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 Bernard John Charland '48
From Richard Thomas...

It is with deep sorrow that I report to you the death of Bernard Charland, Wagner Class of 1948, on January 13, 2000. Bernie was most proud of his involvement with the Wagner mail lists and immensely enjoyed sharing his early experiences at Wagner...

Thank you for joy that you brought to him.

God Bless,
Richard Thomas

From Tom Wiedemer '72...

This is indeed tragic news. Bernie was a gold mine of info about life in post WWII Clark, a heck of a nice guy, and someone that I was really looking forward to meeting someday. I will miss him.

Tom '72 63-64

From Gaye Perkins Parnell '74...

I just got home a little bit ago - and through all the emails I saw Bernie's name - it was the first post I opened because I haven't heard from Bernie in a while. I definitely feel a sense of loss of a friend. Bernie emailed once and said he was hopeful to attend a reunion one day, and I was so looking forward to meeting him in person. He will be missed. Heavy Sigh.


From Kim Eubanks Jantzen '82...

Why is it that we can move through our lives strong as stone and find we are weak as chalk upon hearing news like this? I never met Bernie but considered him our elder statesman. I often bragged to others about WHOA having active folks from the late 90s back to Bernie. I am stricken this morning with unexpected grief for a man I never met but who affected my life. Tomorrow, I will light a candle for Bernie at church. God speed, our dear friend. I'm sorry we never met. I'm proud you will always be a part of who we are.

kim eubanks jantzen

From Kandy Simpson Pelton '65...

I hadn't heard about Bernie. I am devastated. I too was moved to read his recollections of Clark when I was but one year old. Somehow, to know that the kids were there and living where I would eventually live, made Clark seem like a small "hometown".

Bernie, my friend, you shall be missed by me. I am infinitely sad.

Kandy '65

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