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Welcome to the WHOA Reunion Help Page and Bulletin Board

Now you can offer or request help for attending a reunion!

To help with reunion attendance, we are starting a new bulletin board to allow you to request and/or offer help with travel, lodging, or other areas that can sometimes be a problem for attendees.

- offer or request a ride to the reunion, if you plan to drive
- offer or request shared lodging
- offer frequent flier miles, coupons, discounts, passes, etc.
- announce discounts or special offers for airfares, lodging, etc.
- request or offer help with airport, bus, train, etc. pick-up/drop-off
- request or offer assistance with disabilities
- request or provide help with local information
- any other reunion related requests, offers, help or announcements

We hope this new bulletin board will encourage many who might not otherwise attend, and provide a way for you to offer help whenever possible.

Please send your requests, offers and announcements directly to our WHOA Reunion Coordinator,
Gaye Perkins Parnell '74 <reunions@whoa.org> or to any WHOA sponsored reunion organizer.  Include your full name, class year, and any other information you feel is important.  Our normal rules for posting and responsibilities apply, however, where appropriate, we will allow anonymous postings.  You must still provide your identifying information to us for such items.

Thanks for all your support!  Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

John Prunier '65
Webmaster:  http://www.whoa.org

Current Reunion Help Listings

Subject:  Room mate - San Diego 2000
Date:  Fri, 21 Apr 2000
From:  "Kylene Nickerson" <kylene@rmi.net>

I am looking for roomies in SD only. Preferably a non smoker but not necessary.  Also, I am still possibly looking for someone to ride with. If anyone from Colorado is going, it would be perfect but someone in NM or AZ, I can meet them somewhere. Someone farther east can pick me up.

Kylene Jones '85
"Kylene Nickerson" <kylene@rmi.net>

Subject:  Roommate wanted - San Diego 2000 and Optional PI Trip
Date:  Mon, 15 May 2000
From:  PPolenzani@aol.com

John - I still can't believe I'm really going back - just seeing my name on the list helps me believe it's true. 
Anyway - I would really like a roommate to cut down the $$ - the more for shopping.  I need a nonsmoker.  Thanks. 
Priscilla Polenzani  '60  <ppolenzani@aol.com>

Subject:  "Reunion Help" - PI Trip
Date:  Thu, 25 May 2000
From:  Duckie <admin@whoa.org>

Philippines Reunion Attendee's

I want to know if anyone is staying any extra days in the PI and/or taking the stop over trip in Seoul Korea.

I would like to stay 2-4 extra days in the PI and I am considering a stop over sight seeing trip in Korea for 1 or 2 days, but I don't want to be an American travelling alone.  I'm flexible on days for both the PI and/or Korea.

Please contact me if you are thinking about doing this, or if you are definitely decided you are doing it.  Thanks!!!

Debbie Goldey Wardick '76   (duckie)

Subject:  Re: San Diego
Date:  Wed, 31 May 2000
From:  "Gary E. McQuaid" <gmcquaid@juno.com>

I've made reservations for San Diego.  If any one contacts you needing to share a room, contact me.  I will welcome splitting the cost of the room.  I currently have reserved for myself but will change it as needed.  Thanks.


Subject:  [2000] Looking for partner(s) - Optional PI Trip
Date:  Fri, 2 Jun 2000
From:  "Ken or Sherry Money" <mauikart@gte.net>

Ken Money 75 looking for anyone who wants to visit Hong Kong or Bangkok for a couple of days after our PI trip. Let me know. I'm up for it!

Subject:  San Diego 2000 room sharing
Date:  Thu, 22 Jun 2000
From:  Deborah Scott <deborahscott@mindspring.com>

I plan to arrive Wed. Oct.25 and leave Sun, the 29th.  Even if I could find a roommate for even part of that time, it would be
helpful.  I prefer a non-smoking female.  I do have a snoring problem which, of course, is totally embarrassing.  However, there may be someone else in the same boat who wouldn't mind having a snorer in the room. Maybe my post could
say "snoring partner wanted"!  I appreciate your help...
Thanks again.
Deborah Scott, '67

For information, questions, or to post your requests here, please contact our WHOA Reunion Coordinator,
Gaye Perkins Parnell '74 <reunions@whoa.org>

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