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San Diego 2000 Reunion Information
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1 May - 18 March - 24 February - 1 May - 9 August - 10 August - 14 August - 13 October

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The official reunion t-shirt - heavy cotton

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The front design of the t-shirt

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Lettering on the back of the t-shirt

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The official reunion hat matches the t-shirts

Subject:  San Diego 2000 - Updates 10/13/00
Date:  Fri, 13 Oct 2000

Falcons and Bombers,

we have added over 40 more names to our San Diego 2000 planned attendees list:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/names.html bringing our total to date to over 510 folks from every class (1958-1994), faculty, family and friends.  We expect well over 600!


1964 - 25!
1963/77 - 18
1965 - 17
1971/88 - 16
1972/76 - 15
1969/74/75 - 14
1979/faculty - 13
1967/70 - 12
1980 - 11
1959/66/68/78 - 10
1981/82/86/87 - 9
1958/84 - 7
1961/73 - 6
1960/62 - 5



The Bahia Resorts is sold out however check with them (1-800-576-4229) for cancellations before calling the Dana Inn (1-800-445-3339) for rooms.  If you have a room at the Bahia and wish to cancel, please contact me first, as we have a number of folks interested in your room.  Alternate lodging is available within minutes of the Bahia in both the Mission Beach/Bay area and Hotel Circle:  "The hotels on hotel circle run approx $79.00 and less. There is a Howard Johnsons 619-293-7792 and a econo lodge 619-692-1208 for approx $69.00.  Also a Kings Inn Hotel 619-297-2231 for $79.00 plus tax."  Hotel Circle is just a few miles/minutes from the Bahia.

Event Summary:

Wednesday - early arrivals, registration, free time, hospitality suite set up

Thursday - registration, free time, tours, hospitality suite displays, evening anniversary party hosted by 60/65/70/75/80/85/90 classes.  No host bar, live entertainment, and dancing.  Patio seating.  Casual.

Friday - registration, free time, hospitality suite displays, short stern wheel tours (free for guests), tours, evening Mabuhay Party (ballroom - casual), talent shows, buffet, presentations, auctions, live entertainment and dancing.

Saturday - free time, displays, barbecue (light), outside activities, tours, golf (tbd), Homecoming Dinner, awards, Sha Na Na Concert, music and dance.

Sunday - farewell buffet (optional), closing

Name Tags/Badges:

Jo Kristol '77 and friend John are putting together some very nice badges.  If you are not on the list of attendees or you are bringing family/friends, please make sure she has their names - AlwyzUrs@aol.com


The Bahia has a nice restaurant and an after hours cafe for casual dining.  Many restaurants are in the local area.  We also plan to have finger foods in the hospitality suites.

We are finalizing our menus for the Friday night buffet, Saturday barbecue, and Saturday dinner.  Friday night we plan to have a mix of oriental/pilipino foods.  The Saturday barbecue should be standard burgers and hot dogs.  Saturday dinner is still in the works due to a difficult choice of great menus.

Thanks for your support and look for more announcements soon!  Contact me directly for questions, comments or help:  prunier@whoa.org

John Prunier '65
Gary McClellan '75
Debbie Goldey Wardick '76
Senior Teenclub

Subject:  Lodging at San Diego 2000
Date:  Mon, 14 Aug 2000

Falcons and Bombers,

as predicted, the Bahia is sold out for our upcoming reunion.

Unless they have cancellations from our group, rooms will have to be gotten elsewhere.  I would still recommend checking with them first before making alternate reservations.

As announced earlier, we also have a contract with the nearby Dana Inn for the same basic rates:  $126 plus tax.  For reservations, please call 1-800-445-3339 (1-800-DANAINN) or 619-222-6440.  Mention Wagner or WHOA to receive our group discount.

The hotel is very nice and the rooms are comparable to the Bahia Resorts.  You can choose (subject to availability) either bayside or poolside rooms at the same rate.

The hotel is located at 1710 West Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, CA 92109-7899.  It is advertised as the closest hotel to Sea World.

Visit their website for more information:  http://www.danainn.com/

For those of you who need roommates or would like better rates for lodging, please contact me directly for more help or information.  Many discounted hotels are located within minutes of the Bahia.

Check our Reunion Help web page too, for others needing to share rooms:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/help/

Thanks for your needed support!

John Prunier '65
San Diego and Clark/PI 2000 Reunions: 
Senior Teenclub

Updates 10 August 2000

Falcons and Bombers,

Some brief updates and comments on our upcoming grand reunion in San Diego:


-  the Bahia Resort is nearly full!  If there is any space left, I'm sure they will be gone within days.  You can try and see if there are any cancellations.

-  we have signed an additional contract with the Dana Inn (http://www.danainn.com/) for overflow lodging.  The Dana Inn is located close to the Bahia and has similar facilities and rooms.  Our group rates will be about the same as the Bahia, $126 plus tax.  For reservations, call 1-800-445-3339 (1-800-DANAINN)

-  we have found several hotels in the area with lower rates.  Watch for an announcement soon.

-  anyone who would like to offer to share lodging/rooms/homes should contact me so that an announcement can be made on our Reunion Help Page:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/help/


-  all our hotels offer airport, train, and bus depot pickup.

-  we plan to lease one or more vans for additional transportation and have had several offers from local alumni for help.

-  please email me directly if you need pickup from outside San Diego.

-  we need several volunteers to share driving duties.  Contact me.

-  if you are aware of any good airfare deals or offers, please let me know.

-  if you would like to donate frequent flyer points, discount passes, etc. to needy alumni, please let me know asap.  We have several alumni who have asked for assistance.


-  we have signed our contract with Sha Na Na for our Saturday night private concert.  We need a few volunteers to help with transportation and escort duties (airport pickup, coordination, meal escort, logistics, etc.)

-  we are working on arrangements for sound and lights to support Sha Na Na and other scheduled bands for the reunion

-  send any requests for specific music to me and I will pass them along to our DJs.

-  we plan alumni talent shows for Thursday and Friday.  Arlene Granada is heading up our folk dancing show and we are working on a great recreation of the late '50s Pantomime Teens with Carmen Armstrong.  Much more to be announced.

-  if you would like to participate in the talent/amateur shows, please contact me.  All types of talent are welcome!


-  era softball games are planned for Friday and Saturday along with a hosted barbecue.

-  if you are interested in joining any of the teams, please contact me.  We have offers from several folks to organize each era.  Bring your glove, bat, and other equipment you may need (Jen, one of the '80s leaders says that all other eras are "dead meat")

-  a combined anniversary party for the classes of '50, '55, '60, '65, '70, '75, '80, '85, and '90 is planned for Thursday night at the Bahia.   Everyone is invited to celebrate!

-  class and era displays are planned in our hospitality rooms throughout the reunion.  If you would like to help organize displays for your class, please contact me directly.

-  an auction of memorabilia and other related items is planned for Friday night.  Proceeds will be used to help pay reunion overhead expenses and direct support for WHOA operations.  Portions will be set aside to help our sponsored charities too.  If you have any items you would like to donate to the auction, please contact me directly.

-  any suggestions for additional activities are welcome.  Contact me.


-  we need volunteers to help with name tags
-  several individuals will be designated as class contacts for the reunion.  They will serve to welcome and help attendees with any questions, needs, problems, etc.  More volunteers are needed.
-  up front costs are exceeding registration income.  If possible, please pay for your registration in advance.  It will help reduce the overall costs to everyone and ensure our planning is adequate for meals, entertainment, and facilities.
-  credit cards are now accepted via PayPal (http://www.paypal.com/) for registration payment - simply email your payment to me San Diego 2000 <prunier@whoa.org>.
-  we now have over 450 planned attendees.  We expect final numbers to be much greater!

Thanks for all your support from the volunteers at WHOA!  Seventy six days and counting!

John Prunier '65
San Diego and PI/Clark 2000 Reunions
Senior Teenclub

Updates - 9 Aug 2000


we have updated the planned attendees list for the upcoming San Diego 2000 Reunion and the optional Clark/PI trip: 

We now have over 440 attendees for San Diego and 168 planned travelers for the PI!  11 faculty members have registered and every class from 1958 to 1992 is represented!

Class participation includes:

1965 - 22
1964 - 19
1963 - 16
1971/77/88 - 13 each class
1972/75/faculty - 12 each class
1967/74/76 - 11 each class
1969/70/78 - 10 each class
1959/66/79/80/87 - 9 each class
1968 - 8
1986 - 7
1973/82 - 6 each
1958/61 - 5 each

If you haven't already done so, register by sending me an email:  <prunier@whoa.org> or call:  909-926-5694 or 909-374-6224

Still not sure you can attend or just need help?  Send me a note - we'll find a way to get you to the party!

Join us for the greatest gathering of alumni and faculty ever!  The latest information can always be found on our reunion pages:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/

Thanks for your needed support from all the volunteers at WHOA!

John Prunier '65
Webmaster:  http://www.whoa.org

San Diego 2000 - Updates 1 May 2000

Bombers and Falcons,

with less than six months to go before our grand San Diego 2000 reunion and optional Clark/PI trip, preparation and planning are going very smoothly.  The following are updates as of 1 May 2000:

Attendees:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/names.html  We have over 350 planned attendees for San Diego 2000, and nearly 150 folks are planning the optional PI trip.  We expect both numbers to grow very quickly after our WHOA Newsletter goes out to the majority of our alumni who are not on the internet or subscribed to our announcement lists.  We expect anywhere from 500 to 1000 alumni in San Diego!

San Diego 2000:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/00sandiego.html  Registration is underway and we encourage everyone to do so as early as possible.  We have a great lineup of facilities, events and entertainment planned, and most require up front fees and deposits to ensure availability.

    Lodging reservations at the Bahia Resort:   http://www.bahiahotel.com/  (800-576-4229) is progressing.  We have
great discounted rates for WHOA and we expect our block of rooms to sell out early.  The Dana Inn, next door to the Bahia, has offered to give us an additional block of rooms at the same rate.  More information will be published soon.
    Travel to San Diego is fairly easy.  Most major air carriers service the city's international airport, as well as bus and train service.   Several interstate highways pass through from the north and east.  Many other major airports are within a couple of hours of San Diego such as Los Angeles International (LAX), Ontario International, Orange County's John Wayne Airport, and others.  Many excellent fares are available via LAX (recommended for PI travelers).  Our WHOA Travel Agent - Lynn Stanek, Maritz Travel <StanekLL@maritz.com> (1-888-467-0908 ext.2760) will be happy to help anyone with their travel needs.  Many other discounted travel services are available on the net such as priceline.com.  We will also announce any regional or national special fares brought to our attention.
    Our entertainment lineup is outstanding!  Sha Na Na will be our featured show after dinner on Saturday night (Homecoming Dance).   Surprise Package will be one of our featured alumni bands and they will perform on Friday at the Mabuhay Party.  We are trying to schedule two other alumni bands for Thursday and Friday.  We have two DJs, Allen
Dumke (spouse of Pat Wiggins Dumke '69) and Dave Redman (AFRTS/FEN) who will provide music for all nights.  Allen did a great job at San Antonio '99!
    We also plan several interesting activities during the reunion.   Class era parties are being scheduled for Thursday and Friday.  A "balut Club" initiation, a WHOA auction, alumni talent show, and other fun will be held during our Mabuhay Party.  One or more sports events (softball games, volleyball, basketball, etc.) will be held on Friday and Saturday as well as a  barbecue.  We plan to have an awards presentation and a very nice Memorial Service after dinner on Saturday night.  Some major surprises are also planned.  Watch for hints and announcements soon.
    For those of you continuing on to the Philippines with our group, we will assemble Sunday afternoon at the Bahia for bus transportation to LAX.  I am working on arrangements to allow late checkout from the Bahia so that we can recover from the parties and begin our trip relatively rested and relaxed.
    We are actively seeking ideas and volunteers to help with our planning including entertainment, class/era hosts and hostesses, memorial projects, PI travel and itinerary planning, registration, and more.  Contact me or any of the WHOA or Teenclub representatives if you need more information.
    For those of you who may not be aware, we are actively planning a Memorial to our school which we hope to have ready for our PI trip.  A Memorial Committee is seeking ideas and funding support, and everyone is invited to participate.  A Memorial contest is underway to select the best design ideas and wording for a plaque.  You can participate by joining our Memorial mailing list <memorial@whoa.org> and/or provide your ideas and donations directly to Dan Theobald '66
    Finally, I will be updating the San Diego and Clark 2000 web pages soon:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/.  Updates for the optional PI/Clark 2000 trip will be published in a separate message.  Look for additional details and announcements.

Thanks for supporting WHOA, the Senior Teenclub, your alumni associations, and the many volunteers who help make this possible!

John Prunier '65
San Diego and Clark 2000 Reunion Committee
Senior Teenclub

Updates - 18 March 2000
just a few notes about San Diego 2000:

Lodging - I checked with the Bahia yesterday and reservations are steady.  Nearly half of our rooms have been reserved.  We still expect our initial block to be sold out by early spring.  When the Bahia is full, we will have at least 3 nearby hotels to handle the overflow, however, I can't guarantee room rates outside of the Bahia.  I highly recommend you make early reservations.  If they aren't sold out soon, they will be when our next Reunion Newsletter goes out.  http://www.bahiahotel.com/  1-800-576-4229  Mention Wagner to receive the discounted room rates.

Registration - we have over 305 folks signed-up.  They represent every class from Wurtsmith and Wagner from 1958 to 1992, including postgrads, faculty, family, and friends.  Current class participation:  '65 (19),  '64 and '88 (13),  '63 (12), '59 and '75 (10), '76 and '77 (9).   Registration will continue until the reunion in October, however, we ask you to register as early as possible.  Early registration will ensure adequate dining facilities, meeting space, entertainment, and activity
discounts, and help reduce the overall cost of the reunion.

Early Registration - those who registered prior to March are eligible for the free roundtrip ticket to the PI or weekend lodging in San Diego.  They will also receive a free reunion CD with all photos and video clips from the reunion.  Drawing will be held at the Orlando 2000 Mini and the winner will be announced soon afterwards.

Our second round of early registration is underway.  Those who register before May 2000 will be entered into a drawing for a free nights lodging in San Diego.  Each registrant will also receive a free copy of the reunion CD.  Please register as soon as possible.  Information can be found at:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/00sandiego.html

Entertainment - Allen Dumke (spouse of Pat Wiggins Dumke '69) has agreed to help with DJ duties.  He did a great job at San Antonio '99 and is excited about supporting San Diego.  Anyone who would like to suggest music for their particular class years can send lists to me and I will forward to Allen.  He will join Dave Redman (AFRTS) who will also help as DJ.  Our entertainment lineup is outstanding with Sha Na Na, Surprise Package, and an alumni band headed by Harold Forster '78.  We will soon announce a contest to determine our reunion theme song(s).

Travel - as you all know, airfares are going up with the recent increase in fuel costs.  Our travel agent, Lynn Stanek, Martiz Travel - 1-888-467-0908 ext.2760 or stanekll@martiz.com will be happy to help you with travel arrangements.  We will also be publishing news on discounts whenever/wherever we find them.

Reunion Help - we have a new Reunion Bulletin Board to help you with discounts, shared lodging and travel, and anything else that might help reduce the cost of attending:  http://www.whoa.org/reunions/help/  If you would like to request or offer help for any reunion, please post them on this new service.

WHOA Auction - we plan an auction on Friday night, 27 October, to help support WHOA and defray/reduce reunion costs.  If you would like to contribute items please contact me, Gary, or any WHOA volunteer.

Finally, we will be contacting folks who offered to volunteer their help for the event.  We will need on-site registration support, hospitality room and class display support, escorts/representatives for each class year, entertainment support, transportation (pickup and dropoff) help, event coordinators, and much more.

Thanks for your support and see you in San Diego!

John Prunier '65
San Diego and Clark 2000: http://www.whoa.org/reunions/00sdcab/
Senior Teenclub

Registration - San Diego 2000
21 January 2000 - Updated 24 February 2000
Falcons and Bombers,

registration for San Diego 2000 is now underway.  The cost per person will be $125.   Below you will find the registration form that should be included with your payment.  Our optional Clark 2000 Reunion will have separate registration fees.  Please see our Clark 2000 Information Page.

Also included on the form is information for ordering reunion specific optional items such as memory books, photos, bumper stickers, hats, and videos.  These items can only be purchased in advance.

The form also provides an opportunity for those of you who may wish to help reduce the costs of the reunion for others by contributing to WHOA or your alumni association (association events, newsletter announcements, entertainment, awards, memoriam fund, etc.).  Contributions will also be used to help sponsor a limited number of individuals who might not otherwise attend.

We ask that you please register as early as possible to help keep the total reunion costs down.  Many of the facilities, meals, and entertainment need to be planned and paid in advance to ensure their availability. 

For those that register before 29 February, we will enter your name in a drawing for a free round-trip ticket to the PI for Clark 2000 or free lodging in San Diego!!  The drawing will be held at the first scheduled mini reunion following the deadline.

Early registrants will also receive a free CD of all the official reunion photos and video clips!  A $15 value.

Registration will include a casual Mabuhay Party on Friday night, a barbecue (Friday or Saturday), dinner on Saturday night, and entertainment/music for 3 nights.  It will also include a sternwheeler cruise on Mission Bay (subject to availability).

The latest list of attendees can be found on our San Diego and Clark 2000 registration/attendees list.  The list will be updated at least weekly until the reunion, so check it often.

Our lodging arrangements for San Diego have been set for the Bahia Resort Hotel.  We will maintain a list of anyone interested in sharing lodging.

Reunion Schedule
Wednesday, 25 Oct to Sunday, 29 Oct 2000:

Airport pickup and dropoff will be available during the reunion. 

Wednesday (25 Oct) we will officially start the reunion activities for early arrivals.  Airport, bus, and train  pickup will be available all day.  Our Hospitality Suite displays will open for gatherings and registration will begin.  Several Class parties are planned for the evening.  Music and dancing can be provided.

Thursday (26 Oct) morning we will have class and era memorabilia displays, and hospitality suite socials.  Discounted tours will be available for the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park, Sea World, downtown, and other area attractions.  Golf and water sports will be available.  Thursday evening we will also have room for class and era parties, dancing, and music.

Friday (27 Oct) we will continue our hospitality displays and socializing.  Discounted tours, golf, and water sports will again be available.  We plan to organize several sporting events for the morning and early afternoon including softball, dirty bird, and balut club initiations.

A barbecue will be held during our sporting events either Friday or Saturday afternoon.  It will feature beer San Miguel, sodas, burgers, hot dogs, VJ's famous pork sticks (of course), and more.

The Mabuhay Party on Friday night will be our traditional buffet style get-together with a mix of filipino, seafood, and southwestern foods.  During the party we plan to have a great Wagner talent show featuring three Wagner bands, several individual acts, Filipino folk dancing, and a DJ or band for dancing afterwards.

Saturday (28 Oct) will continue our memorabilia displays and hospitality socials.  Discounted tours, golf, and water sports will again be available.

Our reunion dinner on Saturday night will include a nice choice of southwestern or sea food dinners.  This will be followed by several ceremonies including a memoriam, awards, and some surprises.   A great after dinner concert by Sha Na Na is planned with music and dancing until closing.

Sunday (29 Oct) morning we plan to have a farewell brunch.  For those who will be continuing on to the Philippines for Clark 2000, we will assemble at the hotel for afternoon transportation to LAX.

The above events and schedules are subject to change based on availability, attendance and other factors beyond our control.

San Diego 2000 Lodging Information
Click to view Bahia Resorts InformationLodging:  we have signed an agreement with the beautiful Bahia Resort Hotel on Mission Bay to host our San Diego 2000 Reunion (26-29 October 2000).   The hotel is located close to SeaWorld and only minutes from the airport, the Zoo, Balboa Park, Downtown, and all of the other major attractions.  It is also within a short walking distance to the Pacific, and many shops and restaurants.

The Bahia has everything we need for the reunion including convention and multimedia support, catering facilities, a large restaurant, and a nice lounge/bar.  In addition, the hotel has two sternwheelers for scheduled and chartered cruises on the bay, and support for numerous water sports such as deep sea fishing, boat and jet ski rentals, etc.

We have initially blocked a large portion of their 325 rooms for our group.  The rooms range from luxury suites to beach side bungalows and standard rooms.  Our discounted rate is $129 (single) and $139 (double) per night.  Overflow can be handled by their nearby sister hotel, the Catamaran.

Reservations can be made via their toll free numbers:  1-800-576-4429 or 1-800-288-0770 (Canada 1-800-233-8172).  These numbers handle both the Bahia and the Catamaran.  Mention Wagner High or WHOA to receive the discounted rates.

I recommend making your reservations as soon as possible since we expect to sell out the hotel by early spring or sooner.

Please see their website: http://www.bahiahotel.com/ for further information or you can contact me directly if you have any problems, questions, or comments:  webmaster@whoa.org

San Diego 2000 Registration Payment Form 
(please complete and include with your payment):

Name(s) and Class Year(s) (will be used for name tags):

Address (optional):

Phone Number (optional):

email address (optional):

I/We also plan to attend the optional Clark 2000 Reunion:

Planned Arrival:

Planned Departure:

Special Needs or Comments:

Fees Enclosed:

Registration:  $125 per person  =  __________

Optional  (advance orders only, for delivery at the reunion):

Reunion T-shirt:  $18.00 each  = __________     Size(s):  __________

Reunion Hat:  $8.00 each  =  __________

Reunion Bumper Stickers:  $5.00 for two  =  __________

Reunion Video (4-6 weeks after reunion):  $15.00 each  =  __________

Reunion Photo Package (4-6 weeks after reunion):  $25.00 each  = 

Reunion Photo CD (4-6 weeks after reunion):  15.00 each  =  __________ 
Free for early registrants (registration before 29 Feb 2000)

Memory Book (4-6 weeks after reunion):  $35.00 each  =  __________
Contribution to WHOA:  __________

Contribution to Alumni Association:  '46-'65 ____ '66-'69 ____ '70-'79 ____ '80-Pinatubo ____
Total Enclosed:  __________

Make check payable to John Prunier, and mail to:

San Diego 2000 Registration
c/o John Prunier
P.O. Box 824
Winchester, CA 92596-0824

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