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San Antonio '99
23-25 July 1999 - Page 5

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Photo #25

Karen "Roggy" Rogg '80 and John Prunier '65 meet again on Saturday

The Good, Da Bad, and Da Real Ugly in San A
San Antonio in a nut'sshell -- Dary `73
        Cool -- The dude who made the yeoman's effort to Shuttle people from the airport.
        Verycool -- pasting a professional looking sign to the side of his van, giving him the legal "right" to park with the commercial vans.
        Uncool -- Me forgetting the dude's name. (Somebody plug it in here on the second round. (Gary McCullough???)

        Cool -- Huge Wagner crowd in hotel
        Uncool -- Another creaky, ancient, ghost infested, overpriced, inter-city hotel in a boarded up neighborhood. We've been there, done that twice now. How about a new, spacious, forestry, motel complex in the subs next time?

        Cool -- Everybody else's room.
        Uncool -- The cramped, suicide inducing, Motel 6 flop house room Diane had them stuff me into.
        Uncool II -- Everybody howling with delight at my throwing craps in the Hotel Room Russian Roulette game of life.
        Uncool III -- Everybody gleefully telling me in geometric detail how big their rooms were.
        Cool -- Me thinking everybody had the same sized tiny room like in Phoenix  -- until a late night laugh fest Saturday night.

        Cool -- Finally meeting the "Witches of Whoawick" chatroom chicks.
        Uncool -- Quickly realizing how they earned their nick.

        Cool -- Sixth floor swimming pool.
        Veryuncool -- Pool closed at 10 pm. Locked doors that prevented curfew breakers. (Need those open-spaced, no-locks motel pools for late nighters to hang.)

        Cool -- Friday buffet. Good eats.
        UnCool- High priced cash bar with thimble sized drinks.

        Cool -- VJ Slupecki doing a great job MCing the PI artifacts auction.
        Uncool -- the tricky aspect of trying to outbid yer buddies for the goods -- especially if "yer buddies" was a chick you got yer eye on.

        Cool -- Six  nightclubs-in-one complex Gaye wrangled us into going to.
        Uncool -- Different Falcon factions breaking off to instead go other places.
        Uncool -- Literally, the huge patio with the live band. Way to humid for July.
        Cool -- The A/Ced disco and new wave clubs inside!
        Mega cool -- dancing in the cages with the Gaye, Gina, Ace and The Caged Heat Falcon chicks.

        Cool -- Boarding an open-air trolley in mass (thirty strong) for the ride back to the hotel.
        Uncool -- Getting bounced from the trolley in mass before it moved an inch.
        Cool -- Boarding a second, larger, A/Ced trolley.

        Cool -- Wagner Hotel Suite Elitists allowing us to have late night pizza bash in their spacious pad.
        Uncool -- Running us all out to the hospitality suite one floor down when the pizza arrived. (Somebody in Elitist pad wanted to sleep. Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssss us!)
        Veryuncool -- Hospitality suite locked. Pizza riot brewing.
        Cool -- Diane arrives with the key.
        Super Cool -- Da traveling Midnight madness Sex, Drugs and Pizza party!

        Cool -- Up all Friday night with Gaye waiting to surprise KJ and kids as they bolt for Florida at 5 a.m.
        UnCool -- Stinking KJ decides to sneak out at 4 a.m.

        Cool -- The Way the Riverwalk looked.
        Uncool -- The way the Riverwalk felt. Way too hot and steamy.
        Uncool -- The Riverwalk water. Liquid death.

        Cool -- Cheesecake on the Riverwalk.
        Uncool -- Open air restaurant. A table full of clammy Falcon chicks does not help one's appetite.

        Cool -- Swimming pool again. Wendy Sevenants doing a reprise of her "wow!!" bikini act from Phoenix.
        Uncool -- Locked swimming pool doors  later. Key tricks don't work.

        Cool -- Great Food Buffet at Saturday night dinner. Light and fluffy lumpia -- finally!
        Uncool -- Tons of food taken away an hour after serving. Overzealous hotel staff will be feeding their kids for weeks.

        Uncool -- That cash bar with the thimbles returns.
        Cool -- Smart Falcons brown bagging all over. Fool us once....

        Cool -- Meeting Steve Gladin, `58, and determining that he ain't a monster.
        Uncool -- Gladin's formal Saturday night dinner attire -- a T-shirt:-)

        Cool -- Doing anything with Gaye, `74. What a special lady!
        Uncool -- Jealous, sassy haole chick who spent the weekend making biting, catty comments about "Miss Priss, Miss Popular" Gaye.
        Cool -- Some were kinda funny:-)
        Bizarro -- Jealous, sassy haole chick later making pass at Gaye.

        Cool -- DJ with massive music system.
        Cool -- Partying and dancing together!
        Uncool -- people whining about selection of music.
        Extremely uncool -- people leaving for area nightclubs before the Wagner party is over (SpannyMex!!!!!!), eventually causing the party to fizzle. Let's not do this again, gang.

        Cool -- Those who stayed with the Wagner party to the end.
        Uncool -- Those who left.

        Cool -- Sixties and Seventies decor of the after hours nightclub "Polyester" on the Riverwalk.
        Uncool -- Heat, humidity and low rent crowd packing that joint.

        Cool -- After, after hours party back at the Hospitality Suite.
        Uncool -- Those early leaving Wagner party poopers now trying to horn back in, tail tween their SpannyMex legs.
        Cool -- Their apologies and us forgiving the knuckleheads.

        SuperCool -- Mind frying drinks moi made for everybody again from my private stash.
        Uncool -- Running out of mixes.
        Uncool -- Some of The Horror hard luck stories people began telling when the booze hit their noggins. They've lived some rough lives. Need serious hugs.
        Cool -- Falcon chicks getting much, much friendlier:-)
        Uncool -- Absolute dirth of lava lava girls at this reunion. (Ace and Roggy can only go so far -- which was their problem back then as well-)

        Cool -- Mind expanding trip to stairwell with members of the late 60's Filipino Mafia.
        Uncool -- Trying not to let on how expanded one's mind was upon returning.

        Cool -- Ace, Ace baby actually coming to me (instead of running away), cuddling up, and escorting me somewhere. Oh baby! Finally. Your room or mind, babe?
        Uncool -- Ace, Ace baby actually using her lava lava charms to lure me into sitting with and talking to some totally wasted,  loony haole chick.
        Veryuncool -- Haole chick's series of incomprehensible questions.
        Cool -- I had earlier made her drinks:-)

        Cool -- Semi-sexy different haole chick asking me to slow dance in the Hospitality Suite.
        Uncool -- Haole chick groping, pawing and making obvious, unwanted come ons. Hey, that's my job!
        Cool -- Observant others taking great delight in this poetic justice situation.

        UnCool -- Hospitality Suite having to close.  It's 4 a.m? So what's yer point?
        Cool -- Falcons refusing to stop partying.
        Waycool -- moving the party to my room.
        Uncool -- Learning I had the tiniest room in the hotel.
        Cool -- Tiny room full of drunken Falcon chicks at 4:15 a.m.
        Waywayuncool -- Phone rings. It's da infernal Maui Wowee. "What women's voices? I don't hear any women's voices. It's the TV, yeah, that's the ticket. The TV!"
        Superuncool -- Drunken Falcon chicks scatter. Hey, Maui Wowee can't hurt anybody over the phone from 1500 miles away. (She can only spit poison 1200 miles, max!)
        Supercool -- Falcon Chicks too drunk to wander far.
        Coolcool -- Scraping them  off the hallway floors, rounding them up, returning to my matchbox room.
        Cool -- phone off hook:-)
        Uncool -- can feel the voicemail heating up back home:-(

        Uncool -- Hospitality Suite closing II.
        Bizarre -- Falcon chick using bathroom at the time, locked inside darkened, empty suite.
        Cool -- Stranded chick grabs bottle of Absolute Vodka and says "what the hell."

        Cool -- Others hanging in the lobby in the wee hours.
        Uncool -- Psycho haole chick throwing monster tantrum in lobby because she left something in locked hospitality suite (probably her friend, the Absolute chick.)

        Cool -- Word spreads about disconnected phone in my room and unlikelyness of ATT carried Voodoo spit poison. Party increases with every knock of the door.
        Uncool -- Ragging me about how tiny the bathroom is (hey, I don't own the place. Plus I paid the same rate as everybody else!)
        Cool -- Unofficial game of twister in room.
        Uncool -- Sun coming up.
        Cool -- Black out curtains.

        Cool -- Getting a little sleep
        The Horror -- Seeing Duckie standing in my darkened room a few hours later for reasons I still don't understand?
        The Horror II -- Seeing others standing in my darkened room later. What the @#$%$# is everybody doing up so early? And when are you @#$%$%^ going to leave?

        Cool -- Funny sign taped to my mini-room door.
        Uncool -- The need to repeatedly knock and call at ungodly hour (11 a.m.) to made sure I was awake to see the sign.

        Cool -- Shuttle dude returns for trip to airport.
        Waycool -- Six Falcons on flight -- including knockouts Wendy Sevenants, Roggy and Duckie (plus Belden and Rick)!
        Wayuncool -- Steaming Maui Wowee greets group upon arrival at Phoenix airport.
        Cool -- She's wearing a beautiful green lava lava.
        Uncool -- And a deep scowl.
        Uncool timing -- Walking out with one arm around Roggy and the other around Wendy singing "I've got a wonderful bunch of coconuts." Busted!
        Cool -- Blaming Duckie for the phone problem:-) Blaming Jack Daniels for the rest.
        Cool -- multiple escape routes in major airports.

        We came. We partied. We rocked! I survived (barely) -- Dary `73

Photo #26

The official SA '99 reunion badge

The John's Room
Tom W. '72,
     JP'65 is going to show you guys and the rest of those Whining TEXANS how to party. I'm not sure if there's a cover charge at the door (JP's Room) but if you get invited please do go, I hear it's a "Members Only" invitation, Arlene 'The Ace " is the bouncer at the door, so don't give her hard time, she's liable to kick your "Beer-Drinking Butt" as one alumni said recently, I think Ace can do it but I don't know about that other Colonel, the one who couldn't find her keys. At least this 
Major has it all, least to say, keep her away from the "mountain  oysters" it can be addicting. 

TG '73

Photo #27

The admission card for Polly Esther's and the Culture Club.  Great (loud) music and dancing.

Jim Getto '65
Early/mid 60's folk,

Just got off the phone with Mr Jim Getto'65.  He is gonna make it to the reunion and is really excited.  As some of you Colorado reunion folks remember, Jim just got to stop by for a couple hours on our last day there.  He brought his sister Margie for just a short visit. 

John Prunier, Jim was really excited to know that I had found Frank and Ben Adams last year and of course, he wanted to know the whereabouts of 1 ea Billy Nichols.    What would it be like if we had all of you Balibago Bad Boyz at the reunion at once time???  Cool, I can see it.  Dressed in black, extremely pegged pants with zippers on side of legs, cuban heel shoes, white socks.

I told Jim that you were working on Joe Vernon Dexter Yuponce again today to ensure that he would be coming.  Jim really excited about getting to see him again.!  Anyway, Jim will be coming in on Friday.  :)

Ok, Kandy, Carol, Barbara, Dianne '65 we need ya'll to call those Bagwell girls up in Oklahoma and check up on them for this reunion.  You know, do girl talk, talk about the old days, get 'em excited.  :)  I sent Barb Chas photos to entice her a couple months ago.   My last conversation with them was about 6 weeks ago when I called Barbara and gave her the dates for TLC show.  She was really excited and wanted to come and thought they might.  :)

Ron Bonner '65
San ANtone

Photo #28

Steve and Susan Anderson Marston '72

Susan Anderson Marston '72

Picking up ROBERTA WEXLER ...
My Regards to Roberta Wexler.  We taught art together 68-69-70 at WHS.  I  hope all is well and you have a great time at the reunion.

Lindi Martin

Photo #29

A view of the Riverwalk.

Susan Anderson Marston '72
Photo Contest Nominee

Word to the wise for Reunion Virgins

For the folks attending their first, here are some tidbits of wisdom from the veterans:

- -  time during the reunion is precious and short - it starts and then it's over.  Towards the end of the Colorado Reunion in 1997, many folks suggested we just stay and never leave.
- -  usually, personally planned schedules go out the door very quickly. For my first reunion in Colorado Springs, my planned schedule went haywire before I got to the registration desk (right Vicki?).
- -  try to set aside 2-4 hours of sleep each day whether you need it or not.  You will soon realize that sleep is unnecessary during the weekend, but to keep up with Gaye and the other hyper-falcons, you will need some rest.
- -  eat any food put in front of you.  Many folks will try to do without nourishment, but they usually drop like flies by Saturday night.  Margaritas don't count.  Neither does Jack Daniels.
- -  do not, under any circumstances, accept an invitation from either Barbara Long '65 or Gaye Parnell '74 to go jogging, unless you are a marathon runner.
- -  do the macarena with the CO '73 at your own risk.
- -  don't gawk at Dary's coat.  That is really his original prom outfit.
- -  don't gawk at my coat, it is new.

and more to come....

John '65

        U forgot:

        -- If you see any revolting sticky substances on the walls of Roggy's room, call the Men In Black immediately. That means Roggy is doing her "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" slime molting again.

        -- Do not wander into any room that has Jim Cook and Quig with their tops off, and Gaye with her top on. You will see horrible things that will scar you for life.

        -- Walk tentatively down the hotel hallways as a door is libel to slam open and bodies/slime/food/UFLs (unidentified flying liquids) are prone to shoot out at any given moment, day or night.

        -- If you have had any past trouble with the police etc., stay away from the Gaye/Roggy/Sooze room as the cops will surely be making their routine appearances.

        -- No, they are not having a private party in the Beldon/Ace/Gools San Miguel room. All those 37 people mobbing about are actually staying in that room.

        -- Do not enter the bathroom of the Beldon/Ace/Gools room under any circumstances. Leave all undergarments where they are. If you don't recognize what function one of the weirder ones performs, nevermind. Just send it to Kylene.

        There's lots more. LOL. -- Dary `73

Photo #30

The Riverwalk again.

Susan Anderson Marston '72


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