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Panama City Mini Reunion
1 August 1998

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The following photos contributed by Donna Smith '61
Photo #1-5

Left, Mary Foster Taylor '78, Sharon Austin Beck '62, Ann Durham, Bull Durham '71 and Shirley Foster Taylor '76

Florida panhandle reunion

All of you packing your bags for Austin, have a great time. Wish I could be there, but I'll think about you and watch for updates. 

For those who can't make Austin or Charleston (and those who do but just love a reunion) here's the latest on a mini to end all mini's in Panama City, Florida: Panhandle All-Years Reunion, Noon, Saturday, Aug. 1 at Hathaway's Landing in Panama City, Florida. 

Located on Highway 98 at the base of the Hathaway Bridge. If you are coming from the west, you'll pass the Thomas Drive intersection and see the naval station on the right. Hathaway's is on the left. There's a marina there so look for boats. Coming from the east, stay in the right hand lane because once you cross the bridge you'll immediately turn in to the right and you can't change lanes on the bridge. 

We'll meet in the outdoor palapa on the water. Bring your memories, printed and mental. You'll see us. Don't worry. Somehow you'll know it's your fellow Falcons! 

Make your plans now. Be there. Aloha! 

For those of you needing a place to stay, travelocity.com shows rooms at the Days Inn Central on Highway 98 for just $39 a night, with advance booking. That means book NOW. Otherwise you'll be paying upwards of $80, and we would hate for you to have to do that. 

Kj82 Kim Eubanks Jantzen '82

PS---Please let me know you're coming so I can warn Hathaway's about how big a group to expect. I'd hate for them not to have enough people to take care of us! 

So far, Gaye, Juanita, and Bull have confirmed as has Barbara Honeywell Chaple, who is not on-line but does answer her telephone! We're hoping Dizzy Lizzy, webbyJohn, sweet Susan will decide to make it a date since they KNOW they want to! Dozens of others have been contacted and many have said they want to be there, so it should be quite a bash! And no one has to cook or clean up! 

If you haven't been contacted personally and find that not in keeping with my fine Southern manners, email me and I'll put you on the list. Otherwise watch this space for more exciting information and guest list updates! 
Kj82 Kim Eubanks Jantzen '82

Photo #2-6

Left, Bull '71, Ann, Susan '73, Gaye '74 and Barbara Honeywell Chaple '63

Panhandle Reunion list

Wow, this is getting exciting too---how much excitement can one person take, especially at 55 yrs old. John, if you do come you can stay at my house. Well, except for the night of Aug 1 when we will stay in Panama City. You can stay at my house that night but Roger and I won't be there. :.) What I am trying to say is you are welcome to stay here if you plan to stay awhile and use our house as a home base. 

Donna Smith '61

This "mini" reunion is not really so "mini"----sounds more like a "maxi" -- but also sounds like great fun----are you folks who are going to be in Charleston the weekend before going to be able to handle all that excitement 2 weeks in a row? And John P., our incredible webmeister, it will be 4 mini-, maxi- reunions for him in a row! He should hold whatever title/record we have for attendance at reunions! Wish you guys a great time at one of the prettiest beaches around. 

Jean Whitman (59) Brown '57-'60

Photo #3-7

Gaye Perkins '74 and Donna Smith '61. Page Seiders Pettis '72 (back)

Panama City Reunion

On Saturday afternoon 18 Wurtsmith/Wagner Alumni, their spouses and children met in a giant Nipa hut in Panama City. Our graduation years spanned from 1961 to 1995. 

Attending were: 1995 Stephen Ferrick Mary Esther, FL 1994 Esta Bridges Fort Walton Beach, FL 1994 Rose Bridges Vertudez Mary Esther, FL 1988 Maria "Marcel" Perez Pensacola, FL 1985 Orville Vertudez Mary Esther, Fl 1985 Vince Childs Panama City, FL 1978 Mary Foster Taylor Mary Esther, FL 1976 Shirley Foster Taylor Mary Esther, FL 1974 Juanita M Wade Wellman Tallassee, AL 1974 Gaye Parnell Niceville, FL 1973 Susan DiBartolo Melbourne, FL 1972 Page Seiders Pettis Pensacola. FL 1971 RK "Bull" Durham Tallahassee, FL 1965 Dusty Austin Mary Esther, FL 1963 Barbara Honeywell Chaple Panama City, FL 1962 Sharon Austin Beck Fort Walton Beach, FL 1962 Carol (Dresser) Mizell Panama City, FL 1961 Donna L Smith Smith Crestview, FL 

A Philippine Typhoon came through but did not dampen our enthusiasm but soaked us. We plan to have another get together sometime after the one to be held in Tampa. 
Donna Smith '61

Make that 19 attended and add the organizer Kim Eubanks Jantzen 1982 Kingman, AZ who did not sign the attendance sheet. Sorry 
Donna Smith '61

Photo #4-13
Left, Gaye '74, Susan'73, Bull '71, Vince Childs '85, Kim Jantezen '82 in back. Gang trying to eat and talk at the same time.

Panama City Reunion

Had a great time seeing many I have already gotten to know this summer, and was able to meet a few new folks. Now the span of Wagner friends spans from the 50's to the 90's! It started off great having Sooz over at my house - what a hoot to try to "share" the keyboard. Jaime, my 9 year old, got to finally met her bestest internet friend in the whole wide world - Sooz. So...Sooz - is your new boyfriend cute? :) The next morning started off with a storm and getting lost. Hmmm....go figure! 

I was soo afraid many would have left by the time we got there, but thank goodness they didn't! Was so great to see Bull again and meet his wonderful wife, Ann. They shared pictures of their "babies." I hear their babies can make some noise. Donna, Roger, Dusty, Sharon, Barbara and the rest of the panhandle crew - we HAVE to get together often! You are all a mess! And we will have to get with Kim when she visit the folks - that gurl is a crazy in true life. Never realized that Roger was as young and fun as Donna. What fun! 

Juanita and Phil are just as nice in person - great people. Phil, my kids are becoming amateur artists with the balloons. They have been practicing - <pop>! 

Vince glad to finally put a face with the name! And Steve and Esta - come to my classroom anytime! Just let me know. 

The 90's gang shared their yearbook with us - 1991 being the last one. It was soooo thin! So few students that attended that year. That was weird for me to see. I still remember Wagner with the halls full of students. It was as if the last yearbook was like the first yearbook. And the last year was as the first one in the 50's. A full circle. The beginning and the end. What an awesome experience to see the "babies." This is strange to me as well, even though Steve and Esta are younger than my oldest child - I don't feel there is that age difference between us as I didn't in Charleston. We are just Wagnerites! 

Photo #5-14

Photo #6-16
Left, Kim, Gaye, Donna, and Susan


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