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Monterey '99 Mini Reunion
7-10 October 1999, Monterey and San Jose, CA
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John Prunier '65  -  Val Smith '72  -  Arlene Granada '72  -  Gaye Perkins '74  -  More Val Smith
More John Prunier  -  Even More Val Smith  -  Jo Kristol '77  -  Tony Goolsby '73
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A route map of Central California including Monterey and San Jose

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Photo #1

Meeting at the Double Tree Inn in Monterey on Thursday night

Left, Gaye Perkins Parnell '74, Steve Montgomery '87, Val Smith '72, Neil Feist '82, and Bill Parnell '73

Cali Dreamin'

For everyone comin' to Nor-Cali for the slumber party...here's what I've pieced together so far on the schedule...

Thursday - John Prunier and Steve Montgomery are driving up, will stop in Monterey to visit Gaye/sightsee - will push on to San Jose that evening
        -  Jo and Carol Kristol are flying in Thursday night (9pm), i'll pick them up at the airport, the Kristol's, John P., Steve M., and myself will hibernate at my place or go out someplace on the town

Friday  Morning - after  I drop my babies off at school, we'll most likely head up to Monterey to visit with Gaye. She and Bill have plans for the evening with Val Smith, so whoever wants to stay in Monterey with them can do so, while drive back to San Jose to pick up the kids at school, and then pick up Ace, Julie, Kit Kat, and maybe Wendy Sevenandt from the airport late at night (9pm). Tony Goolsby will be driving in from Oakland in the afternoon.

Again, we'll probably party at the house or most likely take to the streets of San Jose, or nearby San Francisco (Fisheman's Wharf - late night dinner?) or whereever

Saturday  Morning - most likely Gaye and Bill are headed towards San Jose.  The Kristol's are departing in the afternoon, so I've got to stay close to home to take them back to the airport. We can find something to do around Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz, San Francisco...all within an hour's drive

Saturday night - what else? dancing? karaoke? whatever the group decides...by this time, Karen Jimerson Hasan and Kevin Anderson (79) should've caught up to us by now (I believe Kev's driving down Friday), Jerry Weed also is supposed to stop by.

Everything is subject to feathered falcon fancy...you guys wanna make changes,
hey, it's all good.

Belden  75

Photo #2

Another photo of the group

Monterey Bay in October
Thought I'd better get this posted.  Bill is involved in a seminar in October, and I'm going to take off and travel with him. Sooooo - we will be in Monterey Bay October 3-10th, and are planning a get together!!  Bill and I will be staying at the Doubletree Hotel Monterey Downtown.
I am so envious.  :)  We went there 3 yrs ago and had such a good time.  Linda had business in San Francisco and we took a 3-4 day side trip to Monterey - it is awesome.  We stayed somewhere across from Cannery Row and did everything.  Don't forget to go to Carmel and spend some time there.  We also went to "The Hogs Breath Saloon in Carmel",  the bar that

Clint Eastwood owns,  for a few brewskies.  Gotta get the T-shirt anyway.  :)  Good place for your mini.

The other thing that is so unbelievably beautiful is the 17 mile drive over at Pebble Beach.  This drive goes all through the golf course area which is right on the water and tours around all the beautiful homes there in the area.  It is very well marked and is a must to do.

If you have time, take Hwy 1 up/down the coast along the cliffs that is also beautiful. 

Have fun with all the left coast folks - you are gonna love Monterey.


Ron Bonner '65 (61-63)
San Antone

There are a lot of folk's in  the Bay area, ya know we could turn this "mini" in  to  a LARGE gathering , so  every one let every one you know,  There are a lot of folk's whom  don't get the news till  it's to late!  Pass  the word , I for one am  longing to  meet so many new and old friend's there, Bring a coat , it may be in  sunny CAL but it does get cool in  the evening , our last mini  in S/F was cold , one never know's what the weather is going to  be like!
Cya there    : )
Kevin Anderson 79
AKA  {Kev79}

Photo #3

Val and Neil join us on Friday morning in the lobby

Is Julie Balido a definate or is she gonna bail at the last minute as usual? Need to know before I decide to crash-))).
        I thought BP Wendy had to play wet nurse to Rutgar? - Dary `73

It's supposed to be quite the lava-lava/BP weekend. Last I heard, Ace and Julie and possibly Kathy Santa Maria are flying in Friday night. Wendy's last post said Michael told her to go, but she was looking to drive up with Ace.I'm not sure she's made flight plans.  Julie was here last weekend, and we had a blast watching football while eating lunch. Her amd my mom were getting pretty excited. Julie's very football-knowledgeable, and attends quite a few 49er games.

Belden 75

Photo #4

In the hotel lobby on Friday

Val Smith '72 and Steve Montgomery '87

California Dreamin'
It's gettin' excited around here. Just left a voicemail for Gaye. There was a mix up and they didn't have a room reserved for this Saturday night.  The've got one now at my place, right next to all the other feathered bodies sleepin' on the floor, the couches, the beds, the bathtubs, etc.

John Prunier called right before I called Gaye. He and Steve Montgomery (87) are coming up Thursday morning. My sis, Ace, Julie Balido, and maybe our long lost Kit Kat, as well as, Wendy Sevenandt  will be flying/driving in Friday night.
The Gools, by bruddah, Tony Goolsby will be flying in from Oregon Thursday night, as well as Jo and Carol Kristol. Kevin Anderson (79) will be driving down from marijuan...I mean Humboldt County Friday morning. Val Smith (72), who also lives here in San Jose is supposed to come spend some time. Jerry Weed (78) mentioned he may come over as well.

Gaye, look at what you started. This is too cool. Wish all you folks could be here.

We'll keep everyone posted on what's going on.

Belden B. Granada 75

:)  Just can't help myself. Wish I had packed little Mz. Lena in my suitcase  too, btw.  I also ate an In and Out Burger just for Donna and Roger.  This weather is amazing - and I am having a wonderful time just people watching and exploring the surroundings.  This is the first time Bill and I have had a  vacation without kids and we are having a great time.  I can't wait to see all my falcon buddies in a few days.  Val and I are going to the Monterey  Aquarium either Wednesday or Thursday, and then we'll meet up with the gang  on Friday.  And to think - another falcon slumber party!  That worked out 
perfectly!!  Get the idea I'm kind of enjoying California just a little bit? 
:)  Gaye75 

Photo #5

Left, Steve, Gaye and Bill

Saturday night~~~
Well, I think this is a blessing in disguise!!! --- Either the hotel OR Bill  made a mistake, but we do not have a room for Saturday night.  The hotel told  us to check throughout the week, and they would see if they had a chance - that probably a room might open up.  I told Bill that we had another choice -  either we could possibly stay at the hotel room Val kept open, or go to  Beldon's house with the gang if they chose to stay there.  He said that's sounds good to him!!!!  KEWL!!!!  So....if it's okay - for us to include  ourselves into the slumber party on Saturday night - just tell us what - or  where you want to be.  If you were planning on staying in Monterey Bay on Saturday night - or if you were going to return home.  Is home in San Jose?  That's where we leave from on Sunday.  Okay - either way - we're there!!!!
See ya sooner than later. :)   Gaye

Photo #6

Neil and son Josh out front

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