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Oklahoma City '99 Mini Reunion
Saturday, 16 October 1999

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Oklahoma City '99 Mini
Location:   Bricktown Brewery Restaurant and Pub, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Dates:  16 October 1999 
Sponsors:  Joann Puchalski Burner '80
Participation:  All Years, Family and Friends

OMG!!!  It is about that time!!!  I am so excited! 
I am leaving shortly to meet up with Angie Rosado Davis '80 and herhusband at Charleston's for some Purrrrrrrrrfect Margaritas.  I just heard from Diane '69 and they will probably meet us there too!  Then we will head downtown for the reunion!  I have my bumper stickers and yearbooks and I am ready!  I will tell you all about it when I get back! 

Joann Puchalski Burner
Class of 1980

Photo #1

Sharing a room in Oklahoma City

Left, Angie Rosado Davis '80, Joann Puchalski Burner '80 (and daughter of John Puchalski '58), Diane Edleman Lowrey '69, and Gina Burrows (adopted Falcon and daughter of Bert Meiner '63

Joann Puchalski Burner '80

OKC Mini - fun fun fun
It was great!  We had a wonderful turnout.  Approximately 52 people showed up!  I was absolutely thrilled!  Thank you everyone for coming.  And Jenny.......Mikes leg is still twitching from you rubbing his head! LOL
lol Joann...good!  But I neglected to pay him <g>  Mike was a good sport and we won't let him forget is promise to go to SA mini.  I had a great time!  Can't believe how cold it got!  I left Dallas at 5pm and it was 85'...  Three hours later I step out of the car in Okalahoma City to COLD!  ack! I wasn't prepared! 

Jen, 80

Photo #2

Another photo of the ladies doing the Falcon wave.

Ryann Burner (Joann Puchalski Burner '80 daughter), Angie Rosado Davis '80, Joann Puchalski Burner '80, Diane Edleman Lowrey '69, and Gina Burrows

Joann Puchalski Burner '80

OKC mini
I just want to thank Joann and Lisa from Oklahoma City for throwing a wonderful mini reunion. It seemed like a major one.  We think there were around 52 people there between falcons, spouses and a few kids and even parents.   What fantastic falcon fun..

Be sure to look at all the pictures when they are posted.


Yes, thank you thank you thank you, Joann and Lisa.  We had such great fun.  This was my first reunion, and I have the 'bug'!!!  Can't wait to make the next one. :)

Eva '87

I had a lot of fun to.  I want to go to a big reunion also.  This was also my first of many.  I really hated leaving so early, but I had church and had to get some sleep.  As a matter of fact, I woke up late (8:00) and ended up missing the early service (8:30 A.M.) and my husband had to call in to get someone to work the sound booth.  But let me tell ya, it was worth it!  I  met so many people and found old friends!  I want to do this again and hope to see everyone again!

*Hugs to all!*

Lisa 84

Photo #3

Gina and Diane '69  at Charlestons

Joann Puchalski Burner '80

Oklahoma City '99 Photos
I think I'm just gonna look at the pictures over and over and over so I can keep reliving the reunion, lol.

Eva '87

Lisa, the pictures were great!  I just checked them out.  It's great to place a face with everyone!!  SO.....now do ya have the "bug" to start saving for the BIG reunion - San Diego, 2000????? :)  Gaye74

Photo #4

Angie Rosado Davis '80 and husband Chris Davis at Charlestons

Joann Puchalski Burner '80

My first reunion
This past Saturday the OKC Mini reunion was great!  I was so excited meeting some of the people I have been in touch with online.  But let me tell you, there is nothing to compare to meeting up with someone who meant so much to me.  I had seen Angie Rosado since we had moved back from the PI, but it had been 13 years since the last time we saw each other.  We lost touch and I didn't know where to find her.  Even as I write this, it brings tears to my eyes.  Gary, I don't know what I could ever say to express my gratitude in you starting up this web site.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
~*~ Jo ~*~
      : )

Photo #5

The Bricktown Brewery, Oklahoma City

Joann Puchalski Burner '80

Photo #6

Brent Nolan '86 and date

Joann Puchalski Burner '80


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