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Clark 2000 Reunion Information
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Clark 2000 Reunion Information
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2 December 199920 August 2000
Clark 2000
Monday, 30 October to Tuesday, 7 November 2000 or Sunday, 12 November
Click to view Mimosa Leisure Resort Following our grand reunion in San Diego, we plan an optional trip to the Philippines and Clark AB. 

General:  A charter flight on Korean Airlines (KE) will leave Los Angeles (LAX) early Monday morning 30 October for the PI.  We will arrive in Manila on Tuesday morning, 31 October and travel on to Clark the following day.   Free time, shopping, sight seeing, tours, parties and other activities will be planned throughout the visit.  These will include an optional overnight trip to Baguio, and visits to La Union, Manila, Corregidor, Subic, Mt. Pinatubo, and more.  One group will depart by charter flight on Tuesday morning, 7 November, and arrive Los Angeles (LAX)  by Tuesday afternoon, 7 November.  Or, you can choose to stay a little longer and return Sunday, 12 November 2000.

Tours: Rajah Tours has put together some very nice tour options for us.  They include discounted lodging, ground travel, meals, and more.  The optional tour packages and costs are listed below.

Lodging:  All lodging is included in our optional tour packages.  These will include one or two nights at the Manila Hotel on the bay, four to six nights at the Clark Holiday Inn, and overnight stays in Baguio (Concorde Hotel), La Union (Agoo Playa), and Subic (Subic International).  See below for information.

Registration:  Registration forms and a list of fees are shown below.  Registration includes participation in several events (Clark Museum Ceremony and luncheon, Manila Mabuhay Party, Clark Homecoming Party), local non-tour transportation, communications (group cell phones), administrative costs, emergency fund, a complete photo CD of our trip, and more.

Miscellaneous: You can cancel your trip at any time up until travel, however you may need to find a replacement beyond 45 days before flight if you are flying with our group discounted fare on Korean Airlines.  Valid passports are required for the PI. Visas will not be necessary for stays less than 21 days.  For information on obtaining a passport: http://travel.state.gov/passport_obtain.html

Tour Packages, Registration, and Fees
Update 20 August 2000

we have figured the costs for our Philippine travel tour packages and registration.  We are also happy to announce that total costs are well under our original estimates!

Note that all tour packages are optional.  Registration fees, however, are required for the group events listed.  You do not have to fly with us to participate in our PI and Clark activities.

Travel Insurance is also available at an additional charge, on request.  Forms will be included in travel packages.

The total tour package cost for Group A - 31 Oct.-7 Nov. - 8 days/7 nights

$700 per person, double occupancy
(add $350 per person, single occupancy)

The Group A package includes:

7 nights lodging - (Manila Hotel [1], Holiday Inn [4], Baguio [1], La Union [1])
11 meals - (breakfast [7], lunch [2], dinner [2])
7 tours - (Corregidor, Manila, Clark, Angeles, Mt. Pinatubo, Baguio, La Union)
all transportation, surcharges, taxes

The total tour package cost for Group B - 31 Oct. to 12 Nov. - 13 days/12 nights

$1150 per person, double occupancy
(add $500.00 per person, single occupancy)

The Group B package includes:

all Group A plus

5 nights added lodging - (Manila Hotel [2], Holiday Inn [2], Subic [1])
6 added meals - (breakfast [5], dinner [1])
2 added tours - (Manila, Subic)
all added transportation, surcharges, taxes

Registration Costs:

Group A - $150 per person
Group B - $225 per person

Registration costs include:

- Commemorative Ceremony, donation, and luncheon - Clark Museum and Holiday Inn
- Mabuhay Party, Manila (no host)
- Homecoming Party, Clark (no host)
- overhead costs of tour guides and drivers (lodging, meals, gratuity, etc.)
- group rooms, meeting, and convention space (party and hospitality rooms)
- local non-tour transportation, tolls, and fees (van, driver, gas, etc.)
- communication (leased cell phones, fees, two way radios, net access, etc.)
- administrative costs (travel packages, packaging, and postage)
- emergency fund (medical, financial, transportation, etc.)
- complete photo CD of trip

The total cost for each traveler (double occupancy):

Group A:
Airline:  $709.71
Group A Tour Package:  $700.00
A Registration:  $150

Total A:  $1559.71 plus personal expenses

Group B:
Airline:  $709.71
Group B Tour Package:  $1150.00
B Registration:  $225

Total B:  $2084.71 plus personal expenses

To use this announcement for airline, tour payment and registration fees, simply print this message, circle your choices, and send payment to:

Senior Teenclub
c/o John Prunier
P.O. Box 824
Winchester, CA 92596

You can also pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) using PayPal.com's free service:  http://www.paypal.com/  Send payment to:  Senior Teenclub <prunier@whoa.org>

Deadline for all airline, tours, and registration:  Friday, 1 September 2000
(Please contact me directly in advance if this is a problem)

Travel, Tour, and Registration Form
Include the following information for each traveler:

Name (same as passport):


Phone (optional):

Email (optional):

Travel Dates (if different from Group A or Group B - i.e. extended stay, Seoul layover, Hong Kong side trip, etc.):

Special needs, comments or questions:

Group Choice: A or B or None (None = lodging, meals, tours, transportation, personal expenses responsibility of traveler)


Airline Ticket ($709.71 per person): ___________ if not previously paid

Group Package: 

Group A ($700 double occupancy/per person): ____________
       ($1050 single occupancy/per person): ____________
Registration A ($150 per person): ____________


Group B ($1150 double occupancy/per person): ____________
        ($1650 single occupancy/per person): ____________
Registration B ($225 per person): ____________

For more information or payment verification, contact me directly:  prunier@whoa.org or 909-374-6224 or 909-926-5694 or snail mail the contact address above.

Thanks for your needed support from all the volunteers at WHOA!

John Prunier '65
San Diego and Clark 2000 Reunions
Senior Teenclub

Past Announcements and Information 
(note: some information below may be outdated or updated.  See above for the latest details)
Schedules and Itinerary
Our schedule of events in the Philippines will include many optional and group tours and social activies.  We are currently working with many organizations, tour providers, and travel organizations.  Look for an announcement soon of our preliminary schedule. 

Rajah Tours Philippines will be arranging several nice optional tour packages for our trip.  A  description of available tours are posted at:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/rajahtours/


We plan to put together a very nice lodging package for our group.  At this time we are planning one or two days at the Five Star Manila Hotel on the seafront in Manila.  During our stay at Clark, we will be staying at the highly recommended Holiday Inn.  Other lodging will be arranged for our overnight stays in Baguio and possibly Subic.  Announcements soon!

Travel Updates - Clark/PI 2000
Thu, 02 Dec 1999

we have been working travel arrangements for our trip to the PI and we now have more information on our flights.

Korean Airlines with Delta Airlines is offering us a round-trip airfare of $709 from LAX to Manila and return.  This is a special discounted fare that will allow us to travel with almost the same flexibility as normal fare passengers.  Currently available standard fares range from $1000-1300!

You can depart and return on the dates you choose.  You can even fly out of any other major city that they serve (San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, New York/New Jersey, etc.), including connections with Delta.  The rates might be higher for these departure cities, but the discounts would still apply.

Korean Airlines will give you Delta Frequent Flyer miles for the entire trip (over 15,000), and offer class upgrades on all their flights.  We are not sure whether Delta miles can be used in conjunction with this fare, but will know soon.

Many folks have requested flexibility in their flight arrangements and we believe that this agreement would provide that.

For the majority of us leaving from San Diego, we will be bused to LAX on Sunday afternoon/evening, 29 October 2000, for departure at approximately 11:00 PM.  We will fly to Seoul (14 hr 35 min, 747).  After a 2 hour layover, we will fly directly to Manila (4 hr).

In order to take advantage of this discount, a non-refundable deposit of $100 each will be required when we sign our agreement (January 2000).  The balance of the fare would be due 90-100 days prior to your flight (July 2000).

All of the above is based on a minimum number of travelers and may change depending on actual participation and the date that we sign an agreement.

We plan a meeting with the airlines next week and would be happy to pass along any questions, concerns, or comments you may have.  Send these to me directly.

John Prunier '65
Senior Teenclub
San Diego and Clark 2000

Deposit Deadline Extended - 29 February 2000!
8 Feb 2000

Tuesday, 8 February 2000 - as the original deadline for Clark 2000 deposits came and passed on 31 January 2000, we have been overwhelmed with requests for an extension due to late notification and other reasons.

We had also planned on a WHOA mass snail mailing to announce details of our trip for those not online, however, that was delayed due to our recent website crash and other problems.

Although we have over 150 registered for the trip, as of 31 January we still had less than 100 deposits received.  I am still receiving last minute deposits, phone calls and emails.

For the above reasons, we have extended the deadline for deposits to 29 February 2000.  Deposits will be applied to the airfare when we sign our contract with Korean Airlines.  The balance of your airfare will be due by Monday, 3 July 2000. 

Our agreement with Korean Airlines and Delta includes the following (announced earlier and posted at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/): 

      Round-trip airfare:  $709.71 (tax included) 
      Depart:  Los Angeles (LAX), 1100 PM, Sunday, 29 October 2000 
      Return:  Los Angeles, (time TBD), Tuesday, 7 November 2000 

Note:  Transportation to Los Angeles from San Diego or any other city is not included in the above fare.  Transportation (probably by bus) will be provided separately for San Diego 2000 attendees, and costs included in registration for Clark 2000, to be announced soon. 


- different departure and return dates can be arranged with our travel agent after we sign an agreement with the airlines.  The discount price will still apply. 

- alternate departure and return cities can also be arranged as above.  Other cities may be higher priced. 

- Korean Airlines will accept Delta frequent flyer points for all or part of the fare, including upgrades, where available.  Arrangements must be made after we sign our contract, so that the deposit must still be paid. 

So, for those of you who asked and for those of you who weren't sure yet, here is an opportunity to still get our great discounted group rates!

Send your deposit of $100 per person to:

Clark/PI 2000 Reunion
c/o John Prunier
PO Box 824
Winchester, CA 92596-0824

Make checks or money orders payable to:  John Prunier

Please include the full name of each traveler, any potential special requirements (alternate travel dates, upgrades, etc.), and contact information (address, phone, email, etc.).

After we sign our contract with Korean Air, we will send you a confirmation letter, an agreement form, and a travel package (CD, maps, tours, etc.).  You may cancel at any time prior to our signing a contract for a full refund.  If you cancel after 1 March 2000, you can still receive a full refund if we find someone to take your place (very likely).

Our travel agent, Lynn Stanek, Martiz Travel - 1-888-467-0908 ext.2760 or stanekll@martiz.com will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our trip.  She can also arrange for alternate airlines, domestic travel (i.e. San Diego) or related needs.

Thanks for your support!

John Prunier '65
Clark/PI 2000 Reunion Committee
Senior Teenclub

PI/Clark 2000 Reunion - Travel News
Update - 12 Mar 2000

we have some good news regarding our planned trip to the PI.

Although we have over 130 folks interested in the PI/Clark trip, we had fewer than our minimum of 100 who had been able to provide their deposits by the end of February. 

After two recent meetings with Korean Airlines, they have again extended the sign up period until the end of March 2000.  In fact, they have offered to provide even more benefits if we can increase our group size to 150 or more!  These benefits could include additional discounts on our fare (currently $709.71, tax included) and more flexibility in scheduling, itinerary, refunds, etc.  They have also agreed to allow refunds up to 60 days prior to our trip!

Note that we would like to have the sign up period run even longer than 31 March 2000, and have requested such.  We believe that many more folks will sign up after we send out our WHOA Reunion Newsletter (snail mail).

For this reason, we will reserve at least the minimum number of seats for the trip and continue to offer them at the current discount until they are all taken.  If demand is high, we will try to block even more seats.

For those that have signed-up, you should have already received confirmation of your deposits.  You will also receive a package of material related to the trip, including maps, travel CD, etc.  For those that have also registered for San Diego 2000, you will receive a separate confirmation letter.

If you would like to join us, here is another chance.  Please use the information on this page and send your deposit as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your support!

John Prunier '65
San Diego 2000 and Clark/PI 2000
Senior Teenclub

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