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March 1999
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Nipa Notes
March 1999

Welcome to the latest edition of the Wagner newsletter. This is a periodic newsletter of general information items for members of the Wurtsmith/Wagner schools alumni directory.

This edition's topics follow:

Clark/San Diego Reunion 2000

Other reunions: Florida, Phoenix, Hawaii, Tacoma, Houston, San Antonio, New Orleans, Dallas

"Reunion" on TLC

Changes on the website: new material; improved directory searches

Contributing to WHOA

Clark/San Diego Reunion: It's been suggested many times; now, it really will happen: an all-years reunion for students and staff, October 26-29, 2000. The site is the Hyatt Regency in San Diego. From there, many Falcons (and their predecessors, the Bombers) will fly back to the Philippines, where they will stay until November 7. There is a great deal of work to be done, and many more details about this venture will be announced in future newsletters. Information on the event, and a survey form for those interested in attending, appears on the WHOA website at


Other reunions: The alumni groups in the Florida panhandle and Phoenix regions are setting lofty standards, in quality and
quantity, for regional events. Both held get-togethers February 27. The Florida reunion attracted some three dozen students
(one with no prior knowledge of the event --

he'd just stopped there for a drink), one faculty member, plus assorted friends and family. Pictures from the event, and remarks from several attendees, may be found at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/99fwb/

The Phoenix group enjoyed a night of dinner, dancing, and camaraderie... and they've already made plans for the next, best
one! Here are the details from Debbie Goldey Wardick:

Tenative Plans are in the works for another WHS All Years, Phoenix mini-reunion "Barrio Festival". We are looking to hold
this around Saturday, May 1st. It will be a family type affair, possibly 10am-4pm. We thought we'd ask everyone to bring
Filipino type dishes to share. Tinikling and music is a go!!! Place, time and dates will be announced as soon as the
committee decides. Contact duckie '76 admin@whoa.org <mailto:admin@whoa.org> or 602-925-9790 for information and to

Other upcoming events follow... where applicable, the alumni group holding the event is listed in parentheses; however, all
events are open to members of any class. Quick links for additional information may be found at 
http://www.whoa.org/reunions/planned.html unless otherwise noted:

Kailua, Hawaii, mini-reunion and wedding celebration for Jen Kem '92/Barry Hurst '89, April 11. (


Houston mini-reunion, April 16-18 (


Puget Sound, Washington, mini-reunion dinner, May 1, 6 PM.

New Orleans (80-85 alums), June 24-27.

San Antonio (66-69 alums), July 23-25.

Dallas (Overseas Brats, Homecoming '99), August 5-8.

"Reunion" on The Learning Channel (TLC): The TLC program "Reunion" includes an episode on the Wagner/Wurtsmith
classes of '46-'65 reunion held July 24-26, 1998, in Charleston SC. This episode airs approximately once per month; it most recently ran on March 15. Portions of the broadcast appear on the website at http://www.whoa.org/reunions/98chas. You can also purchase a tape of this episode, with additional video footage of Wagner taken on two separate visits after the base's closure... these are available from webmaster John Prunier for a cost of $8.00 (donations to WHOA or your alumni group are also appreciated).

Changes on the website: The alumni directory page has been enhanced to offer more efficient searches on characteristics
such as graduating class, current address, and others. Try it yourself at


Several former Wagnerites have provided pictures from recent visits to Clark: Jerry Weed 78, Gary Wiley 80, and Eddie
O'Tulle 90. There are also new class pages from Chuck Vesely 57, Gary McQuaid 64, Diane Edleman Lowery 69, Gary
Coplan 70, Theresa Brown 71, Ross Clardy 75, Jackie Prescott Collier 79, and Jeff Worth 83. You can find these and other
pages by going to http://www.whoa.org/classes/ and selecting the appropriate year. Many thanks to all our contributors!

The 1978 Fledgling yearbook is now online at http://www.whoa.org/78/78yearbook ,courtesy of Alyta Pierce Mitchell 81.
Kudos to you, Alyta!

A new mailing list has been established. The 200wing list includes general discussion items not specifically related to
Wagner, Clark, the PI, or other subjects covered in the wagner list. For further information on these and other lists, consult

Contributions: The Wagner High Online Alumni (WHOA) group has thrived fairly well on the backs of a few contributors and lots of volunteer hours and efforts. There are additional ways to support the group; some don't even cost you a cent. For
further information, see the links at

http://www.whoa.org/contribute/ . Of course, checks are still welcome... payable to:

Gary McClellan 
12109 Greenvalley Drive 
Louisville KY 40243

Future items: If you have any items you'd like us to include in future newsletters, please send them in. We'll do our best to
include them.

Don Detwiler 80


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