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Omaha '99 Mini
Friday-Saturday, 24-25 September 1999
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Photo #13

Very late Friday night.....not sure if I caught Tim while blinking or if that Bud Light in front of him had anything to do
the look on his face!! 

Photo #14

Still Friday night, Howard Quinlan '68 looks on as Sharon Selmer and Judy Selmer '78 laugh it up.    Sharon fit in just
like a true Falcon! 

Photo #15

Friday night....VERY late...I think Howard Quinlan '68 is giving the thumbs up because we had all decided to call it quits for the night!  (Sharon Selmer to the right)

Photo #16

John Selmer '77 with two of his five kids in the hosp room Saturday afternoon

Photo #17

Tim Bebout '81 in the hosp room early Sat evening.  He's smiling now because he didn't know he was about to
be roped into doing all the cooking!! 

Photo #18

Tim Bebout '81 frying up the lumpia.  And he did a darn fine job....the smoke detector didn't go off once! 

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