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Panama City Mini Reunion
1 August 1998 - Page 3

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The following photos contributed by Donna Smith '61
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panama city mini

Now that I'm back and reasonably well recovered from my ordeal with United Airlines (Not, apparently, the Friendly Skies people), I'd like to thank everyone who came to the Panama City mini on Aug. 1. Those who missed it missed a lot. 

We were a little short on lumpia, pancit and adobo (which my dear mother offered to make at the last minute, bless her) but the atmosphere was positively tropical, as those who came early willl attest. I think it was about 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity sitting there on the water. The cantina is in a palapa on the water, so I figured there'd be a nice breeze. WRONG! Just hot, sticky air for the longest time. The kind of atmosphere where you know there's air all around you; there's no taking it for granted. The kind of air that smacks you in the face and says, "Here, breathe this!" Made for a real Philippines feel, what with the humidity, the palapa and the dozens of Pilipino baskets hanging all around. Funny, I don't think anyone even tried to order a San Miguel, though. 

And Juanita's right, I did keep asking people who weren't from WHS to join us. They looked so lost and they were eyeing us with such interest I thought surely they must be looking for us. Nope. Just curious. Heck, as much fun as we were having, you'd think they would've jumped at the chance to meet everyone. 

I had teased my parents for weeks that the rains Florida so desperately needed were coming with me. Sure enough as the day wore on, Typhoon Kim blew through Hathaway's Landing, spraying dozens of folks! When I plan a Philipino party, I go all out! 

A nice touch: Sooz brought Webgroom's picture so he could be there too. She looked so happy it was tough to drink my beer. Kinda like having oreos with your Budweiser. I got past it though! And just so you know, we figured it would be big fun to tie plip plops to their car (instead of regular shoes) after the reception. The way it sounded to me, these people are going to have to have a dozen receptions. (Darn! Think of all the loot!) 

Thanks to the crowd that came. And to Donna and Gaye for letting you all know what was going on while I was incommunicado. It was a pleasure meeting you all. Now, Donna, dear: Where is my picture that Roger took? <g>

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Kim '82, Gaye '74, Donna '61 and Susan '73, eating and talking.

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