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Subject: DoDDS Graduates
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000
From: "Debiec, Deborah" <Deborah_Debiec@eu.odedodea.edu>


The Heidelberg District has created a "DoDEA Wall of Fame" for all DoDDS/DDESS graduates.  This wall celebrates all our graduates' successes.  Would it be possible to "post" this message on your web site?  We invite graduates to send us an 8X10 color photo with their name, their school, year of graduation, and their current job title/position to:  

Superintendent of Schools
DoDDS Heidelberg District
Unit 29237
APO AE  09102

Thank you.
Deborah Debiec

"geo.ed.zacharias" <geoedz@oz.net>

Hello Everyone!  Julie Overby Culpits ('77) and her brother Ken came to my house and had dinner (filipino food) cooked by my wonderful wife Edna.  We had a great time catching up after twenty-two years!  But it seemed like no time at all.  I'm going to try and get down to the San Antonio/Austin TX area in Feb./Mar. 2000 and visit with her---hope I see some people down there---you know who you are!  Hope all my Wagner freinds are doing well.  Contact me at:  geoedz@oz.net  Later, George Zacharias ('76)


Searching for Military Personnel


I am searching for all former personnel that were assigned to the 581st Air Resupply and Communications Wing or Group from 1952 until 1954.  We are planning a Reunion at the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio in September 2000.  The 581st Ait Resupply and Communications Wing as well as the 581st Air Resupply Group was stationed at Clark AB.  The Wing arrived at Clark in 1952 and was reduced in strength in 1953 becoming a Group at that time.  In 1954, the Group moved to Kadina AB.

Please contact me at: cbernhardt@snet.net

Carl H. Bernhardt
Air Resupply and Communications Association

WHOA seeks alumnus with ad specialty expertise.
      We are looking for someone who can give the alumni groups great prices on t-shirts, caps, cups, whatever. If you are that person, please contact Karen Slaughter Bogart '71<Kesb1@aol.com>

Please help WHOA with providing the class of's for these folks?

Send email directly to me - Thanks.

WHOA Administration Team
Duckie '76 Debbie Goldey Wardick<admin@whoa.org>

Name - - - - - - - - - -Database 

Robert W Boatwright - -  web registration
Donna Collie Eccleston - - web registration
Nita Driscoll - - 75-80 reunion group
Eddie P Duff - - web registration
Ronnie Dugan - - web registration
Joy Ehrhardt - - 68-75 group
Barbie Ethridge Smith - - 75-80 reunion group
David Garvin - - 65-72 assoc group
Cari Gibbs - - Overseas Brats
Yolanda Gonzales Kennedy - - web registration
Angela B Haynes - - Overseas Brats
Lisa Hoops - - 81-Mt Pinatubo reunion assoc
Carol Jensen Burke - - 70-74 reunion assoc
Jane Matista - - web restration
Eddie Miller - - web restration
Kevin B Moore - - 65-72 assoc group
Maria Moore Barnwell - - 65-72 assoc group
Dawn Olson - - Overseas Brats
Mary Pattison - - Overseas Brats
Julie Varron - - Web Registration
Barbara C Vaughn - - Overseas Brats
Gerald and Rena Violette - - unknown
Jennifer de leon Buchanan - - 81-Mt Pinatubo reunion assoc

Updated 6/13/00

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