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"Carroll, Kim S." <CarrollK@msg.wpafb.af.mil>

My name was Kim Robinette, but now my last name is Carroll.  I am married with two beautiful children.  I share endless stories with my children of the "GREAT" times I had at Clark AFB.  Our family (including myself , three brothers:  Dale Robinette, Jon Tallman, and J.C. Tallman and two sisters:  Karen Robinette and Tricia Tallman) spent 4 wonderful years in the P.I. from 1974 through 1977.  I am looking for Tracy Griner and Lenora Hicks.  Thanks to the WHOA Website, I have already found a dear friend Diana Candido.  If anyone knows the "whereabouts" of Tracy or Lenora, please e-mail me at "carrollk@msg.wpafb.af.mil".


Connie Penrod Penny '66<conniejpenny@mindspring.com>

Does anyone know the whereabout of Mike Fresques. He had a sister named Debbie and he would have have graduated in 68 or 69.

Connie Penrod Penny
Class of 66'


Rick Swan '65 <rswan@swanassoc.org>

Cool site!  Glad to be reading about you all.  I spent '60 and '61 at Clark.  Most of my time was spent at the base hobby shop or camping with the Boy Scouts and some Explorer time.  Anyone who may have been looking for our Explorer advisor, Bob Rose can find him at <brose@hotmail.com>   I unofficially adopted him after my dad died in the PI.  He loved talking to John Prunier last month and I know would like to hear from anyone who knew him, as would I.  Can anyone help me find these folks, all at Clark in 1961:

Russ Woinowsk '65
Bill Breuer '65
Sam Martin '63?
Bill Philips (sp?) Scoutmaster - think he went to New England
Marjorie Morse - 8th grade teacher - from Portland, OR


"Catherine" <cathy@clcm.net>

Any one know the where abouts of Tom Niblock.....Graduating class of somewhere between 75 and 79. I went to school in Subic Bay and Tom and I were good friends...just looking for him....Most likely 76 or 77

Thank you for any help you may give.....



Kim Eubanks Jantzen '82<jantzen@ctaz.com>

Kim Eubanks (now Jantzen), class of '82. Attended fall '78-spring '80. Looking for the very beautiful, talented and now long-since lost Leslie Taylor ('80), and Lynn Donald '82 as well as an members of the #1 girls' softball team from '79 and '80. Also looking for Mr. Schrupp FOUND(the calmest man I ever met!). Anyone remember me out there?


Kathy Santa Maria <SantaMar@pacbell.net>

I'm looking for my judo sparring partner, Harry "Fuzzy" Wright '71. If any one has heard from Fuzzy let me know.

Kathy Santa Maria '71


Tom Reed <treed@northnet.org>

I am looking for Vicky Lambert '72 or her twin sister Kathy. They left Clark in summer 1971 for Texas.

Tom Reed '72


"Renee Coleman"<LORA.RENEE@worldnet.att.net>

Renee Coleman (85) is looking for the following people:
Michelle Barlow
Donnelle Keaton
Julie Cannon
Natasha Drake


"Tom McCreery" <tmccreery@email.msn.com>

I am looking for Steve Baumann '81, Parky Rakocy '81 and Kathy Bond '83.
Tom McCreery '81


"KYLENE NICKERSON" <brettnky@sprynet.com>

I have been looking for years for a friend of mine that I knew in JR High at Clark in 1978. Her name was Dierdre Mays. She was in 7th grade at the time and would have been class of 83. Her father was an eye doctor and I believe a Col. I know she went to Germany after she left Clark.  I know she had and older sister and brother but do not know if they attended WHS or not or what their names are. If anyone can help me please email me at brettnky@sprynet.com


Carrie Boutwell(Potts)May<Treeto@aol.com>

My name is Carrie Boutwell(Potts)May I am looking for Mary or Shirley Foster 74-76FOUND. Does anyone know or remember me.


Julie Balidio Torell '71 <DRus308775@aol.com>

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Danny Majors (don't know exact year of graduation) but through the years of 1964 through 1971, please contact me. Thanks! Julie Balidio Torell '71 <DRus308775@aol.com>


Julie Balidio Torell '71 <DRus308775@aol.com>

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Danny Majors (don't know exact year of graduation) but through the years of 1964 through 1971, please contact me. Thanks! Julie Balidio Torell '71 <DRus308775@aol.com>


Kathy Santa Maria '71<SantaMar@pacbell.net>

Looking for lost Falcons: Linda Saxton '71 and John Darlington '71 Contact me at SantaMar@pacbell.net


"David Williams"<dbw@ainop.com>

looking for nancy lenenburger. arrived wagner 69. she should be in class of 71, unsure. anyone knowing her whereabouts please contact me. check yearbooks 69-72 for correct spelling of last name. if you know her let her know i am looking for her. david williams.71. i was there 67-69 freshman & sophomore, also looking for david fry same years.


Mike Strawbridge <mestraw@express-news.net>

John; I am hoping to find a former friend at Clark Ab from 57-60...his name is Bobby (robert) Moorman ...his dad was Commanding General of 13th Air Force at that time.....I have a lot of good memories playing catch (baseball) at his house and mine...I you know of any information on his whereabouts...please let me know...thanks...mike strawbridge


Mike Groves '76<jazzguy@swbell.net>

Looking for Ken Lobb '76, Roni Zimba '76, Rick & Tim Head '76.


Brent Bowers '79<BBowers772@aol.com>

Brent Bowers is looking for fellow team members of the 1974 Mets , 1975 Giants, the 1975 Knicks. Just wondering how life turned out for everyone. Jim Bagley, Mike and Chuck Dorn, Mark Pigott, David Caldwell, Jim Ginoza, Rick Huffman, Jeff Clouse, Jack Cagle, Clifford Naslund, Joe B.,Alfred S. were my teammates on the 1975 Giants at Clark. I played basketball with Chris Garrow, Jeff Jones, Travis Wallington, Kevin Rook, Jim Hollier, Lorene Cox,James Gill, Norm Galbadores,and Eddie Bysack. My 1974 teammates included David Strickland, Joe Little, John Gimlin, Chuck Nash, James Robinson, Don Stephens, John Barter, Todd Basset,and Mike Hollifield.
I was also on the 1975 Wagner Cross Country team. Would like to chat with any members of our great team that won the Far East Championships. Thanks Brent
Last but not least I am searching for a girl named Shay class of 79 or 80. Do you recall me ?


"BOB LEVOY" <blevoy@hotmail.com>

I am desperately looking for Larry and Sally Baden both in class of 72. They were like brother and sister to me...anyone know where i can find them please let me know.

bob "zappa" levoy '72


"Brett B. Childress '90" <brettc@gnt.net>

I'm looking for a couple of old friends. Jason Santisteban '90 FOUND, Jason Fountain '89, Ed Cutshaw '89, and Marcellus Perkins. Thanks


Angela (Hedrick) Mann '91<AngieMom2B@aol.com>

My name is Angela (Hedrick) Mann and I was a member of the class of 1991. I am looking for some of my old friends that I have lost touch with over the years : Craig Martin (c/o 1990), Debbie Hopkins (c/o 1991)
If anyone has any info on where they might be or how they are, I'd appreciate knowing! Thanks!
My e-mail addresses are: Mom2Abby@juno.com and AngieMom2b@aol.com


Linda (Turner) Murphy<Linda33645@aol.com>

Hello everyone!! My name is Linda (Turner) Murphy (My name always appears under Apollo Tullo's on all of the lists!! Hello Paul ) I attended wagner from 64-66 During that time I had a close friend named Betty Armstrong. I have often wondered what happened to her and her brother Eddie.I would like to contact her.If anyone remembers them please contact me at Linda33645@aol.com Thanks



Apollo (Paul) Tullo
Looking for a couple of long lost friends...Corky Smith and Pam Gail. I think both of them were class of 69. Also "Club foot" John Mogounel and "Sure Brent" Alford. Did Herb Benz ...are you out there somewhere?


Michele Cameron '86<cameronm@tminet.com>

Would like to hear from anyone who graduated from Wagner in 1986 or attended around that time. I am especially looking for Leslie Woods '86, Holley Cuddeback '86 and Frances Dacpano '86.


Kevin Hanscom <khanscom@earthlink.net>

Looking for Stephanie DeWitt and Mike Boggs both of the class of 70. Last known whereabouts were Arkansas '71' and Arizona '71', respectively. Please let me know if anyone has heard from them recently.

Kevin H. '69'


John Prunier '65<prunier@whoa.org>

Dear Mr. WHOA,
I am searching for many of my former friends from Wurtsmith and Wagner High School. In particular I would like to find: Tom Zamora '65 (left in '63), Frank '65FOUND and Ben Adams '66 FOUND (left in '63), Jill Hessey '66 (left in '64), Andrea (Andy) Burr '66 (left in '63), Richard (Dick) Stokes '65, Rolando (Roy) '63 and Jaime Santa Ana '64, Pat and Geraldine (Jerri) McMahon '66 FOUND, Tanya Pierce '65, Tony Schultz '65, Steve '65 and Sherrie Welsh '66, and just about everyone else from the boomer classes of '64, '65, and '66. I'm also searching for my car keys. Thanks for all your help and my compliments to all the volunteers at your site, especially your webmaster.

John Prunier '65


Libby Cales Wolfgram '77<Libby@Merryland.com>

Wanted: 1977 WHS Yearbook- Do you know how I could get a copy of the 1977 year book? I graduated mid-year and they were not yet published.
Also looking for the following classmates that I have lost contact with: Cheryl hardy (77), Lonnie Elliott (76 or 77) Mark Beaupre (77) Ronnie or Dawyne Potts (77).
Does anyone know what happened to Theresa Smith (77)? She left the PI and moved to TX and I believe she graduated from a High School in Austin. If you know how I can reach her, I would really love to gain contact.


Berrie <uomerecords@dgsys.com>

I am Lawrence B. McGuire, a.k.a. Berrie, Wagner H.S. Class of 69, use to sing with a band in the Philippines called the Hesitations. I also played in the Wagner High School Band, Tenor Sax. I am trying to locate some lost friends but especially, Carolyn Mitchell, and Yo Regina do you still have my Wagner High School ring? Anyone else out there that I use to know who's not in hiding? http://www2.dgsys.com/~uome What's Up Wayne, Wolf, Sandra, Debbie, Mike, Butch, Iris, Mark, Rusty, Bruce Brinkley, David Patrezzi, just to name a few.


Gary Alexander<alexanderhouse@worldnet.att.net>

Looking for info on Chuck Reidy ('81) and Valerie Marie Davis ('81)


Linda Bomberger Cherry '70<artland3@gte.net>

I'm looking for Roger Brosemer, class of 1971. I believe his family was from Illinois and that they returned there when they left Clark. I'd also like to find Brad Alvey, class of 1972. Could someone please check in the 1970 or 71 yearbook for an Agnes Newland or Nieland. I'd like to contact her but am not sure of the last name. She was probably class of 1971 or 72. You can e-mail me at artland3@gte.net. Thanks and it's been fun reading about everyone's experiences even though it's been 28 years (yuck!!) since I left. Linda Bomberger Cherry '70


Lisa Murray<LLMN7@aol.com>

I am looking for Leslie Y. Woods (Class of '86), Matt Weiss (Class of '87), and any drill team members from the 83-84 and 84-85 squads. I would love to hear from anyone! - Lisa Murray


Amy Gross-Gurley<meemers@advi.net>

I am looking for a couple of people that I have lost touch with:
Vivian MajkowskiFOUND
Jennifer Hilbert
TJ Sharp
Sandy KutzFOUND
Thank you. Amy Gross-Gurley


Lynne Okopski <AOkopski@classic.msn.com>

Lynne Okopski '85 is looking for Cathy or Mari Davis '85. If anyone can help in locating them please email me at aokopski@msn.com. Thanks!!


Sherry Cox ('90) and Chris Everett ('90)<Fyrstartr@aol.com>

Sherry Cox ('90) and Chris Everett ('90) are looking for anyone from the old "Carmenville Crew".....Jeremy Burleson FOUND, Gary "Lurch" Ellis, Ronnie Gray FOUND, Galen Humes, Preston Gerretse FOUND, Charles Kelly FOUND....and we would be happy to hear from anyone else who hung out with us in Carmenville during 1988-1989. Any help in locating any of these people would be greatly appreciated! =)


Jim Hunt<huntj@MCI2000.com>

I am looking for either J.C. TallmanFOUND or Gail Haak. If you have any information on them I would appreciate it.
THANKS Jim Hunt Tucson AZ huntj@MCI2000.com


Paul Miller '75<MILLERPK@aol.com>

Hi John, My father was statiioned at Clark from 1965 to 1968, then again from 1969 to 1973. My brother, Ed Miller, and sister, Pam Miller, graduated there, and I attended through my sophomore year. As is the plight of so many military brats, I have lost contact with people and wonder where they are at and what they are doing. I don't know if your site makes provisions for this, but I would be interested. It was awesome when the POWs came through the school. I remember one of them, seems like he was an officer, said the best thing he saw when he got off the plane at Clark was American children. God Bless all of the people including my father, retired SMSgt. Edward D. Miller, that gave so much of themselves for the freedom today taken so much for granted. Dad was crew chief on the C130's and later the C141's that flew in and out of Vietnam. I remember every morning the fighters taking off and later that evening them returning, and shortly after the medivac planes. What a way to grow up. Except for going back to the states for eight months in 1968, I lived there from the age of 8 to 16. Thanks for your site and I look forward to our future correspondence. Best regards, Paul Miller P.S. I am partucularly looking for Marty Gaines. We are both class of '75. (:->)


CLAUDIA REANEY <creaney@weber.edu>

Claudia Brown (Reaney) '82 is looking for Mike Gray '82 and Jeff Lanyon '82. If you have any info.(or want to say "hi") please call me collect at (801) 394-5171 or send an E-mail to: creaney@weber.edu
Thank-you for the help and this great site!!!!!!


Alegria Anies<AANIES89@aol.com>

My name is Alegria deGuzman Anies (aka Grace.) I am from the class of 89." I was wondering if you can please post the following people below that I would like to find.
Michelle Spaeth class of 89, Linda Pettry class of 89, Al Petrosky class of 89, John O'Brien, Joey Petrosky, Michelle KellerFOUND, Shirley Priem. I would appreciate your help very much. Thanks.
Alegria Anies


Bob York<Byork0558@aol.com>

Looking for John Dockery. John left in 68 and was from the class of 69. Last heard from him in Chico, Calif. in 69. Thanks, Bob York


James Knight '82<spkni@datasync.com>

My name is James Knight, class of 1982. I was supposed to graduate in 1983, but we were moving back stateside and I graduated a year early. I am interested in conversing with any former classmates who remember me and are still willing to talk! I attended Wagner Middle School from school year 1978-1979 and stayed at Clark until graduating and leaving in May of 1982. We left about a week before graduation, so there was a special ceremony for about 12 of us who were leaving early at the Enlisted Club.
I do not frequently do anything on the Net, so the address I just posted belongs to my father, who lives nearby. If you would, please put my name and address in whatever sections of the page list people who have been out of touch and are looking to contact friends. While at Clark, I was a member of the Pepsi Skateboard Team, which was comprised of guys from Clark and Manila and am curious if anyone remembers that. If it is possible to list me with both the class of 1982 and 1983, it would be helpful for me and anyone who might remember me from either class. Thanks for everything, James Knight


Gil Settle '73<BreakerBR@aol.com>

Looking for classes of '72 and '73


Jim Quinn '72<jimquinn@worldnet.att.net>

Looking for Fernando Hernandez '68 or '69, with a message from an old friend.


Brenda Lane '88<BMLANECC@aol.com>

Hello there everyone! I am looking for my friends that I have lost contact with. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please let me know.
Looking for: Christina Agustin, Mady or Marius Dial - Class of '88
Karen or Sharon Capitanio - Class of 1987 or 1986
Noki (he and his sister attended Wagner in 1985 or 1986 but left for Guam a year later)
Kim Burkhart (we went to Lily Hill together)
Maria Widner - Class of 1987


Denise McCullough Strong (Nesie) '75<Blaine.Stro@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

I'm looking for Cindy Webb '75. Was a Falconette with her '71-'73. She was in the band also.


Jo (Brown) Evans '85<joevans@datasys.net>

I am looking for Jackie Mullins. She left the PI in '81 headed for Hickam AFB, HI. Her father's name is Donald Mullins, and he was a Capt. at that time. Although I don't remember her mother's name, she was a beautiful German woman. Anybody know what became of these people? I have been searching for years. Please help.


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