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The Learning Channel "Reunions"
Episode #17, "Wagner High School"
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The Learning Channel (TLC) featured Wurtsmith Memorial/Wagner HS in its Reunions program.  Episode #17 "Wagner High School" was filmed in California and South Carolina in the summer of 1998, and included great coverage of the Charleston Reunion.  The program was first broadcast on Thursday, 8 October 1998 with plans to air the show 5 or 6 more times during 1998. 

The following photos processed from TLC video
Photo #0933
Another photo of Charleston to start the segment
The Teenclub Jukebox

"Pretty Little Angel Eyes" Curtis Lee

 Notes on the TLC Reunion Video
seems like time has really flown by this year with 3 major reunions and more minis than ever before.  I meant to give you my comments on the TLC Reunions show earlier, but lost track of time.

What a great program (Episode #17, "Wagner High School") it turned out to be.  I only wished they had been able to show more of the reunion activities and people.  None of us knew in advance how TLC would edit the dozens of hours of video they took here in California and at both Dianne's house and the reunion sites in Charleston.   For a half hour episode, I think they did an admirable job.

Becky, you were mahvelous!  You remembered lots of things I forgot and you expressed the sentiments of so many of us in a kind way.  I had no idea you, Dianne and Tom had to put up with all you did while waiting at the airport for me to arrive.  Were you as nervous as I was?  Ha ha. Man, the crowd must have thought a celebrity was visiting Charleston!

Thanks Becky for doing the show.  I know how much it must have taken away from your time with all of your friends at the reunion.  We'll make it up to you in California or San Antonio.  Also loved the dress and the coat you wore to the dance.  Can't believe you had your coat from Dec 1962!

Dianne, you really pulled things together for the program.  And, what you did for organizing the great Charleston Reunion will be a benchmark for all future get togethers.  If we find a way to repeat or improve on any of our future activities, it will be because you showed us how.

Our thanks to you too Dianne for making much of the TLC show a success! Nice interview with Mary and Dennis.

Jim and Ruth Kent, what a great expression of how we feel as "military brats."  You really put into words the "homeless" nature of our growing up years and the meaning of "Welcome Home."

Jerry Long, so glad they got you on the show too.  You mean you never fell in love with one of the Chars?  Wow, you must have been hiking in the jungle somewhere or been sick, ha ha.

To the Ostlins (Melodie, Linda, and Cheryl), thanks for your great comments!  I especially liked the "they still all look the same to us" and the humidity words.  I forgot how bad it was for our shoes and clothes.

To the Kucklicks (Doug, Jeff, and Phil), thanks to you guys too for your great expression of our friendship and getting back together again. Really liked the t-shirt, ha ha.

Candy and Dee Anna Simpson, what a great interview, but the Class of '65 really does rule!  Kandy, that kid in the BX was Rusty Kucharyski, our front man for finding new girls.

To the Faulhabers (Judy and Susan), great arrival and bug story.  One of my fondest memories too.

Judy and Marv Weaver, nice expression of all our feelings after 30+ years.

To all the others, Barbara Long, Jenny Cranfill, Gary McClellan (got your 20 seconds of fame!), Gary McQuaid, Steve Gladin and anyone else I forgot, you all looked great.

I think this video will be invaluable in helping to find our lost friends and gaining much needed publicity for our efforts in the future.

BTW - we have already been contacted by a TV writer in Los Angeles regarding a series.  No kidding!  I think we need some advice from Dizzy Lizzy and Dary.  I'm sure they've been around the block with these things.

Who loves ya baby -

John '65

Photo #1041
And another great Charleston scene.

 oh oh!
a series???  hey!!could i play the part of the goofy redhead who, while snooping around with her friend killer,  falls into one of those big ole army tanks parked down by the horse stables and sprains her ankle and can barely get back out!!!????    could i??? huh?? lol.....(dunno what made me think of THAT!!!) ...jeanne'72

Photo #1047
Dianne Senn Mandel's home in Charleston.

 John I did but kept it to myself due to their young age I thought I would be accused of tempting minors......actually I saw how smitten you were and I was scared sh..less of you and your buddy "Mad Dog" Yuponce so I stayed clear.  But I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL THREE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Charleston was almost my downfall.....


Photo #1050
"Becky, I just talked to John.  He just called..."

 TLC Reunion Video
Hey Web Daddy (John Prunier)

Guess what I just got in the mail?  I've to go.  I put the school, the kids, my hubby, the dog on hold until I finish crying, reminiscing, grieving.  I am even putting WHOA on hold.

You know that I am going to have to go to the Wagner Chat Room tonight.  O-O-O-OOOOOOOOOOO I am so excited.  I just had to stop and let you all know.  Belden you should come over and watch with me.

Okay, I've got the tissue and popcorn.  I will probably be too excited to eat the popcorn. 

Okay, bye for right now!
I love you all.

Photo #1055
"...they are getting ready to board in about 5 minutes..."The Teenclub Jukebox

"Could This Be Magic" the Dubs

Hi, everyone!

John sent me a copy of the TLC reunion video and I must say.....I was truly touched.  I think that all the things that were said in that video ring true for most everyone who experienced living in the Philippines.  Many times we have reminisced about the good times and the special "bond" that we all have, but it never ceases to amaze me that through the decades those
feelings remained strong and consistent. 

The personal videos from other alumni (including my best friend, Annette Hoffman '89) of what Clark looks like now also tugged at my heart.  I could picture what everything used to look like while I was watching the videos - how everything used to be so green and what the building looks liked (even the demolished ones) without the ash......


Patrice Palomares Lewis '89

Photo #1055
A photo of Dianne from the early '60s.


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