 86 shows up and he and Steve Montgomery realize they knew each other in school.  Then Neil discovers that Tony only lives two streets from him.  Small world!!! Clair Piper showed up after she got off work and there were more intros.  We finished dinner and went back to the hotel.   Talked in the lobby for a while and then I rounded up John, Steve, and Tony Bess to head back to Belden's.

When we got there, Tony Goolsby and Ace had arrived, and Karen and Ali were there, so we chatted for a while.  Mom, of course had cooked again, so there was MORE eating done.  Belden's balcony became the park and his living room  transformed itself into the 200 wing LOL.  We popped in the video of the 1995 San Francisco reunion and had some "interesting critiques."  Karen and Ali left, promising to return in the morning.  And we finally hit the sack around 3 AM.

Saturday, October 9

We woke early on Saturday, Tony Bess had to go back to Monterey because he had to work.  He promised to return after work to join us for the continuation of the slumber party that night though.  We wasted away the morning, getting showered and dressed, while Ace, Tony, and Mom went on the proverbial wild goose chase of some breakfast place that no longer
existed.   They returned, we gathered everyone up and went to lunch instead at a neat little Mongolian BBQ place.  Since Christabel and BJ had adopted Kev and I as the favorite Auntie and Uncle, we rode the kids over in the "BIG TRUCK."   While we ate lunch, MORE pictures were taken.  Karen met us there and She, Ace and I went to pick up the Dary man.  We got to the airport and Ace thought it would be fun to page Dary and tell him the "Dary Queens" would be waiting at the baggage claim area.  Unfortunately, the operator was no fun at all and only paged that his "Party" was waiting at baggage claim. Some people have NO sense of humor.  We finally met up with Dary and dragged him home.  Yes the weekend is in full swing now.  After some more chatter, we decided to visit China Town in San Francisco.  We loaded up, dtopped to pick up Val, drove to Daly city and caught the Bart to SF.  Did I mention that I have a "small" phobia about tunnels?  We toured China town, with the Gools as our guide.  Had a nice little snack of appetizers in a chinese restaurant then headed back to the Bart, Oh lordy, gotta do the tunnels again!!!.  We got back to Daly city and headed home.  We hung around Belden's house, the population kept growing, and that evening the party got into full swing.  Mom cooked AGAIN!!! and we all munched on Menudo, Tempura chicken, rice, lumpia and turon.  After several visits from the grounds security, many of us decided it was either time to go dancing or time to help Belden pack because he would surely be asked to leave.  We rounded up the posse and went to The 
Max at the Double Tree hotel in San Jose.  By coincidence, Dary met an "old friend" there and we felt it was our duty as fellow falcons to protect him from her throughout the evening.  Of course, Gaye, Ace and I were the first on the dance floor, but we were shortly joined by John, Tony, Tony, Neil and Kev.  Yes, we did the Cha Cha!!! By the way Neil, you picked that up
really well. You can Cha Cha with me any day.  And Kev, I CERTAINLY enjoyed our dance for Gaye (wiggling the eyebrows here) The night wore on, the beers and shots poured freely and the real fun began.  I got a double barrel kiss on
the cheeks from Neil and Kev. Hey, did anyone get a picture of that???? Oh puleeeeze say you did!!!! and Dary got his share of kisses too.  While we were taking parting group pics, as we always do, we got a group shot of the Ladies.  Then it was the guys turn.  They bellied up to the bar and got into place.  Just as the flashes from the cameras were about to start Neil, who
by the way is even taller than Kev, grabs Dary by both cheeks and lays a lip lock him that any girl would die for.  In fact, Dary almost died!!! I thought we were gonna have to resuscitate him right there.  Oh man did we howl!!!!   Poor Jayda, not being used to our sense of humor, she must have thought we were all nuts.  After surviving that part of the evening, we headed home.  We sat around just visiting until about 4 AM when mom decided it was time for all good girls and boys to got to bed.  The guys were camped in the living room, and the ladies were in the babies room as had been done the night before.  Ace and Jules crashed early, but Jayda, Gaye, and I were just too wound up.  We sat and giggled as Dary desperately tried not to let anyone get any sleep.  He was quite sure the guys had something else in store for him.  They finally nodded off somewhere around 4:45 or 5 AM, but Gaye, Jayda and I STILL couldn't sleep.  There was a reason for it, but I won't go into that. 
We decided the only way we were gonna get any sleep was to go out to the balcony and sleep there.  We traversed the obstacle course of male bodies in the dining room to get to the balcony, moved the furniture on the balcony around, and finally laid down to get some shut eye.  At this point, the sun was on the horizon and we didn't care how cold it was.  We just needed some sleep.  Gaye nodded off to sleepy land and I finally did too.  Unfortunately the birds decided to serenade us with a good morning song about then, so we only managed to get about 1 1/2 hours of sleep time.

Sunday, October 10

For some reason, everyone started waking up around 7:30 AM.  One head after another popped up in the living room, and once the guys realized we were on the balcony, there was no going back to sleep.  Mom COOKED AGAIN, we had pancakes and spam for breakfast.  The traditional Filipino breakfast.  We whiled away the morning, Tony Bess left for his family cruise to Mexico, Gaye and Bill had a plane to catch and Neil headed home too.  Man this is the day I never want to come.  The last morning of a reunion when all the "see ya laters" roll around and the withdrawal begins.  We hugged and kissed and 
promised to do it again soon.  The few that were left unhappily packed there belongings.  Ace took a few over to Frye's to get some 'puter parts and pieces, and since Kev was leaving after the shopping trip, we said our "so longs" too.  Kev, I'm holding ya to that mini at your place in July so you'd better do all your "honey do's" for Monica!!!

Steve, John and I hit the road around 3:15 and took the long drive down south.  Another fantastic Wagner get together had ended and the withdrawal begins.  Kev, It was an honor to finally meet you, Tony Bess, you've been initiated honey and there's no turning back, Neil, practice that cha cha coz we're gonna have to do this again. Val Honey, you're the best, and I miss already.  And last but not least thank you Bill for having to attend the seminars, Gaye for inviting us up, Mom for all the great eats, Belden for putting up with us and to ALL of you who made this yet another memorable Wagner weekend.

Jo Kristol 77

Jo's note pretty much says it all. Whatta fun time. I'd do it again in a minute, but I got let moms catch some rest. Man, you mention Wagner's in town, she gets that look in her eye, rolls up the sleeves, and she's off like a shot.

Only thing I can add is:

1) Jimmy Bounds (82) and I both went to Wagner HS, then we BOTH graduated from the same HS in San Jose,California - Piedmont Hills - Now THAT is a coincidence

2) I had to keep doing double-takes of Michael Slupecki every time he spoke, because the pinoy in him just doesn't show very much. But, his tagalog accent and vocabulary are worlds better than mine. PLUS, he just cracked me up all weekend long with his sense of humor. I knew his lovely wife, Jada, since she was in her diapers - I think - because, her older brother Joel is one of my best friends from the time I was about ten years old

3) My family has definitely grown this weekend. It is just incredible how a bunch of folks can just fall together and pick up as if it were just hours since we were teenagers living on the best damned Air Base in the world, attending the most wonderful damned high school ever built. Neil, Kevin, Tony Best, Michael, Jimmy...I met you folks for the fist time this weekend, but just like all the other falcons it's been my privilege to meet...my house is always open to you.

4) It was really, really cool to spend a couple of hours with Dary...alone with no one else around. He is truly a warm, caring person. My children are quite taken by all their new "uncles and aunts" and my son, especially is quite taken by you Daryman.

Do I hear Southern California calling in a few months? Wendy, Steve, John, Ace?

Belden 75

Photo #12

Left, Karen Jimerson Hasan '75, and Jo Kristol '77

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