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Monterey '99 Mini Reunion - Page 3
7-10 October 1999, Monterey and San Jose, CA

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Photo #13

Meeting at the Doubletree Inn in Monterey on Friday morning

Left, Gaye and Karen meet for the first time!

Monterey Harbor - Part 1
The extended weekend was a most excellent adventure!  Our first day was mostly travel, but what a way to drive!

Thursday, 7 October 1999
    I drove up to Steve Montgomery's ('87) place in Los Angeles Thursday morning and we started our northward trek in his big new Pontiac.  We left around 1300 and only encountered light traffic (for L.A.) and made the decision to take the very scenic route to Monterey via Highway 1.  This decision cost us a couple of extra hours of driving, but was well worth it.
    After some fast food in San Louis Obispo, we split for the coast and drove leisurely north.  Traffic built up occasionally around some of the more popular tourist areas, but got heavy as we approached San Simeon and the Los Padres National Forest.  Construction was slowing everyone down, and a major forest fire didn't help either.
    We stopped at one of hundreds of scenic lookouts and took some great photos just at sunset.  I hope they turn out okay since the lighting wasn't the best for westward photos.
    Steve managed to pass the last slow tourist bus near Big Sur and we literally flew the remaining miles into Monterey in the dark.  We got hold of Val Smith '72 on her cell phone and Neil Feist '84 gave us directions to the DoubleTree Inn near Fisherman's Wharf.
    We arrived after 2000 and met Gaye Perkins Parnell '74 and hubby Bill '73, along with Neil, son Josh, and Val.  After exchanging Wagner hugs and greetings we chatted in the lobby until Josh started nodding off.  Neil, Josh and Val left for home, so I checked Steve and I into the hotel before we left for a late dinner in the wharf area.  We had not planned on staying in Monterey that night, but we were just too tired for the drive into San Jose.
    Gaye and Bill joined us for a short stroll and we found a nice seafood restaurant for dinner.  Gaye filled us in on her week long vacation and our plans for the weekend.  Val and Gaye had done some tourist stuff before our arrival, including Cannery Row, the Monterey Aquarium, and others.  With the exception of an exploding catsup bottle, dinner was great and we decided to call it a night.  Steve called Belden Granada '75, to let him know we would not be driving to San Jose that night.  We found out that not only had we missed some great filipino foods prepared by his mother, we had also missed Jo Kristol's ('77) arrival from Los Angeles.

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John Prunier '65

Photo #14

Waiting for the San Jose bunch on Friday morning

Left, John Prunier '65 and Kevin "lumberjack" Anderson '79 meet for the first time

Photo #15

Belden and the San Jose bunch arrive

Left, Bill Parnell '73, Belden Granada '75, Gaye Perkins Parnell '74, Karen Jimerson Hasan '75, John Prunier '65, Kevin Anderson '79, and Val Smith '72

Kneeling, Neil Feist '82, Josh Feist '2012, Steve Montgomery '87, and Jo Kristol '77

Photo #16

The group again

Photo #17

More of the group

Photo #18

At Peter B's pub on Friday

Gathering for lunch

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