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Moreno Vally Mini
Shakey's Pizza Parlor, Moreno Valley, California
Saturday, 3 July 1999

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 Photo #1

Ali Hasan (Karen's husband), Karen Jimerson Hasan '75, and John Prunier '65.

Moreno Valley Mini


we had a great get-together on Saturday, 3 July 1999 at the Shakey's Pizza Parlor in Moreno Valley, California.

At 1:00 PM, I arrived with my daughter Chrissy and her boyfriend Jose Rotger, my son John Jr, his wife Alicia Stanek '88, and my grandson Kaleb (10 months).

Before we got through the door, Karen Jimerson Hasan '75 and many family members, including Janella Jimerson Deadwyler '78, Gregory Jimerson '79 (?), Karen's hubby Ali, and her mom, all arrived together.  Many hugs for Karen who I met last year at Bob O'Bier's ('58) funeral.

We had a nice time meeting and talking with all of Karen's family, unfortunately, they were taking a short break from monitoring Karen's father who is in intensive care in the Riverside Community Hospital.   Karen and Ali drove down from San Jose to be near her father who lives in Riverside.  I hope everything goes well for him.

As we got settled and started ordering food, Jo Kristol '77 arrived from L.A.  Next came Heather Stanek '91 (Alicia's sister), husband Doug, and new baby Tia (2 months).  Jo had a wonderful time holding the babies and almost forgot there was a reunion going on, lol.

Jimmy Pasch '84 arrived with family members. He was in the area visiting from the Bay area.  I was happy to finally meet the one who had done such a fine job on the WHOA Class of 1984 Pages:  http://www.whoa.org/84/pasch/ and who had given us some of the humorous Balut Courier accounts of the recent New Orleans '99 reunion.

While we devoured pizza, we passed around yearbooks and shared many memories of the PI and Wagner.  Jo had more photos of the recent San Clemente mini to show everyone, and I showed videos of several recent events including the Fort Walton Beach, FL Mini held this past February.

We took many photos of everyone before Karen and her family departed for the hospital.  As they were leaving, more of my family members arrived including daughters Jody and Cindy, and grandkids Danny (6), Katie (3), Kelly (3), and Nicole (6).  They quickly disappeared into the game room, ha ha.

Jo had to leave for a date, so we again said good-byes.  Thanks for coming to the mini Jo!  I know the traffic was miserable.

Shortly afterwards, Steve Montgomery '87 and Arlene "Ace" Granada '72 arrived also from L.A.  Arlene carpooled with Steve after driving down from Lompoc.  More hugs and introductions.  It was nice to see Steve again and he gave us some more stories of NO '99.

Jeri Lambert '72 and her son arrived soon afterwards and joined us as we passed around memorabilia.

I was happy to see Arlene could make it.  She will be retiring this coming week from the Air Force.  Then she is off to Australia before settling in San Diego.  I hope to be able to attend the ceremonies up at Vandenberg AFB on Friday.

Jimmy had to leave before long to continue his visit to San Bernardino.  Thanks for coming Jimmy!

As evening approached we started to say our farewells.  As we were leaving, however, Lindsey Woods Turiano '79 arrived with his wife Lisa and daughter.  So, we continued our mini for a short while longer.  It seemed we could not leave the parking lot.  Ha ha.

I finally said my good-byes to Lindsay, Ace and Steve in the dark parking lot with promises all around to meet again soon!

All in all, it was a very nice afternoon with alumni, family and friends.  For those who came, thank you for sharing with all of us.  For those who couldn't make it, we'll keep a spot for you at our next get-together.  See you soon!

Finally, our deepest sympathy and prayers go out to Harold Forster '78, Fel Forster '72, and their families who are attending ceremonies for their younger brother James '97 who passed away recently.  Harold is a regular attendee at our local meetings and we hope to see him soon under better circumstances.

John Prunier '65
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 Photo #2

Another photo of the Jimersons and John

Moreno Valley Mini

Hey everyone,

Had a great time at the Moreno Valley Mini.  It was great Seeing John and his  family. (especially the babies, I just love babies)  Man they're all really great!!  Loved seeing Karen and Janella again after all these years.  Karen,  You're one special lady.  Hope everything goes well with your dad, you're in  my prayers.  Ace and Steve, well what do I say about you two.  You're always  a hoot.  Steve, call me about Ace's retirement.  Still don't know if I can  go, but I'm gonna try.  Finally met Jimmy Pasch.  He's as fun in person as he  is when reading his posts.  But Jimmy,  please remember where the hands 
belong in public (LOL) .  We really had a great time.  Missed everyone that  was supposed to be there and couldn't make it.  Rick Masterson, we missed  you, it's so much more fun when all three of the "heavenly 7's" are together. 
 I got a few pics that I will send to John in a few days.  Wish ya'll could  have been there.  We need to do this more often.  You know once a month just  doesn't seem like enough LOL.

Gotta run,  Will drop in later.

Love to all,

Jo 77

 Photo #3

Heather Stanek '91, Alicia Stanek Prunier '88, Ali Hasan, Janella Jimerson Deadwyler '78, Karen Jimerson Hasan '75, John Prunier '65, Jo Kristol '77, and Jimmy Pasch '84.

 Photo #4

Heather Stanek '91 and hubby Doug with their new baby daughter Tia

 Photo #5

Alicia Stanek Prunier '88

 Photo #6

Christina Prunier and nephew Kaleb


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